Mashle Academy Traits Tier List Guide: Best Traits [April 2024]

Read on for the Mashle Academy Traits Tier List and find out the best trait currently available in the game. 

Mashle Academy Traits Tier List Guide Best Traits

Mashle Academy Traits Tier List Criteria

The following Traits tier list for the Mashle Academy ranks the Traits into these tiers; 

  • Damage Traits: these are good to increase DMG
  • Tank Traits: these are good for increasing survivability
  • Stat Traits: these are good to increase your stats

Change Logs & Notes:

Mashle Academy Traits Tier List: Damage Traits

  • Brawn – Best DMG Trait
  • Magical – Best DMG Trait


Deal 10% more damage from muscle scaling attacks

Brawn enhances combat prowess by amplifying the impact of muscle-based assaults. This trait empowers individuals with a 10% boost in damage dealt through attacks that leverage physical strength. Whether executing powerful strikes or engaging in muscle-centric maneuvers, those possessing Brawn exhibit a heightened capacity for dealing damage, making them formidable forces on the battlefield. This trait underscores the significance of raw physical might, aligning with a strategic approach that emphasizes the utilization of muscular strength in combat scenarios.


Deal 10% more damage from magic power scaling attacks.

The Magical trait imbues individuals with an affinity for arcane forces, allowing them to unleash more potent attacks. With this trait, characters experience a 10% increase in damage when executing spells or magical abilities reliant on mystical power scaling. Whether conjuring ethereal energies or manipulating arcane elements, those possessing the Magical trait wield an amplified destructive potential. This trait emphasizes the importance of harnessing magical prowess, making its bearers formidable adversaries in battles where mystical forces play a crucial role.

Mashle Academy Traits Tier List: Tank Traits

  • Durable – Best Tank Trait


Take 10% Reduced damage from all sources.

Durable individuals exhibit exceptional resilience, mitigating harm with the Durable trait. This formidable quality results in a 10% reduction in damage sustained from all sources. Whether facing physical assaults, magical attacks, or other threats, those with the Durable trait demonstrate heightened durability, effectively minimizing the impact of incoming damage. This trait underscores the importance of endurance and toughness, enabling characters to withstand adversity more effectively and emerge from encounters with a greater chance of survival. Durable individuals prove to be stalwart defenders, absorbing blows with fortitude and remaining steadfast in facing challenges.

Mashle Academy Traits Tier List: Stat Traits

  • Healthy – Health Stat Trait
  • Energetic – Stamina Stat Trait
  • Guarded – Posture Stat Trait
  • Agile – Speed Stat Trait


Gain +10 Maximum Health.

The Healthy trait fortifies an individual’s vitality, contributing to their overall well-being in combat. Possessors of this trait enjoy a substantial boost of +10 Maximum Health, enhancing their resilience and survivability. This increased stamina not only extends their capacity to endure attacks but also provides a buffer against potential threats. The Healthy trait emphasizes the importance of robust physical conditioning, enabling characters to withstand challenges and emerge from encounters with a greater reservoir of health, ensuring they remain formidable contenders in the face of adversity.


Gain +20 Maximum Stamina

The Energetic trait bestows individuals with heightened stamina, significantly boosting their endurance in physical endeavors. Those possessing this trait enjoy a substantial increase of +20 Maximum Stamina, allowing for prolonged activity without succumbing to fatigue. This additional reservoir of energy proves invaluable in sustained physical exertion, be it in combat, exploration, or other demanding situations. The Energetic trait emphasizes the significance of robust stamina, enabling characters to push their limits and maintain peak performance for extended periods, showcasing their resilience and unwavering vitality.


Gain +20 Maximum Posture

The Guarded trait bolsters an individual’s defensive capabilities, enhancing their ability to withstand attacks with superior posture. Those with this trait benefit from a substantial increase of +20 Maximum Posture, enabling them to maintain a resilient and composed stance even in the face of relentless assaults. This heightened posture not only provides a shield against physical strikes but also showcases the individual’s adeptness at warding off adversarial forces. The Guarded trait underscores the importance of maintaining a solid defensive foundation, allowing characters to weather attacks and maintain a steadfast posture throughout challenging encounters.


Gain +2 Maximum Running Speed

The Agile trait endows individuals with enhanced swiftness, allowing them to traverse their surroundings with increased speed. Possessors of this trait experience a notable boost of +2 Maximum Running Speed, facilitating rapid movement and agility. Whether navigating treacherous terrain or evading adversaries, those with the Agile trait demonstrate remarkable quickness, gaining a tactical advantage in various situations. This trait underscores the importance of nimbleness and rapid responsiveness, enabling characters to maneuver with finesse and efficiency, showcasing their ability to navigate swiftly through dynamic and challenging environments.

About This Mashle Academy Traits Tier List

The above Mashle Academy Tier List ranks the Traits based on their performance in available game modes. The game currently features a limited set of Traits; each trait has unique perks and buffs. The new updates to the game will add new Traits; we will try our best to keep this tier list up to date with the most accurate tier ratings. The Traits are currently available in multiple forms: DMG, Tank, and Stats.

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