Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Fruit Tier List(June 2023)

Read on for Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List ranking the best fruit. 

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List Fruit Tier List

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Fruit Tier List

The following Fruit Battlegrounds tier list ranks fruits in these tiers; 

  • Tier 0: OP
  • Tier 1: Best
  • Tier 2: Good
  • Tier 3: Decent
  • Tier 4: Average
  • Tier 5: Below-Average
  • Tier 6: Worst

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Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Tier 0

  • Timeskip Rubber – Tier 0
  • Phoenix – Tier 0
  • Gravity – Zushi Zushi No Mi – Tier 0
  • Quake – Gura Gura No Mi – Tier 0
  • Dragon – Tier 0
  • Dough – Tier 0
  • All Mythical Grade fruits are excellent. You can acquire mythical-grade fruits through awakenings and evolutions, or they are dropped by specific Bosses at extremely rare rates.

Quake: The Quake fruit lets the players create quakes. The skill set includes punching, kicking, and pulling the enemies. Quake Skills:

  • One Fist: Unleash a punch with shockwave, low CD and mid-range
  • Eruption: Slams both arms into the ground to cause eruption, low CD, and low DMG
  • Slam: Kicks and leaps into the air, mid-CD, and mid-DMG
  • Island Shake: Stomps the ground, traps, and pulls the target; high CD and DMG
  • Seaquake: Brings the tsunami, high CD, and DMG

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Tier 1

  • Flame – Tier 1
  • Light – Tier 1
  • Magma – Tier 1
  • Paw – Tier 1

Flame: Flame fruit allows the player to form, control, and transform into fire at choice.

  • Fire Fist: Unleash a powerful fire punch
  • Fire Gun: Unleashes fire shots, medium CD and medium/high DMG
  • Pillar: Create a pillar of fire beneath you, igniting all nearby foes. This move does Medium/High DMG with a Medium CD. The range is very small, though, and the move is best used for combo extending with a fire fist or combing.
  • Beam: Fire a beam of fire forwards. If Fully charged, this beam becomes much stronger. The move does high DMG with a Medium CD. 
  • Enkai: Makes a ball of fire and flings it toward the enemy, inflicting fat damage. Charging the move will increase the size and DMG. The move does High DMG with a High CD, best used for any situation.
  • Flight: Fly a controllable fly for the 20s. You can strike on this flight, and it is good mobility. 

Light: Light fruit allows the player to form, control, and transform into Light at choice.

  • Light Kick: Unleash a Medium-Long Range light bullet forwards through your leg. DMG is Medium, and the move has a CD of around 7-8S. Consumes X20 stamina.
  • Mirror Kick: Travel forwards a short distance hopping from light mirror to mirror, concluding with a large AOE kick downwards. However, being hit while hopping b/w mirrors or while charging will stop the tp early and immediately kick where you got hit. The DMG is Medium-High, applies burn DMG, and the CD is low; 8-9 Seconds. Takes X30 stamina. This move is best used to camp in the air or for large DMG as a melee-ish move.
  • Binding Combo: Unleash an AoE kick that pulls people in, then unleashes a large shower of hits and unleashes a quick melee combo. The DMG is Low-Medium, and the cooldown is around 8-9 seconds. If unleashed in the air, you’ll float and perform the combo mid-air. This move takes X30 stamina.
  • Guzan: Performs a backflip with a sword made of light and then unleashes a thin slash forwards. This move does maybe the Highest DMG in-game. This move has a medium CD. This move drains low stamina.
  • Jewels of Light: Fly up and fire mini balls of light. These balls do low DMG, and this move has a low CD. 
  • Flight: Fly in a linear line for x10 seconds (Based on how long you hold it), hopping off any objects. 

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Tier 2

  • Ice – Tier 2
  • Bomb – Tier 2
  • Dark – Tier 2

ICE: ICE fruit allows players to form, control, and transform into ICE at choice.

Bomb: Bomb fruit the user to turn anything they touch into a bomb, including self.

DARK: Dark fruit allows the player to manipulate freely and turn into darkness. The player can form black holes and suck up objects which they can shoot out.

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Tier 3

  • Rubber – Tier 3
  • Smoke – Tier 3

RUBBER: Luffy’s ability. Rubber physiology. 

SMOKE: Smoke fruit allows the player to create, control, and transform into smoke at will.

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Tier 4

  • Sand – Tier 4
  • Chop – Tier 4
  • Barrier – Tier 4

SAND: SAND fruit allows players to form, control, and transform into SAND at choice.

Chop: Chop fruit allows the player to split their own body into fragments and control said pieces as they want.

Barrier: This fruit grants the ability that allows the players to create barriers.

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