Hooked Inc cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon game? Master all of its concepts with these Hooked Inc cheats available with tips, guides for beginners

Hooked Inc cheats, tips, and guide⇓

In the Hooked Inc game, you will be playing as a Fisherman and you will have plenty of things to do; from exploring all the locations, upgrading the boat, collecting items, upgrading gears, unlocking crews to participate in the tournaments. This article covers “how to play Hooked Inc game”, tips and cheats to progress fast, rare and pic fish, guide to tournament, about stars, fishing experience, and other things such as crews, uprgades, items, and more. So, let’s get straight to the Hooked Inc cheats and tips: – 

Getting Started With The Hooked Inc Basics

Before we dive into the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Hooked Inc, your main objective is completing the collection of fish; common, rare, and epic. Epic fish appears from time to time in the ocean; but to catch it, you will need to increase the fishing experience. All you need to do is swipe on it to deal damage(swiping the fish reduces its health. When the health of the fish reaches 0, you get the fish). But if you have a low-quality boat, items(equipment), low-fishing experience, you will not be able to catch the epic fish in the Hooked Inc game. It sounds difficult, but it’s not. Upgrade the boat, items, and crews to progress.

Here’s the main screen guide – Hooked Inc

Tap the compass icon to check the locations; move to new areas instantly when you have enough money. At the bottom of the compass menu, you can check the fishing experience, earning bonuses, stars. Tap the book icon to check the complete list of fish; rare, epic, and common. Visit new areas to collect new fish.

Tap the upgrade icon to access boat/items/crew upgrades. Tap the menu button to head to the store.

Guide To Crews In Hooked Inc

Crews are your assistants. They help you catch the fish + provide buffs. All the crews featured in the game have different abilities. Depending on their abilities, you get the benefit. For example; Rodrick is a crew who catches the fish when you are away(offline) and he can also increase the Idle fishing rate. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom, tap the upgrade button -> head to the crew tab -> there you can check out the crew’s abilities. To unlock a crew, you need gems. Read the cheats, tips part below to know all the ways to obtain gems.

Additionally, in the tournament, you can choose up to three crews. Read the tournament guide below.

Getting Buoy In Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon

You will get Buoy once you have unlocked the crew “The Mechanic”. We’re talking about the regular buoy, not the event one – there was a Christmas event last year where the buoy was given for free. You place the buoy around the water and it will catch fish for you. 

Guide To Hooked Inc Items

Hooked IncYou can equip up to four items to boost the income or for passive perks. You get these items from the boxes. How to get the box? When playing the game, pay attention to the boxes(from time to time, boxes arrives in the deep water, tap to collect). How to equip? Tap the upgrade button on the main screen -> head to the items tab -> tap the item -> equip. By default, you get 0 level items. And the rule is you can only equip level 1 or higher items. So make sure to upgrade that item to level 1. It will cost you green gems.

Duplicate items are used in upgrading(Sometimes you get a duplicate item from the boxes). You can also purchase the item box from the store menu in exchange for green gems(not recommended).

Guide And Tips To Hooked Inc Tournament

The tournament is another challenging game mode in the Hooked Inc game. In this mode, you compete against other players from all over the world for the top rank(mainly rank 1-13 get the prizes; free gems). How to participate? On the main screen, on the right side, tap the trophy icon -> choose three crews(make sure to choose the best crews) -> join. It will cost you gems.

Once joined, you will enter the tournament mode; the round lasts long for about six minutes. Catch the fish and earn as much as you can. Tap the trophy icon -> go to score tab -> there you can check the rankings. Once you are done, tap the send score button.

Keep participating in this mode to rank up. At the end of the tournament, you will get the reward on the basis of rank.

Stars And Fishing Experience

Hooked IncYou earn stars upon discovering a new fish. Depending on the rarity, you get the stars. For example; common fish grants one star while epic fish grants more than 1 stars. What is it?

The star mechanics are related to the fish experience and the earning bonus. Tap the compass icon and at the bottom, you can check the number of stars, fishing experience. The more you have stars and fishing experience, the better will be the earning bonus.

Fishing Experience – Fishing Experience increases as you catch the fist and earn more money. Tap the collect button to add it to the earning bonus. Here’s an example; you have 8 stars. And the fishing experience is 206. So earning bonus would be 8*206=1648%. Gain more experience by playing more -> collect it to add it to the earning bonus.

Earning Bonus – Boosts earning.

Move to new areas as fast as you can to catch high-value fish.

Guide To Leveling And Perks System

This is the new function in the game. Whenever you watch the video ad, you get EXP. EXP is required to reach the next level in Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon. And, as you level up, you get the perk points. At the top-left corner of the game screen, tap the level crown -> there you can spend the perk points Each perk gives a massive boost to the player; increase in offline income, fish value, etc.

