Fishing Strike Guide, Tips, Cheats To Catch SSS Rank Fish

Fishing Strike GameFishing Strike by Netmarble is one of the best fishing games for mobile devices, featuring awesome graphics, challenging gameplay, lots of epic/legendary fish, and much more. Check out our Fishing Strike Guide & Fishing Strike Tips, Cheats to catch SSS rank fish and defeat opponents in multiplayer battles

If you love fishing games, then you should try Fishing Strike game. Fishing Strike is an awesome fishing game for mobile devices with lots of features and addictive gameplay, by Netmarble, the creators of Marvel Future Fight game. In Fishing Strike game, you can catch over 500-types of fish. Your objective is to build the best Aquarium! In this post, we have covered everything about the game; let’s start the Fishing Strike guide first;

1.) Get Started – Fishing Strike – The Basic

As usual, Fishing Strike game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to catch fish, about anglers, aquarium, boat, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually manage all kinds of things[upgrading, level selection].

The Basic – In Fishing Strike game, you visit many places to catch various types of fish. Fish Types? Common, Rare, and Legendary. Legendary fish are very profitable. It would not be easy for you to catch legendary fish.

The very first step you have to do at each level in Fishing Strike game is casting; tap on the cast button when the pointer is in the recommended region. For perfect shot, tap when the pointer is on the red circle. This is the crucial step as it determines the chances of

  • Big Fish
  • Special Fish Nibble
  • Special Fish Discovery

After it, all the fish will attract towards the bait/lure. When a fish bites the bait, the durability of lure starts decreasing. You can instantly tap on the reel button + swipe up to pull the fish to the surface or it will be reeled automatically after it reduces all the lure durability.

If you don’t want that fish, just tap on the shake-off option[at the bottom-left corner].

Fishing Strike Game Guide -> Final Step – >

Fishing Strike GameAfter you successfully pull it to the surface; just hold down your thumb on the reel button and use Angler’s skills. You can check the stats at the top-right corner; Fish HP bar shows the energy left in the Fish to fight against you, tension stats your reel grip; if the tension level gets exceed the limit, you will lose your grip over the fish. Once the mission gets successful, add the fish to your tank. Now, let’ start the Fishing Strike Guide

2.) Fishing Strike Guide

⇒ Anglers Guide

Angler, one of the main characters in the Fishing Strike game helps you in catching the fish by contributing their skills. You just tap on their icons while catching the fish to use their skills. Without using Anglers’ skills, it would not be easy for you to catch big fish.

Fishing Strike GameBefore you start the level, you can change your Anglers. Tap on the side menu and select the angle you want to use. The skills of anglers are different from each other. For instance, Mika’s skill is thunder & lightning, Isabelle’s skill is hailstorm, and so on.

Skills of Anglers;

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Expert

In the Fishing Strike game, to unlock the advanced and expert skills of anglers, you have to level-up your Anglers. Once you reach the level 12 of an Angler, you can use the advanced skill. To unlock the expert skill, reach the level 24.

You can level-up the Anglers using gold and gold can be obtained by completing the stages.

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⇒ Upgrade the Anglers in Fishing Strike Game – Class Up

Upgrade increases your fishing mastery. Reach the level 30 to unlock class-up feature and then upgrade your Anglers. Different Anglers requires different items for upgrading, tap on the item to know more. Once you equip these items, tap on the upgrade. It is one of the best ways to deal more damage to the fish.

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3.) Fish Trap – Fishing Strike Tips, Cheats

What is Fish Trap feature in the Fishing Strike game? The fish trap feature used to automatically acquire the fish after a certain amount of time.

Path -> Go to the main screen -> on the globe, tap on the fish trap option.

Once caught, tap on it and then add it to your tank. To get legendary fish for free in the Fishing Strike game, purchase the bait; it increases the chances of catching a particular fish.

You have limited slots, to unlock more slots, purchase the tanks.

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4.) Tank Guide

To store more fish in your aquarium, you need to buy more tanks. On the main screen -> tap on the + button -> aquarium -> tanks -> here you can purchase more tanks. Gems are required to purchase tanks.

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3.) Fishing Strike Tips, Cheats

In this part, we will talk about the Fishing Strike tips and cheats, using these tips you can easily catch SSS rank fish, defeat the opponents in multiplayer battles, earn more gold & gems.

First of all, why legendary fish are important? It’s because, when they reach their max level, you get a huge amount of coins or gems/diamonds and anglers chest. You can sell fish any time, but, you should sell when the fish reach the maximum level. To sell a fish, go to the aquarium -> fish -> tap on a fish you want to sell -> confirm.

If you catch legendary fish, you can earn;

  • A huge amount of coins
  • Gems/Pearls/Diamonds
  • Angler’s Chest

SSS rank fish or legendary fish are very profitable as compared to rare or normal fish.

How to catch SSS rank fish or legendary fish? There is not a specific stage to catch SSS rank fish[at every stage, there is a chance], use these tips to increase the chances of discovering SSS rank;

  • Cast perfectly – Casting perfectly increase the chances of discovering a new legendary or SSS rank fish
  • Play levels again and again; as mentioned above, at every stage there is a chance of discovering SSS rank fish, so, play levels again and again
  • Play special stages – special stage gets unlocked when you collect all the trophies, to collect all the trophies, you have to catch all types of fish at every stageFishing Strike

⇒ Fishing Strike Tips, Cheats – How to defeat opponents

To defeat an opponent in multiplayer battles, you have to catch the fish before the opponent. You can earn a huge amount of gold coins by getting victories in the multiplayer battles. The victory depends on these things;

  • Time
  • Size of the fish
  • Action points

One of the best ways to defeat the opponent in multiplayer battles is catching the fish fast. How to catch the fish quickly?

  • Choose your best anglers
  • Upgrade your boat
  • Upgrade your equipment

Best Anglers in Fishing Strike game?

  • Isabelle
  • Benedict
  • Jenny
  • Gene
  • Lingling
  • Richard
  • Helen
  • Rebecca
  • Jose
  • Camilla
  • Carmen
  • Benjamin
  • Linda
  • Gimir
  • Irene
  • Luke
  • Hannah

Level-up your anglers to their maximum level to improve their skills.

⇒Boat Management

Improve or increase fishing mastery points -> Upgrade your boat and its parts. If you have enough coins or gems, then purchase a better boat.

Choose the best skill;

Go to the boat section -> change option -> select the best skill and confirm. Skills such as tension gauge – 20% every 20 seconds, action points + 20% and more are very useful. Select the best one.

⇒ Upgrade the equipment –  Fishing Strike Tips

To get the victories in multiplayer battles, upgrade your gears; go to the lobby -> bag -> gears -> upgrade.

The deal – Go to the shop section and check out the deals on items; you can purchase these items in exchange for in-game currency.

How to earn more Action Points?

As you know, action points also increase the chances of getting the victory in the multiplayer battles, there are a number of ways to increase the action points;

  • Change your boat skill -> Action points +20%
  • Upgrade your boat parts
  • Break down the fish skill by casting your angler’s skill at the right time
  • Don’t miss surface swipe
  • Upgrade your equipment; +deal damage, + critical hit
  • Upgrade your anglers; +deal damage per skill, + fishing mastery points

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So this is the beginner’s guide to Fishing Strike game and Fishing Strike cheats, tips, and tricks. Download the game – here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

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