AFK Arena Cecilia – Purge of Sins Debuts

AFK Arena Version 1.33.02 has just gone live on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. AFK Arena Cecilia is now available to summon. In this post, we have shared an overview of her skills. AFK Arena Cecilia

AFK Arena Cecilia: –

Cecilia – Purge of Sins is the new hero in the game. She was added to the Android and iOS version of the game in the February 2020 update. She is an assassin with amazing skills & stats that we have shared in this post: –

  • Primary Role of Cecilia – Assassin
  • Class – Ranger
  • Type – Agility
  • DMG Type – Physical
  • Faction – Lighbearers

Skills of Cecilia: –

Cecilia’s ultimate skill is Judgement Day. With this skill, she summons a divine blade and smashes it upon the head of the enemy. It causes massive damage to the enemy – and works well when the enemies are marked with the 3 or more symbols. This ability will stun them for a while. You need to tap her icon when she is fully charged – to cast this ultimate skill. 

Other than this ultimate ability, Cecilia also possesses the three passive abilities that can turn the battle to your side. 

  1. Atonement – this is a great skill and activates at the start of the battle. Due to this passive effect, Cecilia does not appear immediately at the start of the battle + on the allies side. She spawns on the enemy side and attacks them from behind with three-stage blade attacks – which cause massive damage to the target. Also, she marks them with symbols of sin. 
  2. Blade of Purification – with this skill, she performs three-stage blade attacks and inflicts physical damage. Also, increases the Symbols of Sins. 
  3. Devil Trap – with this passive skill, she creates a divine ring on the battlefield. Enemies trapped in this range suffer low attack rating debuff. If the enemy tries to escape or exit from the ring, he/she will suffer the damage. 

Strength & Weakness of Cecilia: –

  • Her passive skill; Atonement is pretty good to stab the target from behind at the start of the battle and get an edge in the battle
  • The ultimate skill is not much impressive – OK
  • Devil Trap skill is good as it reduces the attack ratings of the enemies trapped in it. But its another effect which cause extra damage upon exit would not be helpful as most of the enemies don’t exit the circle

Signature Item of Cecilia: –

  • Sacred Book of Cleansing

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So this would be all in this post on AFK Arena Cecilia. 

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