Zoo Life Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Read on for Zoo Life cheats: guide and tips for beginners. 

Zoo Life Cheats Guide & Tips For Beginners

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Zoo Life Animal Park Game is published by Sparkling Society, well-known for the City Island game series. In Zoo Life, players get to build the zoo of their dreams. Discover new and exotic animals, build habitats for them, generate revenue through zoo facilities, and embellish the zoo with the decorations like trees, monuments, parks, balloons, etc. 

This article covers the Zoo Life cheats, guides, and beginner tips. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Do Not Spend The Gold Recklessly

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game has many currencies, one of which is gold. It’s a premium in-game currency that is hard to obtain and must be spent wisely. Avoid spending the gold on things like speeding up the upgrades/construction, instant facility placement, and premium decorations that you don’t require.

We recommend saving gold for the quests that require you to buy items that cost gold. Or for the premium tools and other premium items in the late game. 

How To Breed In Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

When you reach level 20 in the game, the game unlocks a new facility called the breeding center. You need to build this facility for the breeding process. Once you have built it, tap on it, and on the next screen, tap the + button to select the adult male and adult female and hit the breed button. You can increase the chances of successful breeding by spending the gold or green gems. 

The breeding process is not instant; you will need to wait a few minutes or hours before seeing the result. Please note that it may fail or not fail – it depends on the breeding chances you see on the screen. 

Zoo Life Tips For Leveling

The best way to level up in the Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is by completing the chapter quests and the challenges/achievement. Tap the quest board icon in the bottom-left menu near the road mode/warehouse icon. Focus on the challenges that grant EXP as a reward. Other ways to get EXP are by building facilities and habitats and upgrading the facilities. Decorations grant popularity points when you place them in the zoo. 

Zoo Life Guide To Animals

New animals are unlocked as you level up. For each animal species, you will need compatible habitats. For instance, Okapi is one of the animals in Zoo Life and requires Okapi habitat to be placed in the zoo. In each habitat, you will find four slots. If you meet the level requirement, you will be able to place the same animal species there – you will need its duplicate cards. For example, Blackbuck cards are required to unlock Clara(second slot) in the Blackbuck habitat. 

You can place items like a shed, toy, and more in each habitat for the popularity points. 

Animals in the Zoo Life game are classified into three main grades; common, rare, and legendary. Legendary-grade animal cards are hard to obtain because of the low drop rate. 

Zoo Life Guide To Taking Care Of Animals

Animals require food very often, make sure to feed them from time to time. Keep an eye on the symbol(fork/spoon) and feed the animal vegetable, fish, or meat. Vegetable farms, fish farms, and meat laboratories are some of the special facilities that produce food over time. Build these facilities for a regular supply of food for the animals. 

Zoo Life Guide To Popularity Points

Popularity points can be gained from the animal habitats over time or by embellishing the zoo with decorations. As you gain popularity points, your popularity level will eventually increase. At each subsequent popularity level, the game increases the profit and the amount of money you can keep. 

Expand In Zoo Life

As you progress further in the Zoo Life: Animal Park Game, you will need more space to place the habitats and other facilities. So make sure to buy the territory in the vicinity; you will need tools like a shovel and a certain amount of cash, + you must meet the popularity level. 

Zoo Life Animal Collection & Card Decks

A basic pack requires basic tokens. The basic token may grant you explore tokens, green gems, etc. You can obtain basic tokens by completing the challenges or from other in-game quests/activities.

An explore pack requires explore tokens and may grant wild tokens, gold, shovels, orange gems, etc. 

A wild pack requires wild tokens and may grant legendary-grade animal cards, purple gems, shovels, and tools. 

Tap the card icon with the paw symbol in the lower-left corner to see the collection/card decks. In the collection, you will get the option to exchange the extra cards for the card dust. 

Zoo Life Cheats

We don’t recommend using the Zoo Life cheats as it may mess up your progress. But here it is; the game is offline, and you can change the time on the phone to skip the upgrade/construction time. For instance, if it’s a 4-hour upgrade, forward the time on the phone by 4 hours. Make sure to note down the time you have skipped and forward the time on the phone by that much before you open the game. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Zoo Life cheats, guides, and tips for beginners. If you have more tips, feel free to share them in the comment box below. 

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    • As you level up you’ll unlock more. You just need to let whatever you’re building be done before you can use more hammers again. You can watch videos to speed up the time expect for when it comes to animals.