PM Mastery Guide For Beginners [March 2024]

Read on for PM Mastery Guide For Beginners. 

PM Mastery Guide For Beginners
PM Mastery Guide For Beginners

PM Mastery Guide For Beginners

In order to inflict more damage or unlock new skills, you will have to master the weapons/gears and skills/abilities. If your mastery is high, your character will inflict more damage; if it is low, you will inflict low damage.

How To Get Mastery In PM Roblox

To get mastery, you must eliminate the Bosses or NPCs using the skills and weapons you want to master. Let us give you an example; if you eliminate an NPC, you caused DMG to him with your sword and one of your sills, you will ain Sword Mastery and Ability Mastery.

How To Unlock Skills With Mastery In PM Roblox

  • Press the M key or open the menu 
  • Press skills
  • To unlock a skill, you must have mastery and money

Hoho Mastery In PM Roblox

  • Hoho Mastery unlocks the Flashstep move.
  • Leveling up gives you an extra flash step
  • Limit: 8 flash steps
  • How to get: continuously using Flashstep/Sonido.

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