Anime Tales Controls Guide [March 2024]

Read on for Anime Tales Controls Guide.

Anime Tales Controls Guide
Anime Tales Controls Guide

Anime Tales Controls Guide

Light Attack (M1): Light attacks are quick and low-damage strikes performed by pressing the M1 button. They are often used for initiating combos, interrupting enemy actions, or applying pressure. Light attacks are fast and can be chained together for more damage.

Heavy Attacks / Knockback (M2): Heavy attacks deliver stronger hits with higher damage and knockback. By pressing the M2 button, players can perform powerful strikes that can launch opponents away or break their guard. These attacks have a longer wind-up time and leave the player vulnerable if they miss.

Dash (Q): The dash maneuver allows players to quickly move in a specific direction by pressing the Q key. Dashing can be used to close the distance between opponents, evade incoming attacks, or create openings for offensive maneuvers. It adds mobility to gameplay and can be combined with other attacks for strategic advantage.

Block (F): Blocking is a defensive move performed by pressing the F key. It reduces or nullifies damage from incoming attacks, providing a shield against enemy strikes. While blocking, players are unable to perform any other actions, but it helps protect against damage and sets up counter-attacks.

Guard break/Knockback (M1 x 5): By rapidly pressing the M1 button five times in succession, players can perform a guard break move. This attack breaks through an opponent’s guard, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up strikes or knockback attacks. It can be used to break a defensive stance and initiate more aggressive actions.

Up-tilt (M1 + M2): The up-tilt move is executed by pressing both the M1 and M2 buttons simultaneously. This attack typically launches opponents into the air, allowing for aerial combos or follow-up maneuvers. It is a versatile move that can be used to extend combos or create juggling opportunities.

Down-tilt (Air) (M1): The down-tilt move is performed by pressing the M1 button while in the air. It is a downward strike that can hit opponents below the player character. This move is useful for punishing opponents or setting up ground-based attacks.

Knockback (Air) (M2): The knockback move, performed by pressing the M2 button while in the air, delivers a powerful strike that sends opponents flying away. It is useful for finishing combos or launching opponents off the stage.

Perfect Block (Timing) (F): A perfect block is a well-timed block that nullifies incoming damage completely and potentially grants additional advantages, such as a counter-attack opportunity or reduced stamina consumption. The timing is crucial, and successfully executing a perfect block requires precise anticipation and reaction to enemy attacks.

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