Legacy Piece Race Tier List: Best Races[May 2024]

Read on for the Legacy Piece Race Tier List and find out the best Races currently available in the Roblox Legacy Piece. 

Legacy Piece Race Tier List Best Races

Legacy Piece Race Tier List Criteria

The following best Races tier list for the Legacy Piece ranks the Races into these tiers; 

  • Tier 0: Meta
  • Tier 1: Good
  • Tier 2: Decent
  • Tier 3: Niche Use/Farm
  • Tier 4: Trash

Change Logs & Notes:

  • NOTES (1): Read this Legacy Piece Trello for more details on the units’ stats.
  • NOTES (2): Redeem these Legacy Piece Codes for free gems and rewards.
  • Notes (3): The unit tier list will change over time as we test these units thoroughly in the available game modes.

Legacy Piece Race Tier List: OP/Meta Race

  • Oni – Tier 0
    • Health points receive a 2x boost.
    • Both ability and combat damage are doubled.
    • The only drawback is a reduction in overall speed.

Champions Tower Defense Tier List: Tier 1 Race

  • Mink – Tier 1
    • Stamina and speed stats receive enhancements.
    • Electro fighting style proficiency is gained for combat.

Legacy Piece Race Tier List: Tier 2 Race

  • Fishman – Tier 2
    • Extended underwater breath-holding capability.
    • Increased swimming speed.
    • Enhanced fist attack damage.
  • Human – Tier 2
    • Normal experience gains receive a boost.
    • Mastery experience gains are also increased.
    • Health point regeneration is improved.

Tier List For Legacy Piece: Tier 3 Race

  • Skypiea – Tier 3
    • Higher jumping ability, though not particularly impactful.
    • Stamina receives a boost.

Legacy Piece Race Tier List: Tier 4 Race

  • None

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About This Legacy Piece Race Tier List

The above Legacy Piece Race Tier List ranks the races based on their performance and stats, and usability in available game modes. The game currently features a limited set of races; each race has unique stats and abilities. The new updates to the game will add new races; we will try our best to keep this tier list up to date with the most accurate tier ratings. The races are currently available in multiple forms: legendary, epic, mythical, etc.

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