Clover Retribution Traits Tier List [April 2024]

Read on for the Clover Retribution Traits Tier List, ranking the best Traits currently available in the game.

Clover Retribution Traits Tier List Guide

The following Clover Retribution Traits Tier List ranks the Traits into the following tiers;

  • Tier 1: OP[Overpowered]
  • Tier 2: Best[Very Strong]
  • Tier 3: Good[Strong]
  • Tier 4: Decent
  • Tier 5: Average
  • Tier 6: Below-Average

Change Log & Notes:

  • November 8th: Added Monstrous Reserves Trait, Loved by Mana Trait, and new Traits. 
  • October 28th: Published the tier list.
  • Notes(1): Keep an eye on Clover Retribution Codes for freebies
  • Notes(2): Check Clover Retribution Trello for all sorts of details

Clover Retribution Traits Tier List: Tier 1

  • Monstrous Reserves – Tier 1
  • High-Speed Regeneration – Tier 1
  • Adaptive Resistance – Tier 1

Monstrous Reserves: Gives +50% more mana. 

“High Speed Regeneration grants the skill ‘Forced Regeneration,’ enabling rapid and continuous healing. This trait facilitates swift recovery, allowing sustained regeneration that enhances overall resilience and endurance in various scenarios.”

“Adaptive Resistance endows you with a responsive wheel atop your head. The wheel adapts to single or multi-damage types, pausing previous adaptations. Maximum two adaptations at once reduce damage by half for 60 seconds. Passive skill ‘Adaptive Offense’ triggers 5 spins of resistance and 3 spins of reduction lasting 20 seconds with 5-second intervals.”

Clover Retribution Traits Tier List: Tier 2

  • Loved by Mana – Tier 2
  • Heavenly Restricted – Tier 2

Loved by Mana: +250 Mana and an Aura. 

“Heavenly Restricted imposes an 80% mana reduction but compensates with enhanced physical attributes. It grants +5 Strength, +10 Dexterity, +10 Constitution, and boosts Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing damage by 50%. This trait emphasizes formidable physical prowess at the cost of magical resources.”

Clover Retribution Traits Tier List: Tier 3

  • Noble – Tier 3
  • Frostward – Tier 3
  • Superior Speed – Tier 3
  • Nature’s Channeler – Tier 3
  • Sylph’s Push – Tier 3

“Noble provides a 25% mana boost, emphasizing a heightened magical reserve. This trait enhances spellcasting and magical abilities, offering a resource advantage to those with noble lineage or refined arcane training.”

Frostward: Prevents “Chilled” Condition gained from being in Tundra.

Superior Speed: Gives +5 Speed.

Nature’s Channeler: Increases flat regen by two and % regen by 5 (stacks with mana initiate).

Clover Retribution Traits Tier List: Tier 4

  • Gold Fever – Tier 4
  • Mana Reserves I – Tier 4
  • Scholar – Tier 4
  • Tough – Tier 4
  • Mana Initiate – Tier 4

“Gold Fever bestows a +10% increase in gold acquisition. This trait fuels an insatiable drive for wealth, enhancing financial gains and economic prosperity for those who possess it.”

“Mana Reserves I enriches your magical potential by granting an additional +25 mana. This trait expands your spellcasting capacity, providing a modest yet valuable increase in magical resources.”

“Scholar enhances cognitive prowess with a +5 Intelligence boost. This trait signifies intellectual acumen, fostering sharper reasoning, memory, and problem-solving skills for those who embrace a scholarly path.”

“Tough fortifies your endurance, providing a substantial +50 bonus to health points (HP). This trait significantly enhances your overall survivability, allowing you to withstand more damage in challenging encounters.”

Mana Initiate: Increases flat regen by 2 and % regen by 5. 

Clover Retribution Traits Tier List: Tier 5

  • Mana Block – Tier 5
  • Mana Jump – Tier 5
  • Fighter – Tier 5
  • Finess Master – Tier 5

“Mana Block enables the complete blocking of magic attacks using your blocking bar. This trait provides a powerful defense against magical assaults, allowing for strategic and effective protection in battles against spellcasting adversaries.”

“Mana Jump empowers agility by enabling a double jump. This trait utilizes magical energy to grant an additional mid-air leap, enhancing maneuverability and providing a distinct advantage in navigating obstacles and evading adversaries.”

“Fighter augments physical prowess with a +2 boost in both Strength and Constitution. This trait enhances combat capabilities, emphasizing increased strength and endurance for those specializing in physical combat scenarios.”

“Finesse Master elevates agility with a +5 increase in Dexterity. This trait sharpens precision, reflexes, and nimbleness, catering to those who rely on finesse and quick movements in various endeavors, especially combat and stealth.”

Clover Retribution Traits Tier List: Tier 6

  • Average – Tier 6


We created the Clover Retribution Traits Tier List to help you progress through the game more smoothly. It’s like a guide, suggesting which characters might work well. But, just like everyone has their own taste in music, these ratings are our opinion. What we like might not be your cup of tea, and that’s cool.

Remember, if you think a character looks cool or you just enjoy playing them, go for it! You don’t always have to follow what’s considered the best strategy. Games are about having fun, after all.

Think of our tier list as a starting point for your own adventures in the game. Try out different teams, hero combinations, and tactics. The goal is to discover what suits your play style and what makes the game enjoyable for you.

In a nutshell, our tier list is like a friendly suggestion, not a strict rule. We promise to keep it updated with the latest changes in the game. But, at the end of the day, you’re the boss. You decide which characters make your gaming experience awesome.

So, go ahead, explore, and pick the characters that bring a smile to your face. After all, games are meant to be a good time!

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