American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – How To Get Rogers Of High Potential?

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon High Potential RogersWondering how do you get high-potential Rogers in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon? Check this article that explains everything you need to know about babies

In this post, you will learn how to get high-potential babies or Rogers in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon game. It’s not easy if you are a f2p player – but as you keep playing the game and do the steps mentioned below, you will eventually get the high-potential Rogers. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content: American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – how to get high-potential Rogers.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – Getting Rogers

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon High Potential RogersTo get new Rogers in the game, you need to use the cloning room. In the tutorial, the game asks you to build a cloning room in the house so that you can use the Rogers to clone themselves. If you don’t have a cloning room, then you can buy it from the market.

Now, to produce a baby or get a new Roger, you need to pick two Rogers. Send both the Rogers in the cloning room(tap and hold a Roger – drag & drop to the cloning room).

Once you send both the Rogers to the cloning room, they will clone themselves – this process takes a certain amount of time. Tap the cloning room and then tap the info button to check the time left. Or zoom into the cloning room, there you can see the time left until the baby delivery. American Dad! Apocalypse Soon High Potential Rogers

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Baby To Adult

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon High Potential RogersOnce the cloning process is done, you will see the copy-paste option in the cloning room. Tap it and claim the baby. The baby Roger then walk in the house for some time – and, eventually, grow up to an adult Roger. You will see a green color upgrade button when he/she is ready to become an adult. Meanwhile, you can put another couple in the cloning room.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon High-Potential Rogers: –

How do you get high-potential Rogers in the game?

It depends on the DNA potential of the couple. First, you need to check the grade/potential of both the Rogers that you are going to send to make a new clone/Roger. (Tap the Roger and on the left side of his/her profile, check the stars – the number of stars determine the potential of a Roger).

So if you want to get a high-potential Roger, you will need to send high-potential Rogers in the cloning room.

  • 2-Star+2-Star – you may get 1-star/2-star/3-star Roger
  • 2-Star+3-Star – higher chances of getting a 3-star Roger
  • 3-Star+3-Star – you may get 2-star/3-star/4-star Roger
  • 3-Star + 4-Star – higher chances of getting a 4-star Roger
  • 4-Star+4-Star – you may get 3-star/4-star/5-star Roger
  • 4-Star+5-Star – higher chances of getting a 5-star Roger
  • 5-Star+5-Star – you may get a 4-star/5-star Roger

If you are willing to spend money on the game, you can buy the event bundle that gives a 4-star Roger. After that, use him/her with a 3-star Roger(we all get 3-star Rogers in the beginning) – and you may get one more 4-star Roger.

And, as we mentioned above, getting high-potential Rogers as a f2p player is quite difficult – because this game follows the same concept that is in the Hustle Castle game(same developers). You have to keep trying until you get the high-potential Roger.

Why Do You Need High-Potential Rogers?

The potential of a Roger determines his/her maximum training limit. The Rogers with high-potential can equip high-grade equipment. Since they can equip high-grade equipment, they would be very helpful in the PvE/PvP/Boss-Battles/Defense/Production. Here’s the training limit info: –

  • 1-Star Rogers – Max Training Limit 20
  • 2-Star Rogers – Max Training Limit 40
  • 3-Star Rogers – Max Training Limit 60
  • 4-Star Rogers – Max Training Limit 80
  • 5-Star Rogers – Max Training Limit 100

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So this would be all in this American Dad! Apocalypse Soon post on how to get high-potential Rogers. Do you know any other trick or cheat to get a high-grade Roger? Share in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – How To Get Rogers Of High Potential?”

  1. I don’t think the cloning guides are right. I keep cloning two level 5 Rogers and 75% of the time I get level 2 Roger babies. I even got a level 1. It’s very frustrating ?

    • Yeah. Same keeps happening to me too, from using Two 5 stars to clone. I’ve had only 3 one star clones, so far, and that’s it. Really peeving me off.

    • It’s not wrong but it is not complete. I frequently only get 1*/2* from cloning 2×5*s. I have MUCH better luck placing a 5* clone in the cloning room first, then a four star (the 5* goes in the tube that way.) I’m averaging receiving a 5* 1/3 to 1/2 the time.
      Happy Rogering!

      • I’m just trying this now. I think that’s how I got my other 5 star Roger’s. The first 5 star Roger appeared outside. I got a 5 star Roger when I cloned him with a 3 star. I’ve been cloning two 5 star’s an I keep getting 1 & 2 star Roger’s. I think I’ve only got 4 & 5 star Roger’s when I’ve cloned a five star with a 3 or 4 star Roger.
        Well I’ve got to try something different as cloning two five star Roger’s clearly doesn’t work

        • First:
          I think really this depends on the app version. So any method could become useless after few app updates.

          You’s just have to keep trying. I got about 10 clones with 5* in 2-3 days and the best method for me was to use upgraded cloning room with at least two spaces for the new clones.
          When I was unlucky, I got new Clones with 2*, 3*, sometimes 1*.
          When I was lucky I got 2 Clones with 5* using 4 Parents with 5*.