Haze Piece TremorBeard Key Location Guide

Read on for the Haze Piece TremorBeard Key Guide.

Haze Piece TremorBeard Key
Haze Piece TremorBeard Key

Haze Piece TremorBeard Key

TremorBeard Key is one of the in-game items in Haze Piece that you need to summon Tremor Girl on Marine HQ. It can be obtained from the Ice Admiral at Marine HQ. The drop rate is 5%. 

Where To Get TremorBeard Key In Roblox Haze Piece

Players can obtain TremorBeard Key by defeating the Ice Admiral Boss, who resides at Marine HQ. Defeat this boss, and there is a 5% chance of obtaining the TremorBeard Key in Roblox Haze Piece. The TremorBeard key is required to initiate the battle against Tremor Girl, a super boss.

Using Haze Piece TremorBeard Key

Once in possession of the TremorBeard Key, your journey is far from over. Head back to the steps leading to Ice Admiral[Bottom of the Island] and locate a locked door with a mysterious keyhole. Insert the TremorBeard Key, not to open the door, but to summon the fearsome Tremor Girl. The battleground is set at the bottom of the steps, and a challenging encounter awaits.

Locked Door TremorBeard Key
Locked Door TremorBeard Key

Tremor Girl: A Formidable Foe

Tremor Girl, a Level 1000 adversary, demands strategic preparation and skilled combat. Team up with allies if you dare, and ensure that you contribute at least 20% damage to qualify for the bountiful loot Tremor Girl may bestow upon her conquerors. TLDR; Inflict at least 20% DMG to Tremor Girl Super Boss for a reward. 

Rewards of Conquering Tremor Girl

Defeating Tremor Girl reaps rich rewards for the intrepid adventurer. Receive $15,000 Beli and a generous offering of 25 Gems. The spoils also include a 25% chance of acquiring a White Orb, a coveted item in the Haze Piece world. If fate favors you and you already possess Bisento V1, there’s a 50% chance that Tremor Girl will bestow upon you the mighty Bisento V2. However, be aware that without Bisento V1, the chances of Bisento V2 dropping are null.

The TremorBeard Key is not just a means to open a door but a ticket to a battle that defines the bold and the daring in Haze Piece. While the journey to obtain the key may test your perseverance, the rewards reaped from the battle against Tremor Girl make every challenge along the way worthwhile. Embark on this epic quest, and may the seas of Haze Piece favor the courageous souls who dare to explore its depths. Gratitude to AL_KAIZOKU for paving the way to this invaluable guide.

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