Earth Inc Game Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Read on for Earth Inc game guide: tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

Earth Inc Game Guide Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Earth Inc Game

Published by Treetop Crew, Earth Inc. is a mobile idle game where you dig the ground, mine ores, and make money. Your objective in the game is to get to the bottom of each planet; unlock all planets in all the galaxies, i.e., Milky Way, Shroomeda, and so on, that devs may add in future updates. Also, collect all the artifacts and supervisors and max out the mine level. 

This post will cover the Earth Inc game tips, guides, cheats, and strategies for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Makes Upgrades At A 50% Discount In Earth Inc Game

From time to time, a balloon containing buff or booster items appears on your screen. There is one booster called “super sale” that lasts for a few seconds and reduces the upgrade cost by 50%. You can get 50% off on all the upgrades if you have a super sale booster/buff/power-up. 

We recommend waiting for this balloon booster to appear and when it does, tap that balloon to activate the booster. Once the booster is activated, you will see a super sale symbol icon on the left side of the screen and the countdown. 

When the booster’s effect is in play, you can upgrade miners, tap damage, boosters, and industries(for heat) at a 50% discount. You will save a lot of coins. 

Earth Inc Game

Spend The Diamonds Wisely

The diamond is a premium currency in the Earth Inc game, and it’s tough to obtain it in large numbers. You can get it by completing the achievements and contracts(head to the headquarter screen -> tap the HQ building, -> send workers), tapping the diamond balloon, and sometimes passing workers drop it off on the road. 

Earth Inc Game

You can spend the diamonds on the chests, time warps, explosions, and epic upgrades. We don’t recommend spending diamonds on time warps. It’s better to spend the diamonds on epic grades – these epic grades are permanent. Even if you move to the subsequent planet, these upgrades’ effects will remain. 

If you want to increase profit or earnings, invest in these epic upgrades; Tax Evasion, Passive Income, Helicopter Money, All Artifact Boost, and Worker Exploitation. 

If you want to mine faster, invest in these epic upgrades; Critical Tap Boost and Obsidian Research. 

If you want to make upgrades faster, invest in these epic upgrades; Pay Cuts and Tax Haven. 

Earth Inc Game

Minerals, Artifacts, And Special Ore In Earth Inc Game

Earth Inc game features over 60 minerals, five artifacts, and a special ore. Minerals include iron, coal, lithium, nickel, etc. The amount of coins you get by mining ores varies; based on their rarity and level. Tap on the trophy icon at the bottom and head to the second tab; it has three sub-tabs. The first tab is for minerals, where you can see the list of minerals unlocked so far and their value. Tap on a mineral to check its value. 

Artifacts are available in multiple grades; rare, epic, and legendary. Epic and Legendary grade artifacts grant massive amounts of gold coins when you mine them. 

Special Ore, like Obsidian, is hard to break. 

Earth Inc Game

Accept Those Orders In Earth Inc Game

From time to time, near the mining area, you will see an NPC with an exclamation mark. The NPC gives you the option to either accept the order or refuse it. The order must be completed within a fixed time limit. So take it at the right time; avoid checking any order when dealing with a special ore like obsidian. 

Keep An Eye On The Road

Passing workers often drop diamonds and coins. Keep an eye on all the sides; mining area, Earth Inc level screen, HQ, and Company Car. 

Play The Racing Game For Free Coins

The third screen(next to the mining area) is the portal to the mini-race game. Tap the company car there and hit the go button. If you want to swap the car, tap the swap button. Use the arrow keys on the left or right to switch between cars:

  • Rusty Ryder – Free, Low SPD
  • Ice Cream Truck – 50 Common Bux
  • Unirainbow 2000 – 1K Common Bux
  • Hot Rod – 5K Common Bux
  • Pickup Truck – 50 Rare Bux
  • Sports Car – 100 Rare Bux
  • Limousine – 2 Legendary Bux
  • Tank – 5 Legendary Bux

How To Get Bux In Earth Inc Game

Bux is an in-game currency in the Earth Inc game. You may get Bux from the chests or by completing the HQ contract quests. Legendary and Rare bux are hard to obtain. Epic Chest contains rare bux. Legendary Chest contains legendary bux. It costs a lot of gems to get these chests. 

Activate The Ad Booster

Ad-Booster doubles the profit. In the lower-left corner, above the map icon, tap on the coin icon with the X2 sign. 

Save Explosives For The Late Game

You will discover high-level ores and artifacts at high-level planets, which are very hard to break or mine. So we recommend saving explosives in the early game and using them in the late game. 

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Complete the quests for free coins, diamonds, and the chests
  • Tap on the drones for free gold coins
  • Recruit workers in the HQ and send them on contract quests to earn free diamonds, bux, and the chests
  • Complete the daily challenges for freebies
  • Move to the new planet to progress further(you can’t move back to the older plants)

So that’s all we got in this post on Earth Inc game tips, Wiki guides, and strategies for beginners. If you know any more tips, comment below. 

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