Anime Adventures Tier List Guide[August 2022]

Read on for Anime Adventures Tier List Guide.

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide

The following Anime Adventures tier list ranks all the characters in the game; legendary, mythical, and epic. It ranks the characters in six major tiers; tier 0, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4, and tier 5. 

  • Tier 0: OP
  • Tier 1: Best
  • Tier 2: Good
  • Tier 3: Decent
  • Tier 4: Below-Average
  • Tier 5: Worst

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Anime Adventures Tier List Guide

Recently these characters were added:

  • Touka – Legendary
  • Juuzou – Mythical
  • Tatara – Mythical
  • Eto – Mythic
  • Renzi – Secret
  • Arima – Mythic
  • Eren[Founder]
  • Naruto (Beast Cloaked)
  • ZEKE
  • Naruto (Demon Cloaked)

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide: Secret Units

  • Lelouch – Tier 0
  • Ace – Tier 3
  • Renzi – Tier 3

Lelouch: Lelouch is currently the summoner unit in the game, summoning’s stun, attack, and do not lose HP until touched and able to attack up until that moment. Later on, summons a tank summon that cause insane DMG and can tank thousands of damage. If the ability is used perfectly, you can annihilate tank enemies in tough and tight situations.

Ace: Ace is an exclusive secret unit that you get from ocean star or trading X100 fire shards to Luffy next to summon. He can inflict a good amount of DMG and has an amazing spa and range. He is very expensive, though, similar to Goku but ranked higher because of AOE and amazing SPA. 

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide: Mythic Units

  • All Might – Tier 1
  • Arima – Tier1
  • Shanks – Tier 1
  • Broly – Tier 1
  • Akainu – Tier 1
  • Katakuri – Tier 1
  • Eto – Tier 1
  • Levi – Tier 1
  • Juuzou – Tier 1
  • Tatara – Tier 2
  • Madara – Tier 2
  • Whitebeard – Tier 2
  • Eren[Founder] – Tier 2
  • Future Gohan – Tier 3
  • Diavolo – Tier 3
  • Naruto Beast Cloaked – Tier 3
  • Rengoku – Tier 3
  • Armin – Tier 4

All Might: Another excellent mythical unit has really excellent DMG with excellent range. The Bubble AOE  strike can cause DMG to most of the enemies, which makes him cost efficient. 

Shanks: Shanks is currently the best utility mythical unit in the game. It has good DMG but paired with his ridiculous SPA, makes his damage even better, performance matching Whitebeard, Akainu, and Madara. His range is very big; he can stun enemies – a large range makes it better. Can do very well against bosses and minions. Evolved.

Broly: Outstanding DPS, Range, and also does AOE. CD duration of skills is close to Madara’s. Cost is expensive, though; that’s the only con. (Mythical)

Akainu: One of the best mythical units; it has the best DMG out of all the mythical units, range close to Broly’s, the biggest AOE circle in the game, but his SPA is very mediocre, almost the same as Madara, but his remarkable stats make up for his SPA. Akainu is a better version of Madara. Evolved.

Katakuri: Note that you don’t use Katakuri as the main DMG. Katakuri is a debuffer unit known for its debuff strikes, causes a slow effect, and has good AoE and range, but DMG is OK. You are going to use this unit as a supporter rather than a main DMG dealer. That’s why rated lower in the DMG tier list. In the support tier list[see below, Katakuri is a top-tier unit]

Eto: Eto is a great mythic, with amazing range, cone AoE, and damage, with a downside of the spa. She is good in her Evo, which increases her damage once she gets kills.

Levi: One of the best DPS units in the game. Amazing DMG per second, SPA, and range. The only con is that his AOE cone is too small. He can help eliminate the bosses but not the main unit that can carry you.

Madara: Madara is a mythical unit in the game with abilities that cause massive DMG. Madara is capable of inflicting AoE DMG. The range of strikes is quite good, but not the best. He was the best unit at launch but has been pushed down because of other new units performing better. 

WhiteBeard: Not better than Broly, though. Good AoE, DMG, but poor range.Cone AOE. Percentage: 0.25%. +Earthquake – Full AOE. Overall a good DPS unit, but not better than Broly and Akainu. 

Eren[Founder]: Not a main DMG unit, though. summons X10 Colossal Titans ranging from x200-300k depending on the level of the unit, and he summons the Founding Titan, which is about 5x the health of the Colossal Titan. Poor CD, High Cost, only usable in infinite mode. 

Future Gohan: Leaderboard top 25 exclusive unit. He is a very balanced mythical unit with good DMG, Range, Spa, and circle AOE. Due to low stats compared to other Mythical Units, Future Gohan is ranked lower.

