Xeno Online 3 Discord Link [Official] [May 2024]

Read on for Xeno Online 3 Discord Link. An official Discord server created by the creators of the Xeno Online 3 Roblox game. 

Xeno Online 3 Discord Link [Official]

Xeno Online 3 Discord: Does This Game Have An Official Discord Group?

Yes. Xeno Online 3 does have an official Discord link. 

Xeno Online 3 Discord Link:

Use the below Discord link to join the Xeno Online 3 Discord. 

 Also, see – Xeno Online 3 Codes. Xeno Online 3 Trello. If the link shared above didn’t work, please let us know in the comments. 

You can join Xeno Online 3 Discord to chat with other players, find guides, tier lists, tips & tricks, find friends, and for game events and updates that game developers regularly share with the players.

If you have been playing Xeno Online 3 Roblox, it’s recommended to either join Discord or follow the game’s official social media handles to get updates on the games. All the games go through maintenance, and during the maintenance, players can’t access the game. Information like when the maintenance will start or over or has been extended or not can be found on the official Discord. Also, the game updates, new events, social media events, surveys, freebies, codes, and much more are shared by developers with the players. 

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-> Permadeath is a part of Xeno Online 3, you can lose your progress from dying. It is a fundamental feature. <-


Xeno online 3 is a complete remaster/overhaul of Xeno online 2, having the basis of being a full sandbox, renewing the entire game as a fresh slate while keeping base xeno online mechanics, fight, lose or win and gain strength every fight, create factions, quests, conquer planets, fight bosses, discover secret areas and become the strongest!

Developed by: BanditTaquito, Turbomancer, shurav_v, rip_ciro

Contributions from: Vurdith – (UI), Fajuro – (Buildings), Kogrin – (Art), M_aatheus – (Programmer), Kuriyxmi – (Programmer) JusMighty – (Faces), Karmacitaa (Building), PinkSerenityy (Building), TheSinfulGoat (Animations), asr101 (Hairs, hair textures)

Thank you Dragon Universe for the inspiration

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