Project XXL Map – All Locations [March 2024]

Read on for Project XXL Map – All Locations.

Project XXL Map – All Locations

Project XXL Map - All Locations
Source: Trello

Project XXL Map – All Locations

  • Wandermere Location – Level 1 to 30
  • Old Ham Location – Level 30 to 65
  • Pendle Location – Level 65 to 105
  • Hwen Location – Level 105 to 150
  • Weapon Shop: Purchase Weapons
  • Arena: Fight other players
  • Boss: Boss spawning location
  • Special Trainer: Trainers are here
  • Fighting Style: Fighting Style

The above Project XXL Map showcases the map featured in the game and highlights the important locations and the levels required to head there. Island locations are Wandermere, Old Ham, Pendle, and Hwen. Other important locations like weapon shop, boss location, trainer, arena, fighting style, and ship wreck are marked with special icons or symbols that you can see in the top-right side of the map screen. 

Please note that the game gets regular updates and map changes over time. For an updated map, always head to the Project XXL Official Trello, link to which is provided here. Head there and click on the map banner; it will showcase the latest updated map. 

We will also try our best to provide an updated map. Thanks for visiting this page. 

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