Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – All Chapters

Are you having trouble completing the chapters in Adventure Escape: Murder Inn game? Check out this Adventure Escpae: Murder Inn Walkthrough to all chapters

This time you have to solve a murder mystery in Adventure Escape: Murder Inn. Will you find the killer before they strike again? Last year, one friend died in a tragic skiing accident. This year, another friend is murdered in her guest room. There is someone who is lying. You must find the culprit. Gather clues and solve chapters to complete your mission. Let’s solve all the Murder Inn Chapters.

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Chapter 1.) Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough

In this chapter, we will enter the house, collect and place all photos, and serve the food to all according to their wants. Follow these steps(Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough): –

Step 1.) To go inside the house, we need a code because the entrance is locked. You use the shovel to remove ice. Tap on the door and apply this code – 6674. adventure escape-murder inn walkthrough guide

Step 2.) Go inside. Now, you have to find six photos. Don’t forget to collect a star from the picture frame(near the lamp-right side). Tap on the painting board after collecting all the photos. Place all photos on the board like this – Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough

Step 3.) Go back. Collect the chew toy from the sofa and give it to the dog. Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough

Step 4.) Open the drawer and get the fireplace matches. Use it with the fireplace. Burn the candle using fireplace matches. After it, tap on the bell.Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough

⇒Adventure escape-murder inn walkthrough part 1 of chapter 1 completed. Part 2 –

Step 1.) Requirements – 3 dinner plates, 3 napkins, and 3 wine glass.

Dinner plates –

  • Sofa – tap on the pillow to uncover.
  • Refrigerator
  • One plate is on stock pot. You need a pot lid to get the plate. Pot lit can be found in the drawer.

Napkins –

  • Window
  • Tissue box
  • Candle lamp

Wineglass –

  • Get the key from the table and open the drawer[near referigerator].
  • Get the flowerpot and use it with the glass(at the top right).
  • Open the drawer and get the fishbowl. Use it on the wine glass on the table.

Step 2.) Put all the items on the table. Serve the food to all people according to their wants. See here – Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough

That’s it. Chapter 1 walkthrough of Adventure escape – murder inn is now completed.

“Adventure escape – Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 2”

In this chapter, we will find the gun. For this, we need the bullet. These are the steps you have to follow –

Step 1.) There are some snowboards(at left side), you have to re-assign them similar to this picture – 

Step 2.) Go inside the room. Open the left cabinet and get the vacuum cleaner. Use it to clean the dust on the floor(if you want). Open the drawer and get the key.

Step 3.) Cleaning and getting the key tasks are not compulsory to perform. Just ignore. Back to the corridor, tap on the lock(you will see it when you re-assign the snowboards positions) and enter 1, 7, and 8. Get the keys – number 13 and number 21. Use both keys to open the door.

Step 4.) Go inside the room and put 5 numbers on each suspected item.adventure escape murder inn walkthrough guide

Step 5.) Open the box(near the bed). Assemble the tiles[Find the three missing tiles in the room, one is on the bed, the second is near dead body, while the third tile is near blanket] in a correct way like this – 

Step 6.) Get the knife(on the table) and again tap on the box. You will see spider’s web there, clean it with vacuum, and use the knife to get the bullet. Enter Bullet ID and search – Length – 19.7, Diameter – 8.2, Groove depth – 1.5, and twist – right.

Tap on the search button. That’s it. Adventure Escape -Murder Inn walkthrough – Chapter 2 completed.

Chapter 3 – Adventure Escape -Murder Inn walkthrough⇒

In this chapter, we will find out the culprit who kill Emma by figuring out his jacket. Here are the steps you have to follow in this walkthrough –

Step 1.) You are in a security room. Tap on the monitor. There are some buttons at the bottom. Each button has own feature – to change the date, month, time, and scene. 

⇒Set like this –

  • First button – Up[Ignore]
  • Second – right [example – 00:15]
  • Third – down [example – 6:00]
  • Fourth – left [example – 00:45]

After it, you will see video frames. Change the time, date to 12/12[use the first and second button], time – 18:15[use the third button], and scene – Capturing the killer[use the last button].

Tap on the men with the gun.

