Mashle Academy Clans Tier List Guide: Best Clan [April 2024]

Read on for the Mashle Academy Clans Tier List and find out the best clan currently available in the game. 

Mashle Academy Clans Tier List Guide Best Clan

Mashle Academy Clans Tier List Criteria

The following Clans tier list for the Mashle Academy ranks the Clans into these tiers; 

  • Tier 1: Best Clans
  • Tier 2: Good Clans
  • Tier 3: Decent Clans

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Mashle Academy Clans Tier List: Best Clans

  • Burnedead – Tier 1
  • Zero – Tier 1
  • Ira Kreuz – Tier 1
  • Razor – Tier 1


The Burnedead Clan is defined by its trifecta of Muscles Magic Mastery, boasting enhanced base damage, posture, and scaling for all Muscles magic skills. Unique to this clan is an immunity to Razor’s Anti Magic, ensuring uninterrupted spellcasting. Additionally, the clan is Adaptive, accelerating stat training by 20%, enabling swift overall growth. This potent combination makes the Burnedead Clan formidable, blending physical prowess, magical finesse, and efficient skill development.

  • Muscles Magic Mastery (Higher base damage, posture, and scaling on all Muscles magic skills and prevents it from being disabled by Razor’s Anti Magic)
  • Adaptive (Train All Stats 20% Faster)


The Zero Clan distinguishes itself with the Prodigy trait, providing members with a remarkable +25 Additional Potential, unlocking extraordinary capabilities. Specializing in the arcane, the Sorcerer attribute accelerates Magic Mastery training at double the standard rate, enhancing spellcasting proficiency. This combination makes the Zero Clan a powerhouse of untapped potential, excelling in both innate abilities and rapid magical skill development, setting them apart in any mystical realm.

  • Prodigy (+25 Additional Potential)
  • Sorcerer (Train Magic Mastery 2x faster)

Ira Kreuz

The Ira Kreuz Clan boasts the formidable Demon Mark trait, triggering a transformative response when health dips below 50%. This unique ability manifests as a demonic mark on the forehead, unleashing potent enhancements in Demon Mark Mode. The empowered state provides a substantial 25% damage boost, amplifying offensive capabilities, coupled with a nimble 5-point agility increase. The Ira Kreuz Clan’s Demon Mark not only signifies resilience but also bestows a formidable edge, making them a force to be reckoned with in critical moments of battle.

  • Demon Mark (When brought below 50% Health, awaken a demon mark on your forehead.)
  • Demon Mark Mode Buffs: 25% Damage Boost, 5 Agility Boost


The Razor Clan wields a unique combat advantage with the ability to unleash an anti-magic shockwave by pressing G. This shockwave disrupts and disables the magic skills of those hit for an initial 10 seconds, with the duration scaling based on the user’s level, reaching a maximum of 20 seconds. Distinguished by their striking red eyes and a mesmerizing golden magic pupil, the Razor Clan excels in neutralizing magical threats, asserting dominance on the battlefield with their distinctive and powerful anti-magic capabilities.

  • Press G to unleash a anti-magic shockwave disabling the magic skills of those hit for a duration of 10 seconds + (duration scales with your level, max duration of 20 seconds)
  • Clan Characteristics: Red Eyes, Golden Magic Pupil

Clan Tier List For Mashle Academy: The Good Clans

  • N/A

Mashle Academy Clans Tier List: Decent Clans

  • All Common Clans

About This Mashle Academy Clans Tier List

The above Mashle Academy Tier List ranks the Clans based on their performance in available game modes. The game currently features a limited set of Clans; each Clan has unique perks, and each perk has unique buffs. The new updates to the game will add new Clans; we will try our best to keep this tier list up to date with the most accurate tier ratings. The Clans are currently available in multiple rarities: common[90%], rare[10%], and super rare[1%].

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