Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mana Takamiya Guide: Build, Skills

Mana Takamiya spirit is available in the A/AA class in DaL Spirit Pledge. Read on for Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mana Takamiya guide, build, skills info

There are two versions of this character; Vanargand version(AA class) and Muarkumo version(A-class). This post will give the build and skills info of both these characters. 

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mana Takamiya(Murakumo):-

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mana Takamiya

  • Role; Melee and Ranged Attacker
  • Energy: Lightning
  • Mana Takamiya requires “lightning energy” for special effects/bonuses. Her skills, on the other hand, do not require lightning energy. 
  • Restoration of Energy: the base attack generates x1 lightning energy. 
  • Attacks gain lightning energy and decrease the foes’ lightning defense
  • Grade – A-Class

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mana Takamiya(Murakumo) Sephira Build Recommendation: –

  • Deity: Heqet – increases main stats + gains +2% attack on hit
  • Deity: Flora – increases main stats + gains +2% Crit Rate on hit
  • Mocana – gains attack speed on hit. Increases main stats

This set improves the overall stats of the main character. 

Mana Takamiya(Murakumo) Skills & Skill Combo – 

  • Murakumo – attacks surrounding enemies with Murakumo – inflicts strikes to enemies; lightning damage on the enemies
  • Lightning Edge – lifts opponents swiftly with Murakumo and inflicts damage. 
  • Cloud Piercer – dashes forward to pierce one time before returns to the same spot – causing lightning damage
  • Lightning Strike Gallery – after charged up, covers a wide area forward with a web made of lightning blades – inflicting lightning damage

Mana Takamiya(Vanargand) Form: –Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mana Takamiya

  • Role – Melee Attacker
  • Special effect – the probability to attack overdrive to targets. Overdrive effect; enemies receive more damage for the next few seconds
  • Skills cost energy
  • Energy restoration – restores energy every second and whenever Mana’s base ATK hits an enemy. 
  • Grade – AA Class

Mana Takamiya(Vanargand) Sephira Build Recommendations: –

  • Phantom: Heroic Stance – increases Crit Rate + Crit Damage
  • Prydwen: Rose Slash – increases Pierce Rate and DMG
  • Imola – increases ATK, Skill ATK DMG

This sephira set will boost the CRIT stats of the character. 

Skills & Skill Combo – 

  • Inverted Cloud – lifts enemies in front, jumps up, and inflict the physical damage
  • Wolf Tail – invades surrounding enemies with the sword; inflict strikes and cause PHY DMG
  • Tracing – teleports to the back of the opponent and slash continuously. Inflicts lightning DMG
  • Perfect Dodge – after moving forward for some distance, can control flying angle and direction

Check out the Mana Takamiya tier score in the tier list. 

So that’s all in this post on Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mana Takamiya guide; overview, skills, build info. 

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