Anime Adventures Tier List [UPDATE 18] [May 2024]

Read on for the AA Tier List Guide. An updated Anime Adventures tier list ranking the best units in the game. 

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide
Anime Adventures Tier List

Anime Adventures Tier List Guide

The following Anime Adventures tier list ranks all the characters in the game; 

  • S Tier – Top-Tier Units/Meta
  • A Tier – Good Units
  • *: tier ratings for units marked with * are temporary settled. 
  • New units are added to the tier list after testing. 
  • Update 18: New units will be ranked soon. New Units: Shiny Cooler, Naruto Sage, Sosuke Awakened. 

[Also, see; Anime Adventures Trello, Anime Adventures Codes]

Anime Adventures Tier List: S Tier Hybrid Units

  • Griffin [Darkness]
  • Guts[Berserk] – A Tier in PvE
  • Anz[Overlord] – A Tier in PvE
  • Gilgamesh[King of Heroes]
  • Pride[The One] – A Tier in PvE
  • Poseidon[Tyrant of the Seas]

Anime Adventures Tier List: S Tier Ground Units

  • Stain[Hero Slayer]
  • Endeavor[Hellflame] – A Tier in PvE
  • Itochi[Susanoo] – A Tier in PvE
  • Albedo[Overseer]
  • Roger[Pirate King]
  • Shigaruko[Symbol of Fear]
  • Kiro[Bites the Dust]
  • Asushi[Moonlight Beast]
  • Saber[Promised Sword]
  • Daky[Obi] – A Tier in PvE
  • Izu[Demon Snow]
  • Lancer[Child of Light]
  • Illy[Homunculus]

AA Tier List: S Tier Support Units

  • Griffin[Reincarnation]
  • Leafy[Sylph]
  • Wenda
  • Orwin
  • Lao[Room]
  • Homuru[Time Traveller]
  • Shallta[Bloodfallen]
  • Power[Fiend]
  • Koichy[Echoes]
  • Dazai[No Longer Human] – A Tier in PvE
  • Kisoko[Bankai]
  • Diavoro – A Tier in PvE
  • Puchi[Heaven] – A Tier in PvE
  • Lulu[Geass]
  • Red Scar[Conquerer]
  • Tatsumiki[Tornado] – A Tier in PvE
  • Jio[Over Heaven] – A Tier in PvE
  • Emili
  • Merlyn[Infinity]
  • Sukuno
  • Megomu[Chimera Shadow]

Anime Adventures Tier List: A Tier Hybrid Units

  • Aizo[Final]
  • Tango[God of Flashiness]
  • Archer[Heroic Spirit] – S Tier in PvE
  • Chuyo[Corruption] – S Tier in PvE
  • Luffo[Gear IV] – S Tier in PvE
  • Medae[Witch of Betrayal] – S Tier in PvE
  • Demiurge[Demon Emperor]
  • Golden Freezo[Emperor]
  • Conrod[Wizard King]
  • Mamy[Holy]
  • Fuji[Admiral]
  • Metal Knight[Arsenal]
  • Harribu[Shark Empress] – S Tier in PvE
  • Narbera[Battle Maid]
  • Usoap[God] – S Tier in PvE

AA Tier List: A Tier Ground Units

  • Saby Flame Emperor
  • Kizume Tallest Beast
  • Aku[Rashamon]
  • Senbodu[Buddha]
  • Flamingo[Awakened]
  • Kiroto[Dual]  – S Tier in PvE
  • Heathcliff[Admin] – S Tier in PvE
  • Avdo[Magician’s Red]
  • Skull Knight[King]
  • Josuka[Unbreakable]
  • Greed[Hunt]
  • Issai[Boosted Gear]
  • Gyutaro[Moon]
  • Sayako[Sapphire Blade] – S Tier in PvE
  • Dezu[Vigilante]
  • Evileye[Landfall]
  • Asuno[Flash] – S Tier in PvE
  • Rohon[Artist]

Anime Adventures Tier List: A Tier Support Units

  • Mochi Charlot
  • Goju[Six Eyes]
  • Broke[Soul King]
  • Oshy[Idol] – S Tier in PvE
  • Julio[Wizard King]
  • Sosuke[Storm]

Anime Adventures Units Guide

Mainly there are four types of units in Anime Adventures. The ground units, the support units, the air/hill units, and the hybrid units. Ground Units can not target the Air Units, but they have massive DMG power capable of inflicting very high amounts of DMG on the enemies. But as stated earlier, they are useless against Air/Hill Units due to their inability to strike the enemies who are of air/hill type. Air/Hill units are the most unpopular units in the game because they can only be placed on hills and are superseded by the hybrid units. Hybrid units are the most popular and powerful units in the game, thanks to their ability to target ground and air units. Support units are not good at inflicting DMG on enemies, but very useful because they grant massive boosts to other units. For example, DMG Boost, increasing PHY/Magical DMG and applying buffs to friendly units.

Anime Adventures Units Grade

All the units in AA[Anime Adventures] belong to one of these five grades; Secret, Mythical, Legendary, Epic, and Rare. Most Secret and Mythical units are in meta. Most Epic and Rare units are not good. Except for a few, most legendary units are bad.  

Anime Adventures Game Modes

Infinite Mode: This mode is only available in the hard mode. In this mode, you will face endless waves of enemies; each next one will be harder than the previous one. Story Mode: This is the main game mode where you gradually progress through different locations from the anime world. You can earn items, gems, and XP from this game mode. Raid: Raid is another one of the challenging game modes where you fight enemies for rewards such as gems, shards, and other precious exclusive items. 

So this would be all in this post on the Anime Adventures tier list. New updates bring new characters; we will try our best to keep this AA tier list updated. New units will be first tested and then ranked on the tier list. [Also, see; Anime Adventures Trello, Anime Adventures Codes

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  1. I agree with most of these units, but I really think All Force should be lower, just sayin’.

  2. Rukia shouldn’t be tier 1 due to spa is dance with trash dmg and trash aoe but it takes 7 upgrades just to have decent dmg and good aoe but the spa is still trash. Overall, Rukia should be atleast a tier 3.

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  4. btw u are missing some people and some people are in the wrong rarity

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