Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail Guide & Tips

Read on for Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail guide & tips for beginners. 

Hungry for Home A Cat's Tail Guide & Tips

Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail Guide & Tips

Published by TOHO CO. LTD, Hungry for Home is a cooking theme-based merge game available on mobile app stores. In the game, the player progresses through a storyline split into parts, each featuring a set of chapters, recipes, characters, and stories. The two main characters in the game are Suspenders and Chibisuke. 

In the prologue scene, the characters, Suspenders and Chibisuke, find themselves in America when they should be in Japan. They have no clue how did they get here. Dee Jay, the first NPC in the story, lends them a food truck so that they can cook and make money and use the money to buy tickets to Japan. To reach the final destination, Gorogoro Town, the duo will go through a bunch of countries, make many friends(connect with them on Nyanstagram), discover delicious food recipes, and make many memories. 

How To Play: Merging Items, Tips For Saving Money

On the ingredients screen, you buy the ingredients and merge them to discover new recipes. As you merge the ingredients or the two same types of recipes at the same level, you gain EXP. The level bar at the top displays the current level progress; as you gain EXP by merging the two identical items at the same level, the bar fills up, and when it’s full, you move to the next level. A new slot is unlocked at each subsequent level – more space for your food. 

At a certain level, you will unlock the store. The store will have all the ingredients that you have unlocked so far available to buy. 

Tip For Saving Coins

The price of the ingredient increases each time you buy it. 

Make sure to buy the item with great value. Tap the store in the lower-right corner -> see the price of all items, -> buy the one with a great value. For instance, if a level 1 item is available at 999 coins and a level 4 item is available at 1260, it would be a good idea to consider buying the level 4 item as it holds a greater value than item 1 with a little more price. 

Avoid spending coins on the low-level item at a high price, as it will be very costly to make it to the high-level item, especially when you have made significant progress and unlocked quite a several new ingredients/recipes. You want to unlock new recipes as soon as possible. 

You can watch the video ad to buy the high-level item at a discount. The price of the item, as you know, increases each time you buy it. At a high price, you may consider watching the video ad and getting that high-level item at a discount. 

Making Money/Coins In Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail

You make money by selling the food to the customers. You don’t make any money by merging items, but it’s important that you must be unlocking new recipes by merging to progress further in the game. The unlock recipes are sold to customers. When the customer visits your food truck, you tap on the requested food item to serve it to the customer and then collect the coins. 

On the top-right side, the loudspeaker symbol -> you can attract more customers by watching the video ad. 


On the plaza screen, you will have more food trucks to operate as you clear more parts. Save coins, buy the store equipment, or exchange coins for in-game goodies. 

The album function also gets unlocked when you get access to the plaza. Keep playing the game, buy new store equipment, and you will eventually unlock/discover all the album pictures. 

For extra earnings, you may consider watching the video. Tap the X1.3 Booster icon on the plaza screen – top-left corner. 


A parody of Instagram, Nyanstagram is a social media app in Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail. Tap it to see the posts made by Suspenders and other NPCs. In some of the posts, you can claim the rewards. Tap the “Get” button in the top-right corner and make sure to watch the video ad to get more coins. 


On the map screen, you can check the progress. Each part has several chapters. In each part, you meet new NPCs. To progress further, you must discover new recipes through merging. So keep selling the food items to the customers, buy the recipes and merge them to discover new ones. On the same screen(map), tap on the NPC icon to see its detail. First-time interaction grants rewards. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail guide and tips for beginners. As of now, there are no cheats or cheat codes for this game. 

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