So this is the Hooked Inc guide for the beginners. Let’s read our top Hooked Inc cheats, tips & a strategy guide.

Tap The Seagull To Get Bag Of Money

Every now and then, you will see a seagull or multiple seagulls on the screen. Pay attention to these creatures and when you see, tap them. These seagulls drop a bag of money and the amount would be very huge.

Invest In The Crews

You should not use the green gems in any useless task(like purchasing boosts, boxes). Invest these gems in the crew department. Upgrade the top class crews and enhance their abilities. Yeah, spending these gems in upgrading the equipment would be a great idea.

Collect The Fishing Experience At The Right Time

When you collect the fishing experience, you will lose the progress; boat upgrades, areas, money, quest progress. Except; crew upgrades, equipment upgrades, item upgrades. So make sure to collect the fishing experience at the right time. Otherwise, your progress rate will be down. When? When you have the double fishing experience to collect. For example; current fishing experience is 200. Collect the fishing experience when you have +200 fishing exp available. Next time it would be 400. And the earning bonus would be double.

Watch The Ad To Spin

Tap the menu button(bottom-right corner) -> spin the wheel and you could get a bonus booster.

Claim The Daily Gift

In the menu, scroll down below to daily gift menu. Claim the gift and get free gems.

Appoint Yourself As A Crew

By connecting the game to the Facebook account, you can appoint yourself as a crew and that crew will grant you +250% increased fish value. You can upgrade this crew and increase the value by inviting friends.

Watch The Video Ad To Open Golden Box

Sometimes you get the golden box in the deep water. You can open it by watching the video ad. This box contains green gems.

Don’t Participate In The Tournament

If you have just started playing it, then don’t waste your gems in joining the tournament. You would not be able to reach the top rank with poor crews. First, upgrade the crews or enhance their abilities and then participate in the tournament. And make sure to select the top class crews; the crews having the ability to increase the fish value.

So these are our top Hooked Inc cheats, tips & a strategy guide.

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  1. I’ve been playing the game over a year now and I’ve never seen the tournament icon on the top right corner can you assist?

  2. I still never got the Crankster XL. Hasn’t come in any of the boxes.

    Last item: Turkey
    Click the menu at the bottom middle of the screen.
    Click the Crew tab.
    Scroll down to the bottom and there it is.

  3. You missed the biggest tip..play u til you catch Shiny Tiger fish then quickly select Rush double tap it for even bigger rewards…kerrr..ching$$$

    • I found all the thanksgiving items and have the 300 gems but the game won’t let me buy the big reward. It says I’m 700 gems short, as if I didn’t find any of the items. I’ve backed out and restarted at the first location and nothing changed is changing.

  4. For some reason, it didn’t show up for me until I revealed one of the hints. In case anyone else has an issue getting it to appear, try to watch one of the videos. It appeared right after that.

  5. Bread is the next item.
    Click the compass again, then click “collect” as if you wanted to start over again.
    The stars are red and floating above the guy’s head. Click the left side of his boat and the bread will appear.

  6. I found I had to go to the app shop and search for the game and then update – then folliowing the other tips of playing for a short while and watching the videos, I could then access the hidden items.

  7. Wine bottle is the next object. Scroll to the very top of the map after clicking the compass icon. It is on the right behind the mountain.

  8. The second hidden object is candlelabra that you will find in perk menu. It’s on the left side of the coffee cup symbol(perfect planner perk).

  9. hey! thanks for the great tips! im currently playing & its come to the thanksgiving special. i can not for the life of me find this hidden object! my hint is “crew” but i have searched every where. i dont understand what they mean! if you could, it would be much much appreciated!

    • @Brandi Tap on the left side of the recruit crew label in the shop to reveal the first hidden item. Here is the picture of it: –
      Hooked Inc Hidden Object Event
      (Pops out when you tap that area)

      • Hi, I’ve tapped in that area about 50 times and it’s not working to get the casserole (if that’s spelt right) any help would be handy

          • @Brandi @Jake Are you seeing stars in that area? I play on Android as well as on iOS and found the casserole at the same spot. For me, it popped out after I revealed the hint by watching video Ad. After that, there were some stars around that area(attaching the picture). To confirm, I installed the game on Emulator and found the casserole on the same spot. Thanksgiving Event

            Try tapping on the right side of it.
            Make sure you have an active internet connection.

    • @Brandi @Jake You have to play the game for 5 mins or so. It only appears after a period of time. It says ‘patients’ is the key. ??✌?