Idle Zoo Tycoon: Tap, Build & Upgrade Guide, Tips

Idle Zoo Tycoon: Tap, Build & Upgrade Guide, TipsDescription – Idle Zoo Tycoon is a new fun idle clicker gamer by Iron Horse Games LLC. Here’s all you need to know about Idle Zoo Tycoon game – How to play, guide, and tips for Idle Zoo Tycoon

Idle clicker games are one of the best Android games to pass time because the player has to take care of plenty of things such as buying, selling, and upgrading. Idle Zoo Tycoon is a new fun idle clicker game for Android in which you trade animals, manage the zoo, and take care of many things.

Basic – Idle Zoo Tycoon

To run a successful zoo, you must have animals, a good number of facilities for visitors. Right? In the game, you start the zoo with beetles. Beetles give birth to more beetles. You earn cash by selling these beetles. To earn passive income, you have to add some facilities for zoo visitors such as drinks, bathroom, forest biome, and many more. Passive income helps you to get more animals, the more you have animals, the more you will earn cash.

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The process

To earn cash, you must add more animals to the zoo. To add more animals, you have to complete minimum requirements. For example – To add turtle, you must have $6000 and 50 Geckos. Spider give birth to spiders, frog gives birth to frogs, and similarly, rest animals give birth to more animals.

For example – If you have 70 beetles, then you don’t need to buy more because they always produce more for you. You can sell them for cash. Use cash to build more animal enclosure. And expand your business.

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Birth Rate And Death Rate

You have to maintain the birth rate and death rate of animals. Birth rate means the rate at which animals are producing. Death rate means the ratio of deaths. If birth rate is lower than or equal to death rate then it means you are losing money. Good situation – the Birth rate is high while the death rate is low.

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Upgrading Guide and tips

You should upgrade the enclosure to increase the slots for a particular animal. For example – By default, each enclosure can store up to 100 animals. Upgrade to get the larger enclosure.

Birth rate up – You could spend some cash to increase the birth rate. Death rate down – Hight death rate means loss. You should spend some cash to decrease death rate.

Sell Price Up – When you have a large number of animals then it would be better to increase the selling price.

Just tap on the upgrade button next to a specific animal to upgrade.

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Zoo Improvements

Who wants to work continuously? No One! Improve the improvements or add more facilities to the zoo to increase the number of visitors. The more you have, the more you get.

How to sell in bulk?

It’s annoying to tap and sell 1 animal at a time. You can increase the selling numbers by switching to *10, *100, and *1000.

Trading Post

There is a trading post feature, you have to spend some cash to unlock this feature. Once unlocked, start trading your animals for cash or fossils.

How to get rare animals such as the mermaid, unicorn, and more?

You must have fossils to get these rare and epic animals.

How to earn fossils

Use trading post feature, open gifts or watch ads.

Closing words

Idle Zoo Tycoon is an awesome game in which you can do plenty of things such as buying, selling, trading, and more. It is one of the best idle clicker Android games and you should play this game if you love idle clicker games. Download – Here[Google Play Store].

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