Step 2.) Now you need to find the jacket. At the left side, there are two almirahs. Both are locked. The first almirah can be unlocked by entering the code, while another almirah required a key. You can unlock the first almirah using this code – 4,8,5,9. Get the shuffleboard disc from there. Get the ski pole[near snowboard] and screwdriver[near shoes]

Step 3.) Enter the next room. Tap on the shuffleboard[near lamp]. Put the blue shuffleboard disc there and assemble all the discs like this – 

Step 4.) Get the red checker after doing step 3. Tap on the checker game[on the right side]. Put your red checker on the board. Place all of them like this – 

Step 5.) Get the key and go back to the previous room. Use this key to open the lock of almirah. Tap on the jacket. That’s It.

Chapter 3 – Adventure Escape -Murder Inn walkthrough has been completed.

Chapter 4.) – Adventure Escape – Murder Inn Solution[Murder Manor 2] –

This chapter is extremely hard for those who don’t know about Sudoku game, so we are sharing direct solution to this chapter

Step 1.) Tap on the door and enter this code – 9 2 5.

Step 2.) Go inside the room and tap on the bottom left[bed].

Then tap on the suitcase and enter this code – 5 3 1 7 3 3 5 1. Then tap on the letter, read it.

That’s it. Chapter 4 of Murder inn or Murder Manor 2 is now completed.

Adventure Escape – Murder inn Or Murder Manor Walkthrough – Chapter 5 –

In this chapter, we need to solve 2 puzzles. The first puzzle to reach the roof, second puzzle to clear the chapter. It’s too easy guys –

Step 1.) Head to next house. 

Step 2.) From there you have to collect ice skates and the square tile. Tap on the ice skates.

Step 3.) Tap on the ice cubes and you will see this screen – 

Step 4.) You have to move these ice cubes to red circle location – correct manner, that makes sense – Example: – Cube marked with 3 should be on the 3rd red circle. Just touch, hold, swipe on cubes to move.

  1. First, swipe up cube(no. 3 – right side) to fill blank space
  2. Swipe left – (cube no. 2 – left side) to fill blank space
  3. Cube no. 1(right side – swipe up to fill blank space)
  4. Top left side ⇒ Cube no. 1 ⇒ swipe right ⇒ to below red circles.
  5. 3rd column from left side ⇒ Cube no. 1 ⇒ swipe up ⇒ Right ⇒ Down ⇒ Right ⇒ to below red circles(Overwrite)
  6. 2nd column from left side ⇒ Cube no. 1 ⇒ place it on red circle 1.
  7. 3rd column from the right side – place it on red circle 2.
  8. 1st column – cube no. 3 – place it on red circle 3.

It should be like this – 

Now you can reach the roof. Tap on the square tile to collect.

Step 5.) Use the ice skates to break the door. Then tap on the door and you will see this screen[Snowflakes] – 

Step 6.) You need to change the pattern like this[Just tap on snowflake] – 

Step 7.) Go inside. Tap on the blue box. Get the basketball. Use it to throw top left – see the picture. Get the key. Use the key with the machine. Get the shovel and open that part. Tap on it and put the square tile there. 

Step 8.) Arrange the tiles. Hint – OUT ICE COLD

That’s it. Adventure Escape – Murder inn Or Murder Manor Walkthrough – Chapter 5 – Completed.

Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 6 –

In this chapter, we will pass through two secret doors. We will collect arrows to open these doors.

Step 1.) Tap on the locker[at the left]. Enter 3,2,5,7. Collect all arrows[Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow] from there. Place these arrows in the holes. Green arrow at the top, blue at the middle, and red at the bottom. Go inside the room.

Step 2.) Tap on the right sofa and get the arrow. Place both yellow arrows in the holes. Tap on the right drawer and you will see a lock. Tap right, up, left, and right to unlock it. Get the metal dial from the drawer. Use the metal dial with the locker to open the secret door. 

Step 3.) Go inside the room. Tap on the lock and enter this code – JSEB. After it, tap on the board with dots and connect the dots in a color sequence – blue-red-yellow-green. 

Tha’s it. Adventure Escape – Murder Inn Chapter 6 is now completed. Head to Murder Inn Walkthrough Chapter 7

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