Blade Ball Controls Wiki Guide[February 2024]

Read on for the Blade Ball Controls Wiki Guide.

Blade Ball Controls Wiki Guide
Blade Ball Controls Wiki Guide

Blade Ball Controls List

Action Key/Combination UI Interaction Mouse Action
BLOCK F/R1/Tap Screen/Tap UI Button/Left Click + Shiftlock   Left Click + Shift
ABILITY Q/ButtonX/Tap UI Button/Right Click   Right Click
SHIFTLOCK Shift/Button-Y/Tap UI Button    
EMOTE R/L1    

 In “Blade Ball,” mastering the controls is essential to navigate the electrifying gameplay successfully. Here are the primary controls to help you become a skilled player:

BLOCK: To block incoming attacks or deflect the homing ball, you can use various methods:

  • F key (on the keyboard)
  • R1 button (on console controllers)
  • Tap the screen (for touchscreen devices)
  • Tap the designated UI button (if available in the game’s interface)
  • Left-click your mouse while using Shiftlock

ABILITY: Use your character’s unique abilities to enhance your gameplay or gain advantages. You can trigger these abilities using the following controls:

  • Q key (on the keyboard)
  • ButtonX (on console controllers)
  • Tap the UI button designed for abilities
  • Right-click your mouse

-SHIFTLOCK: Shiftlock is a useful feature for controlling your character’s movement. To enable or disable Shiftlock, use these controls:

  • Shift key (on the keyboard)
  • Button-Y (on console controllers)
  • Tap the UI button designated for Shiftlock

EMOTE: Express yourself and communicate with other players through emotes. You can use the following controls to trigger emotes:

  • R key (on the keyboard)
  • L1 button (on console controllers)

Remember that mastering these Blade Ball Controls will be essential as you progress through the game and face increasingly challenging levels. Use these controls wisely to achieve high scores and unlock various customization options, enhancing your overall “Blade Ball” experience. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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