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Pearl is one of the in-game items in Haze Piece. Gather 4 pearls and plug them all into the 4 totems behind the Campfire located at Tall Woods Island to spawn Fire Fist Super Boss. Now, how do you gather these pearls? Head to Tall Woods Island and light a campfire using a Match to spawn the pearls. You can get the Match from Warden in Impel Jail; it’s a 5% drop. 

Detailed Guide:

Uncover the Mysteries of HAZE PIECE Pearls

In the vast and enigmatic world of HAZE PIECE, there are treasures waiting to be discovered, and one such treasure is the HAZE PIECE Pearl. These shimmering gems hold the key to unlocking a formidable challenge, the Fire Fist Super Boss. But how can you obtain these precious pearls, and what awaits you when you do?

A Sacred Ritual:
– To summon the Fire Fist Super Boss, you’ll need not one, but four HAZE PIECE Pearls. These pearls are not your typical loot; they require a unique process to obtain. The first step is to locate the four totems situated behind the Campfire on Tall Woods Island. These totems are integral to the ritual that summons the boss.

Igniting the Flame:
– The Campfire itself holds the secret to acquiring HAZE PIECE Pearls. However, it’s not as simple as just lighting it up. You’ll need a Match to kindle the fire, and these Matches can be elusive. They have a 5% drop rate and can be acquired from the Warden in Impel Jail.

A Journey to Impel Jail:
– To secure the Match required for the ritual, you must venture into Impel Jail, a place fraught with danger and intrigue. Facing the Warden, who guards the coveted Matches, is no small feat. But obtaining one is crucial if you wish to summon the Fire Fist Super Boss and claim the rewards and glory that await.

The Pearl Ritual:
– Once you have your Match, head to Tall Woods Island and kindle the Campfire. The flames will dance with an otherworldly light, and as the fire roars, it will conjure four HAZE PIECE Pearls. These ethereal gems will be your key to unlocking the Fire Fist Super Boss.

Confronting the Fire Fist Super Boss:
– With the four pearls in your possession, you can now make your way back to the totems behind the Campfire. Placing each pearl on a totem will initiate the summoning ritual. Prepare for a fierce battle, as the Fire Fist Super Boss is no ordinary adversary. It will test your skills, your strategy, and your determination.

Rewards and Glory:
– Defeating the Fire Fist Super Boss is a monumental achievement in HAZE PIECE. Not only will you earn respect and admiration from fellow players, but you’ll also reap valuable rewards that can aid you on your journey. These may include rare items, powerful equipment, or other treasures that will bolster your abilities.

– In HAZE PIECE, the path to power and glory is often paved with challenges, mysteries, and treasures like the HAZE PIECE Pearls. These pearls, obtained through a unique and ritualistic process, hold the power to summon the formidable Fire Fist Super Boss. So, adventurers, venture into Impel Jail, secure your Matches, kindle the Campfire on Tall Woods Island, and prepare for an epic showdown that will test your mettle and reward your valor.

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