Tier List: Best Weapons & Skills[April 2024]

Read on for the tier list guide ranking the Survivor io best weapons & skills. Tier List Guide Best Weapons & Skills

Article Contents: Tier List Guide

The following tier list ranks all the weapons and skills we have obtained and used in the game. This tier list will benefit those curious to know which skills are the best and which weapons are the best. But before you proceed further, redeem these codes for freebies such as gems, design packs, and coins. Also, see – Skills Guide. New survivors Cat Catnips and Tsukiyomi were added in the December update. We will soon rank them in the tier list after December 21st. Tier List Guide: Best Weapons

The Void Power is currently the best weapon in The other two best weapons are The Lightchaser and the Kunai.

The weapons in are available in multiple grades; normal, good, better, or excellent. Players can further boost the DMG output of these weapons by making upgrades through leveling or merging. The following best weapon tier list ranks all weapons in five tiers; 

  • Tier 0: OP
  • Tier 1: Best
  • Tier 2: Good
  • Tier 3: Decent
  • Tier 4: Average Best Weapon Tier List Guide:

  • Sword of Disorder – Tier 0
  • Void Power – Tier 0
  • The Lightchaser – Tier 0
  • Kunai – Tier 1
  • Baseball Bat – Tier 1
  • Katana – Tier 2
  • Shotgun – Tier 3
  • Revolver – Tier 3

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Sword of Disorder

Sword of Disorder
Sword of Disorder
  • Tier 0
  • An unfettered power from the other side of the cosmos. 
  • Skills: + AT, +All Skill DMG. Enemies slain by Sword of Discorder will have their souls shackled. The more souls shackled, the higher the skill DMG. The soul dissipates when hit. 

Void Power


  • Tier 0
  • Contains an unmatched energy source, obviously not made from anything of this world
  • Ranged weapon
  • Increases ATK, Releases Black Holes to strike enemies 

The Lightchaser

  • – Tier 0
  • 5-Star Transformation: Eternal Light
  • An unstoppable blade of light manifested from Eternal Crystals’ power
  • Strength: Massive DMG


  • – Tier 1
  • 5-Star Transformation: Spirit Shuriken
  • 5-Star Kunai Weapon Skill + Koga Ninja Scroll Supply Skill = Spirit Shuriken 
  • Kunai is another one of the best weapons in
  • Your character will throw Kunai to inflict DMG on the enemies
  • Strength: DMG, Auto-Aim, 

Baseball Bat

  • – Tier 1
  • 5-Star Transformation: Lucille
  • 5-Star Baseball Bat Weapon + Fitness Guide = Lucille
  • Good weapon for early game
  • Smash down the enemies with a baseball bat and knock back away
  • Short-range


  • – Tier 2
  • 5-Star Transformation: Demon Blade
  • 5-Star Katana Weapon Skill + Ronin Oyoroi Supply Skill = Demon Blade 
  • Slash your enemies with the Katana blade
  • Nothing extraordinary 


  • – Tier 3
  • 5-Star Transformation: Gatling
  • 5-Star Shot Gun Weapon + Hi Power Fuel = Gatling
  • One of the main reasons for the shotgun being this low is because of its aim. You will have a hard time aiming at the enemies. 
  • Use Gatling skill to turn shotgun into machine gun
  • Short-Mide range


  • – Tier 3
  • Not auto-aim, poor range
  • DMG is decent, but the aim is bad

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The following tier list ranks the best Evo skills; if you don’t know what these Evo skills are, then please head to this Survivor. io skills guide. Tier 0 = OP(Meta/Overpowered), Tier 1 = Best, Tier 2 = Good, Tier 3 = Decent. Tier 4 = OK. Best Skills Tier List[Best EVO Skills]:

  • Destroyer – Tier 0
  • Divine Destroyer – Tier 0
  • Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell – Tier 0
  • Quantum Ball – Tier 0
  • Inferno Bomb – Tier 1
  • Fuel Barrel – Tier 1
  • Dumbell/1 Ton Iron – Tier 1
  • Defender – Tier 1
  • Whistling Arrow – Tier 1
  • Sharkmaw Gun – Tier 2
  • Thunderbolt Bomb – Tier 2
  • Death Ray/Matrix – Tier 2
  • Caltrops – Tier 2
  • Magnetic Rebounder – Tier 2
  • Medi-Drone – Tier 3
  • Moonhalo Slash – Tier 3
  • Pressure Forcefield – Tier 3


  • – Tier 0
  • 5-Star Type-B-Drone Weapon Skill + Type-A-Drone Supply Skill = Destroyer Evo Skill

Divine Destroyer

  • – Tier 0
  • Divine Destroyer is like Destroyer, but with medic skill
  • You need Catnip Medi-Drone to make Divine Destroyer
  • 5-Star Medi-Drone + Destroyer = Divine Destroyer
  • To make Destroyer, you need 5-Star Type-B-Drone Weapon Skill + Type-A-Drone Supply Skill

Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell/Lightning

  • – Tier 0
  • 5-Star Lightning Emitter Weapon Skill + Energy Cube Supply Skill = Thunderball Power Cell Evo Skill

Quantum Ball

  • – Tier 0
  • 5-Star Soccer Ball Weapon Skill + Sports Shoes Supply Skill = Quantum Ball Evo Skill

Inferno Bomb


  • Tier 1
  • 5-Star Modular Mine + 5-Star Maltov = Inferno Bomb
  • For more Evo skill builds, check this skill guide here

Fuel Barrel

  • – Tier 1
  • 5-Star Molotov Weapon Skill + Oil Bond Supply Skill = Fuel Barrel Evo Skill


  • – Tier 1
  • 5-Star Guardian Weapon Skill + EX-Bracer Supply Skill = Defender Evo Skill

Whistling Arrow

  • – Tier 0 to Tier 1
  • 5-Star Drill Shot Weapon Skill + Ammo Thruster Supply Skill = Whistling Arrow Evo Skill

Dumbell/1 Ton Iron

  • – Tier 1
  • 5-Star Brick Weapon Skill + Fitness Guide Supply Skill = Dumbell Evo Skill

Sharkmaw Gun

  • – Tier 2
  • 5-Star RPG Weapon Skill + HE Fuel Supply Skill = Sharkmaw Gun Evo Skill

Thunderbolt Bomb

  • Tier 2
  • 5-Star Modular Mine + 5-Star Lightning Emitter 
  • For more Evo skill builds, check this skill guide here

Death Ray/Matrix

  • – Tier 2
  • 5-Star Laser Launcher Weapon + Energy Cube = Death Ray/Matrix Skill


  • – Tier 2
  • 5-Star Durian Weapon + HE Fuel = Caltrops Skill

Magnetic Rebounder

  • – Tier 2
  • 5-Star Boomerang Weapon Skill + Hi-Power Magnet Supply Skill = Magnetic Dart Evo Skill

Moonhalo Slash

Moonhalo Slash

  • – Tier 3



  • – Tier 3
  • Medi-Drone, particularly, is not good, but it holds a great value; you need it to make a divine destroyer

Pressure Forcefield

  • – Tier 3
  • 5-Star Forcefield Device Weapon Skill + Energy Drink Supply Skill = Forcefield Evo Skill Tier List Guide: Best Normal Skills

The following tier list ranks the best normal skills; if you don’t know what these normal skills are, then please head to this Survivor. io skills guide Best Skills Tier List[Best Normal Skills]:

  • Guardian – Tier 1
  • Molotov – Tier 1
  • Forcefield – Tier 1
  • Drill Shot – Tier 2
  • Soccer Ball – Tier 2
  • Durian – Tier 2
  • Lightning Emitter – Tier 3
  • RPG – Tier 3
  • Type A Drone – Tier 3
  • Type B Drone – Tier 3
  • Laser Launcher – Tier 3
  • Brick – Tier 3
  • Boomerang – Tier 4


  • – Tier 1


  • – Tier 1


  • – Tier 1

Drill Shot

  • – Tier 2

Soccer Ball

  • – Tier 2


  • – Tier 2

Lightning Emitter

  • – Tier 3


  • – Tier 3

Type A Drone

  • – Tier 3

Type B Drone

  • – Tier 3

Laser Launcher

  • – Tier 3


  • – Tier 3


  • – Tier 4

You can evolve these skills by reaching a 5-star upgrade level and meeting the supply skill requirement. Regarding the star upgrade, you will need to choose a particular skill multiple times whenever you are asked to make a choice. Please read this Survivor. io skills guide for more details. Best Skills Tier List: Character Exclusive Skills

All the characters in the game have unique and exclusive skills. You can check the best hero tier list here

  • King’s Skills – Tier 1
  • Listnening Bug – Tier 2
  • Moonshade Slash – Tier 2 ~ 3
  • Pointless – Tier 3
  • Medi-Drone – Tier 4

King’s Skills

  • King is a premium character in the Survivor io game
  • 1-Star Survivor Instinct: +8% Crit Rate for each level
  • 3-Star Sixth Sense: Survivor Instinct evolves into Sixth Sense and adds Crit Rate, CRIT DMG, and HP.
  • 6-Star Lucky Kill(Passive) – If a Critical hit fails to hit, it will be re-calculated. Add ATK. 


  • Common survivor’s passive skill Pointless skill that increases all skill DMG(+3% at 1-star)

Listening Bug

  • Listening Bug: Carry a listening bug to discover enemy weaknesses and increase their DMG taken

Moonshade Slash

  • Moonshade Slash: Unleashes a crescent slash of light that hits enemies in front


  • Medi-Drone: Drone disperses a healing zone that restores HP

Survivor io Best Passive Skills Tier List

Tier 1 > Tier 2 > Tier 3 > Tier 4. 

