How to Reroll a Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator? [April 2024]

A complete guide on how to Reroll a Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator.

How to Reroll a Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator
How to Reroll a Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator

Anime Champions Simulator Reroll Quirk

Rerolling Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator involves several steps, including repairing the Magic Tree, collecting specific medals, and then using those medals at the tree to change a champion’s Quirk. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reroll Quirks in the game:

1. Repair the Magic Tree: To begin the process of rerolling Quirks, you must first repair the Magic Tree. This task is usually given by Scientist Simon in ACS. Completing this task is essential to access the Magic Tree and its Quirk rerolling feature.

2. Enter Champions Town: After repairing the Magic Tree, you will be transported to Champions Town, which is the home of the Magic Tree. You cannot reroll Quirks while in Pirate Town; you must enter the Magic Tree portal to access this feature.

3. Locate the Magic Tree: Once in Champions Town, head to the right of the leaderboards. There, you’ll find a path leading directly to the Magic Tree. The Magic Tree is a significant landmark that is hard to miss.

4. Access the Quirk Rerolling Feature: Step onto the shimmering floor labeled “Quirks” near the Magic Tree. Here, you’ll see a plus sign. Click on it to access the Quirk rerolling interface.

5. Select a Champion: Choose the champion whose Quirk you wish to reroll from the list of available champions. For instance, if you select Kuroji, you’ll need Pirate Medals to reroll his Quirk. If you choose Echolo, who resembles Piccolo, you’ll require Dragon Medals.

6. Obtain Medals: To obtain the necessary medals for rerolling, you must defeat powerful monsters in specific worlds. To obtain Dragon Medals, you need to defeat Frieza in Green World. For Pirate Medals, your target is the Harbormeister in Pirate Town.

7. Return to the Magic Tree: Once you’ve collected the required medals, return to the Magic Tree in Champions Town. Select the champion you want to reroll the Quirk for and press the reroll button. If it doesn’t work, make sure to click on the empty Quirk slot.

8. Consumption of Medals: Be aware that rerolling Quirks will consume the medals you’ve collected. The rarity of the champion determines the number of medals needed for the reroll. You’ll need to complete this rerolling process five times as part of a quest.

9. Premium Medals: There’s an alternative method using Premium Medals, which can bypass the need for specific world medals. However, the acquisition of Premium Medals remains a mystery, and some believe they are likely to be acquired randomly by defeating foes.

In summary, rerolling Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator involves repairing the Magic Tree, collecting specific world medals by defeating powerful monsters, and then using these medals at the Magic Tree in Champions Town to change a champion’s Quirk. Be prepared to invest time and effort to complete this process and enhance your champions’ abilities.

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