Diavolo: Diavolo possesses an ability to slow enemies on almost the whole map for 5 seconds ( ability CD: 2 min )

Naruto[Beast Cloaked]: Above-average DMG. Good range and AoE. Though no abilities.

Rengoku: An OK DPS unit. DMG is average to decent with the addition of excellent burn DMG[DMG over time], excellent range, and decent spa.

Armin: THE WORST Mythical grade unit in the game due to his useless ability and poor DMG output. He strikes every X60 seconds with an ability with a huge full AOE cone. Having around 5k DPS attacking every 1 Minute is heavily underwhelming. 

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide: Legendary Units

  • Dio – Tier 1
  • Blackbeard – Tier 1
  • Erwin – Tier 1
  • Pain – Tier 2
  • Bulma – Tier 2
  • Touka – Tier 3
  • Giorno – Tier 4
  • Goku Blue – Tier 4
  • Noro – Tier 4
  • Itachi – Tier 4
  • Kizaru – Tier 4
  • Goku Black – Tier 4
  • Zeke – Tier 4
  • Mihawk – Tier 4
  • Naruto[Demon Cloak] – Tier 5
  • Eren – Tier 5
  • Dabi – Tier 5

Dio: The best support unit of legendary grade. Upgrade turns ATK to Timestop[can stop time], paired with overall excellent stats with spa slightly high, but the Timestop makes up.

BlackBeard: Not a DMG unit. That’s why rated lower in the DMG tier list. In the support tier list[see below, Blackbeard is a top-tier unit]. He is known for his curse effect. His attacks apply curses on enemies, which causes other units on your team to deal 1-1.5x the normal damage. His SPA and Range stats are very good, additionally, he has a Full AOE, which makes his Curse more versatile. His attack is lacking, but that does not matter since Blackbeard’s purpose is to inflict curses onto enemies so allies in the team can do more DMG. 

Erwin: The best legendary supporter unit in the game. Erwin grants a X25% DMG boost to units in range and summoning a unit with 1000 HP every X10 seconds, which will give a huge coverage. 

Giorno: Overall, a balanced legendary unit. Excellent stats all around. DPS is good, as well as range, SPA, and cost. Lacks ability, but good. 

Pain: His skill pushback is super useful in any game mode; DPS is not good, and also the cost is expensive, but his magnificent AOE and op ability make up for it. One flaw with his ability is the limited amount hits. Pain can also knock back the enemies. 

Goku Blue: Excellent stats considering SSJB Goku is a legendary unit. Excellent DPS, good range, SPA, and AOE cone. THOUGH Very expensive. Can do well in the story and does exceptionally well in infinite mode. 

Bulma: Bulma is currently the best legendary grade money unit. Bulma makes up to 8k a round and can do well when using expensive units. 

Itachi: Stats are identical to Goku Black which is the worst unit. But because of his dark flames that do burn, we have rated him higher. Very underwhelming for a legendary. 

Kizaru: Kizaru lacks DMG; other things like AoE and SPA are good. Ranked lower because of no ability. 

Goku Black: His stats are poor. Though he has excellent AOE cone, range, and SPA, the DPS output is the worst. Underwhelming unit.

Zeke: Compared to other legendary characters, Zeke’s DMG is quite average. SPA is rather high compared to his DMG. AoE is good and range too. He can hit enemies from across the map and can inflict a decent amount of DMG with his big Circle AOE.

Mihawk: Not a good unit. He has below-average DMG. The range is good, but his Line AOE is awful. He has very good SPA but due to DMG and poor AoE, we have ranked him lower. (Legendary)

Dabi: The worst unit in the game right now. Low stats in every field. LOW DPS, bad range, high spa with a big AOE circle. Yeah the AOE circle is big, but poor stats make it useless. 

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide: Epic/Rare Units

  • Jotaro – Tier 1
  • Todoroki – Tier 1
  • Speedwagon – Tier 1
  • Josuke – Tier 2
  • Inosuke – Tier 2
  • Gaara – Tier 2
  • Overhaul – Tier 2
  • Frieza – Tier 2
  • Killua – Tier 2
  • Sakura – Tier 3
  • Sanji – Tier 3
  • Kakyoin – Tier 3
  • Kakashi – Tier 4
  • Genos – Tier 4
  • Zenitsu – Tier 4
  • Piccolo – Tier 5
  • Ichigo/Mask – Tier 5

So this would be all in this post on the Anime Adventures tier list. [Also, see; Anime Adventures Trello, Anime Adventures Codes]

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