AFK Arena Elijah & Lailah | Skills, Signature Info

Elijah & Lailah is a twin pair of heroes in AFK Arena. Read on for Elijah & Lailah info: signature item, skills, and furniture item bonus info!AFK Arena Elijah & Lailah

AFK Arena Elijah & Lailah⇓

  • Full Name: Celestial Twins Elijah & Lailah
  • Short Name: Elijah & Lailah
  • Faction: Elijah & Lilah belongs to the Celestials faction
  • Type: INT, Intelligence
  • Class: Ranger
  • Role: Support, Buffer
  • Rarity: Ascended

AFK Arena Elijah & Lailah Skills⇓

Ultimate: Hope⇓

Elijah & Lailah ultimate is named “Hope”. Using this ultimate skill, the twin fights independently but share the same HP attribute and energy, they also possess an additional % of health. After activating this ultimate skill, Elijah and Lailah dance with another, motivating all friendly units, increasing their haste. Although, this ability would not work or you can not use it when the twin is under CC effect cast by foes. 


Effect of this ability: If Lailah is affected by the CC ability cast by the foe, Elijah will dispel the negative effects from Lailah and forms up a shield around her equal to a certain % of their ATK Ratings. When a foe nears Elijah, Lailah will teleport to his location, smiting the foe for a certain % of damage, knocking them back in the process. Level 2 increases the shield value and the knockback effect stuns the foes. Level 3 increases the stun duration and also the shield value. 


Effect of this ability: Elijah restores the HP of a friendly unit low on health and Lailah restores the energy of the friendly unit with the highest remaining energy by X points. The ability prioritizes frontline units first. Level 2 increases health and energy points restored by 10. Level 3 increases health and energy points restored by 20. 


This is the passive ability of twin Elijah & Lailah. Effect: the last two friendly units to be affected by the twin’s Grace’s ability will form a union. When they are in the state of union, the two heroes will absorb 30% of the damage, that is inflicted upon the other, subsequently lessening the damage of the friendly unit which is attacked. Level 2 increases the ATK/DEF of heroes in the union by 20%. Level 3 increases the ATK/DEF/CRIT/DODGE/ACC/LIFE LEECH by 15% of the other union hero’s own attribute scores. 

Exclusive Signature Item & Its Skill Of Elijah & Lailah⇓

Elijah & Lailah’s exclusive item is called “Bonding Feathers”. This exclusive item’s skill is named “Blessing Binding”. Effect: when Lailah and Elijah are near one another, their ATK rating will increase by 5%. 

  • +10 Unlocks increases ATK rating by 10%. And, when they are far from one another, defense rating is increased by 25%
  • +20 Unlocks upon Elijah’s normal ATK CRIT Strike, the affected foe’s DMG towards Lailah will be reduced by 40% for X6 seconds
  • +30 Unlocks When Lailah’s normal ATK inflicts a CRIT strike to a foe, any DMG dealt to the affected enemy by Elijah will be increased by 100% of X6 seconds

Furniture Set Bonuses; Activate By Placing A Set Number Of Items In The Room⇓

Heaven’s Grace⇓

Place 3/3 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture to activate this effect: if the twin loses 70% of their max health, they get a protective shield that mitigates DMG equal to 50% of their max health for X6 seconds. 

Place 9/9 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture to activate this effect: increases shield duration by 9 seconds to x15 seconds. 

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