  • Survivor Instinct: Tier 1
  • Sixth Sense: Tier 1
  • HE Fuel: Tier 1
  • Hi-Power Bullet: Tier 1
  • Energy Cube: Tier 1
  • EXO Bracer: Tier 2
  • Ammo Thruster: Tier 2
  • Fitness Guide: Tier 3
  • Ronin Oyori: Tier 3
  • Koga Ninja Scroll: Tier 3
  • Sports Shoes: Tier 3
  • Energy Drink: Tier 3 ~ 4(Niche Use)
  • Oil Bond: Tier 4(Good for farming gold)(Niche Use)
  • Hi-Power Magnet: Tier 4(Niche Use)


Survivor Instinct


  • Increases CRIT Rate +8%

Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense
  • Crit Rate +50%
  • Crit DMG +25%

HE Fuel

HE Fuel
HE Fuel
  • All ammo and weapon range +20%

Koga Ninja Scroll

Koga Ninja Scroll
Koga Ninja Scroll
  • EXP Gain +16%

Hi-Power Bullet

Hi-Power Bullet
Hi-Power Bullet
  • ATK +30%

Energy Cube

  • All attack CD -8%

Fitness Guide

Fitness Guide
Fitness Guide
  • Max HP + 20%

Ronin Oyori

Ronin Oyori
Ronin Oyori
  • Reduces DMG taken

EXO Bracer

EXO Bracer
EXO Bracer
  • Over-time effect duration +10%

Ammo Thruster

Ammo Thruster
Ammo Thruster
  • Bullet Flight Speed +10%

Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes
Sports Shoes
  • Movement Speed +10%

Energy Drink

  • Restores HP

Oil Bond

  • Gold gain +8%

Hi-Power Magnet

  • Item loot range +500%

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  1. Update April 13th, 2023 Changes:
    Updated Katana tier ratings: Tier 3 to Tier 2
    Kunai T2 to T1
    Baseball Bat T2 to T1

  2. I dream to get void power but all I have for now is Kunai I’m so close to getting S-tier I want the weapons but I’ll be great full for whatever I get k hope it’s void power

  3. The best weapon is quantum ball bcz it did 74% of the damage and 206.4 M damage while playing an ace ender’s echo game FBTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

    • I mean it’s hard to get their it’s simular to Kunais Evo which is spirt Ssheriken if you have excellent tier it’ll be good I have excellent tier Kunai

  4. I do not understand why on earth they put destroyer as 0 tier! I just did two runs of the same level with the exact same setup (light chaser, drill shot, lightning emitter, soccer ball, forcefield) the only difference between my two runs was that in one I had the inferno bomb and the other i had the destroyer. Inferno bomb did 29% of my damage while destroyer did 5%. Now sure, i didn’t level everything ta the same rate, but i used the same general strategy. Destroyer is the worst skill in the game when you take into account how much XP and work goes in to creating it.

    • I think this tier list is too simplified. There are a few things you need to take into consideration besides the weapon itself:
      – Tech parts makes so much difference
      – The skill for the weapon level (excelent, epic, …)
      – The kind of map and game

      Drones and the destroyer are a huge source of damage for Ender, especially with the tech part. Without them I usually make 20-30% less damage on an Ender run.

      Bombs do a lot of damage, but the problem is that the stats count the full amount of damage, and not the useful part of it. This usually means that bombs deal too much excess and useless damage. I’m not saying the bombs are bad, just that they are not nearly as good as they seem. That is not even taking into account how unreliable they are since you can’t control them.

    • Ur in the wrong u need to get the tech part precision devise to excellent to make it have a homing missile and I got from lvl 12-14 easy with it

  5. My go to is Power Cell, Fuel Barrel, Forcefield, Death Ray, Guardian and I use the extra slot for attack up. Sometimes I swap in Whistling Arrow in place of Guardian depending on the level.

  6. Hi! I’m new to this game and just came across this page.

    In the Tier List Guide: Best EVO Skills section, there are bulleted lists for Inferno Bomb, and Thunderbolt Bomb, showing which 5 star skills and weapons are needed. The rest of the weapons only show a tier rating.

    I can figure out what some of them are, and guess for others, but it would be helpful for a noob like me if I had that information.

    • My advise is just play the game and don’t worry about the details for a bit; things will unlock and you will eventually see all the combos you enjoy using…

      The best weapons are the ones you have fun with.. also some tier 4 weapons might be better then tier1 if you find them easier to win with….

      Eg. I like the brick… it’s easy to aim at bosses and do damage but this list says it’s crap, I don’t. Always try to upgrade weapons.. some of the second stage modes I don’t like as much…