AFK Arena Solise – The Floral Wonder Debuts

AFK Arena Version 1.32.02 has just been released for Android and iOS. AFK Arena Solise – The Floral Wonder, a new hero is now available to recruitAFK Arena Solise

AFK Arena Solise: –

Solise is the newest hero in the AFK Arena game. She was added to the 1.32.02 patch in the February update. Let’s take a look at her stats and skills: –

  • Primary Role of Solise – Control
  • Secondary Role of Solise – Buffer
  • Class – Intelligence
  • Mage DMG
  • Faction – Wilders

Skills of Solise: –

Her Ultimate Skill is Blossom Fall. You can activate it once Solise is fully charged – tap her avatar to cast the skill. With this skill, Solise uses the cherry blossoms to cause damage to the enemies. First, she inflicts AoE damage to all the enemies on the battlefield and then leaves them stunned temporarily.

Immediately, you will see the cherry blossoms falling from the sky – targetting the enemies on the battlefield.

The three passive skills that activate during the battle automatically by Solise are – Floral Specter, Floral Disruption, and Forest’s Blessing. Let’s take a look at all these three skills: –

  • Floral Specter – with this skill, she summons a floral specter on the battlefield that possesses more than half of Solise’s HP. You will see it on the battlefield as soon as she summons it. This Floral Specter will deal damage to the nearby enemies. You will see the blossom blasts coming out from it. So make sure to use the ultimate skill if you want to get the most out of this passive skill

Type – Inflicts DMG when Blossom Fall skill’s effect is in progress.

  • Floral Disruption – with this skill, she throws a vial on an enemy – causing damage and stun. When Blossom Fall is occurring, enemies near the target will also suffer

Type – Inflicts DMG. More enemies suffer from this ability when ultimate skill is in force

  • Forest’s Blessing – with this skill, she blesses an ally. It reduces the damage dealt to an ally + that ally recovers the health

Signature Item – Floral Cloak of Hope.

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