10 Basic Fishing Strike Cheats And Tips You Need To Know

There is no doubt that Fishing Strike is one of the best fishing games for mobile devices. Check out the 10 basic Fishing Strike cheats and tips to master the game; win multiplayer battles, best ways to acquire gold, gems, best Anglers and level-up fast

We have already posted the full guide and some tips for the beginners in our previous post, you can check here. In this post, we will talk about the 10 basic Fishing Strike cheats, tips to master the game. Let’s start the Fishing Strike cheats, tips; defeat any opponent in multiplayer battles and acquire the best gears, anglers, gold, gems fast.

Tip 1.) Place Toys And Earn Rewards – Fishing Strike Cheats

Fishing Strike CheatsYou can collect over 50 toys in Fishing Strike game. The player can obtain these toys from the chests or using in-game currency(gems) in the shop section.

Place the toys in your tanks and you will get rewards on regular basis; Anglers, Gears, and much more. If you have, then go to the aquarium -> toys -> tap on a toy -> place. It is one of the best ways to earn free reward in Fishing Strike game.

Tip 2.) Boat Management – Add New Skill, Upgrade Parts

The boat plays an important role in fishing strike game; either you are playing a normal stage or against another player in PvP battle mode.

  • Change the skill – Fishing Strike Cheats

After you reach a certain level, multiplayer battle mode gets unlocked. In multiplayer battle, three things determine the victory; time, action points, and fish size. If you earn more action points, chances are you will get the victory. If you want to earn more AP, then choose action points skill. It’s an example. Come to the point; you can choose a specific skill and enjoy the advantage.

Step 1.) Go to the boat management section.Fishing Strike Cheats

Step 2.) Tap on the change option and choose the skill wisely. There are lots of options available; action points +20%, swipe damage +50%, and many more. It costs you 50 gems, so choose wisely. Fishing Strike Cheats

Upgrade your boat parts!

Tip 3.) Purchase the bait and get legendary fish – Fishing Strike Cheats

Fishing Strike CheatsThe fish trap feature in Fishing Strike game catches the fish for you automatically. All you need to do is purchase the bait; there are many types of bait you can purchase;

  • Worm
  • Cut Bait
  • Shrimp

Purchase the cut bait as it can lure a legendary fish. Its cost is 60 gems. If you got the legendary fish/SSS rank, you can earn hundreds of gems! A little investment in the bait can make you rich! You can use these gems to purchase toys, gears, and much more.

Tip 4.) Claim the lucky box daily – Fishing Strike Cheats

Fishing Strike CheatsThere are two types of the lucky box; platinum lucky box and lucky toy box. These boxes contain premium gears, toys, best anglers, and much more. To claim -> go to the shop section -> lucky box – platinum box. The player can draw the platinum box for free after a certain amount of time.

Tip 5.) Invest in Gears to win multiplayer battles – Fishing Strike Cheats

Fishing Strike CheatsThe default fishing equipment is not so powerful. And after a certain level, you can not upgrade it. It would be better to invest some gems(if you have) in premium gears. For instance, if you want to win multiplayer battles, then I would recommend you to buy Black Glass Set as it increases the action points during bonus time. Go to the shop section – items -> check the deals, if there is a good deal available, then grab it.

Tip 6.) Upgrade the gears to get stronger – Fishing Strike Cheats

Upgrading is one of the main tasks; one the main screen -> tap on the bag -> gears -> select the gear you want to upgrade and upgrade it. Upgrading increases the fishing mastery points and lure durability.

Tip 7.) Choose the best Angler and level-up – Fishing Strike Cheats

Fishing Strike CheatsLeveling up requires anglers cards, can be obtained from the angler chests. One of the best ways to get best anglers in Fishing Strike game is placing the toys in tanks or by obtaining the anglers chest. Catch and grow rare or legendary fish to obtain anglers chests.

Tip 8.) Sell the fish when they reach their maximum level – Fishing Strike Cheats

Fishing Strike CheatsYour tank’s capacity is limited and you can not store unlimited numbers of fish. You can either purchase a new tank or sell the fish for gold. To get most of the profit, sell the fish when they reach their maximum level. To sell a fish, go to the aquarium -> fish list -> tap on a fish you want to sell -> and confirm.

Tip 9.) Improve your rank to get hundreds of gems and thousands of gold coins – Fishing Strike Tips

On the main screen > tap on the + icon -> rank and check your rank. Improve your rank and earn rewards. One of the best ways to improve the rank is by playing the game; catch fish and earn aqua points.

Rewards; legendary chests[best anglers], gems, and gold.

Tip 10.) Focus on the quest to level-up fast, play levels again, and more- Fishing Strike Tips

  • Complete the quests task to level-up fast
  • Play the levels, again and again, to earn aqua points
  • Unlock and play the special stage
  • Level-up your Anglers to improve their skills
  • Choose the best Anglers
  • Upgrade your boat parts
  • Upgrade the gears
  • Claim event rewards, daily rewards

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So these are some basic Fishing Strike cheats and tips. You can check out the guide here. Download the game – Here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best offline games for Android 2018

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