Fire Force Online Controls [FFO] Wiki Guide [April 2024]

Read on for Fire Force Online Controls [FFO] Wiki Guide.

Fire Force Online Controls [FFO] Wiki Guide
Fire Force Online Controls [FFO] Wiki Guide

Fire Force Online Controls [FFO] Wiki Guide

Fire Force Online offers intuitive and responsive controls to make the gameplay seamless and enjoyable. Here’s a breakdown of the controls for various actions in the game:


 – SHIFT LOCK: Use ALT key
– Walk: Press the “W” key to make your character walk at a normal pace.
– Run: To run, simply double-tap and hold the “W” key. Your character will pick up speed and move faster.
– Dash: Use the “Q” key to initiate a quick dash, allowing you to move swiftly in combat or evade attacks.
– Jump: To make your character jump, press the “Space” key. This action is essential for maneuvering through the game world and avoiding obstacles.

– Light Attack: Engage in basic attacks by clicking the left mouse button. Light attacks are quick and are useful for initiating combos.
– Heavy Attack: For more powerful strikes, use the right mouse button to perform heavy attacks. These attacks deal more damage but may be slower to execute.
– Air Heavy Attack: While in mid-air, perform a heavy attack by pressing the “Space” key and then the right mouse button. This allows you to strike enemies while airborne.
– Air Light Attack: To perform a light attack in the air, press the “Space” key, hold down the “W” key to run, and click the left mouse button. This attack lets you deliver quick hits while airborne.
– Block: To defend against incoming attacks, hold down the “F” key to put up your guard and block enemy strikes. Blocking reduces damage taken.
– Parry: For a more advanced defense, perform a parry by blocking (hold “F”) and then clicking the left mouse button. Parrying allows you to counterattack after successfully blocking an enemy strike.

These controls are designed to make combat fluid and enjoyable, allowing players to execute various attack combinations and strategic moves during battles. Mastering these controls will enhance your effectiveness in combat and help you become a skilled firefighter with extraordinary abilities in Fire Force Online. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the action-packed world of the “Fire Force” anime and embark on thrilling missions with these intuitive controls at your fingertips!

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