American Dad Apocalypse Soon Guide: Tips, Cheats & Startegies 2022

American Dad Apocalypse Soon is a brand new RPG for Android and iOS by B.V. Check out our American Dad Apocalypse Soon guide, tips, cheats & strategies 2022

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American Dad Apocalypse Soon 2022⇓, the publisher of Hustle Castle game, has just released a brand new RPG called American Dad Apocalypse Soon on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. If you have played the Hustle Castle or Zero City, Fallout Shelter, Westworld like games, then you will find American Dad Apocalypse Soon similar to them. In the game, you build an underground base where you can construct lots of rooms – and, in those rooms, you can produce the resources, train the clones/characters, and there are plenty of things to do. 

American Dad Apocalypse Soon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In today’s American Dad Apocalypse Soon guide and American Dad Apocalypse Soon tips, cheats & strategies, you will learn all the basic concepts of the game. So let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon The Basics⇓

⇒In the game, the characters are called Roger. You can have a certain number of Rogers or characters in the house. The maximum numbers of Rogers that you can have are displayed at the top-right corner of the base screen. We will learn how to get Rogers of high potential in the below part. You can get the Rogers using the cloning room or sometimes, they appear outside the house. You can let them in if you have enough room for them. To remove a Roger, you tap him/her -> then tap the options icon next to their name(three horizontal lines) -> kick out of the house.

⇒Now, how do you progress in the game? And, what to do after the tutorial ends? 

There are two things that you have to do in American Dad Apocalypse Soon – build and upgrade the rooms in the house. And, build the team of fighters so that you can fight in PvE and PvP arena battles for the resources.

You can use the Rogers for the fight or production of the resources.

To build/upgrade/unlock the rooms, you need resources such as food, money, wood, uranium, etc. The player can produce these resources at house or loot from the battles.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon Rooms Guide⇓

The Two Main Rooms⇓

  • Roger’s Place
  • Situation Room

There are two main rooms in the house. The Roger’s Place room is like the barrack. The Rogers or Fighters or Characters in this room can participate in the battle. So if you are going to fight, you will have to move the Rogers to this room. Also, the Rogers or Characters in the room defend your house from other players.

Upgrade this room to recruit more fighters. For example – At level 3 of this room, only three Rogers can stay at a time. At the next level(4), four Rogers can stay at a time. The more Rogers you have, the more will be the squad power. Tap this room -> info/upgrade for more details.

The second main room in the house is called the Situation Room, which is just below the aforementioned room. Tap this room -> house editor -> now you can change the location of the rooms. However, if there is any issue going on, you would not be able to change the room – sometimes, weird characters invade the rooms. Look into all the rooms if you are getting this message and then send a Roger to that room so that you can get rid of that issue.

Upgrading the Situation Room unlocks the new rooms. So make sure to upgrade the situation room in the house.

The Production Rooms & Storage Rooms⇓

There are lots of resources or in-game currencies that you need to build, upgrade the rooms in American Dad Apocalypse Soon game. For example – food. To produce food, you need a kitchen. And, to store food, you need food storage. Building and upgrading the storage for these resources increase the max limit that you can have in the house. As you progress through the game, you will need more resources for high-level upgrades. And, you must have enough space in the house for that much amount.

  • Kitchen – Yields Food
  • Mint – Yields Money
  • Food Storage – Stores Food
  • Smith Bank – Stores Bank
  • Energy Generator – Yields Energy
  • Energy Storage – Stores Energy
  • Sawmill – Yields Wood
  • Wood Storage – Stores Wood
  • Uranium Mine – Yields Uranium
  • Uranium Storage – Stores Uranium

The Training Rooms In American Dad Apocalypse Soon⇓

The Training Rooms are built to train the Rogers in their respective skill/class. For example – you can train fighter class Rogers in the Fighter Training Room. Cook class Rogers can improve their skills in Cook Training Room.

  1. Cook Training Room – Trains Cooks
  2. Banker Training Room – Trains Bankers
  3. Training Lab – Train Chargers
  4. Shop Class – Trains Carpenter
  5. Fighter Training Room – Trains the Fighter class
  6. Radiochemistry Department – Trains the Radiochemist class

Customizing Rooms – Delete? Clear?

You can not delete a room once it has been built. However, you can move it to another place in the house by entering the house editor mode. In the house, tap the Situation Room -> house editor -> at the top-center of the screen, you have three options; restore the house, clear all rooms, clearing mode. In the clearing mode, tap on any room that you want to remove.

Or without using these options, tap on any room -> remove. Now, the room is in the inventory. Tap it from the bottom-center inventory and then choose a new location for it. Once you are all done, tap the save button at the upper-left corner.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon Guide To Roger Classes⇓

  1. Fighter
  2. Cook
  3. Banker
  4. Carpenter
  5. Charger
  6. Radiochemist

American Dad! Apocalypse SoonThe Rogers or Characters in American Dad Apocalypse Soon game belongs to these classes. Depending on their skills, they can help you. For example – fighters help you in the battles, cook help you in production of the food, banker help you fetch more money from the bank, and the list goes on.

Tap on the Roger – and, on the left side of his/her profile, you can check the class attributes. For example – A Roger excels in the production of the money in the mint because of the high attributes in the banker class. You can improve it further by training him/her in Banker Training Room.

So check the class attributes to figure out the best class for a Roger. For example – if he/she has more attribute points in the Fighter class, use him/her in the battles(place him/her in Roger’s Place room – train in the fighter training room). It’s up to you to use them perfectly.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon Guide To Gears⇓

  • Weapons
  • Armors
  • Jewelry

A Roger can equip three gears; weapons, armors, and jewelry. Gears can be obtained from the chests that you get from PvE battles, quests, from the shop – or, you can craft the weapons, armors, and jewelry.

American Dad! Apocalypse SoonEquipment or Gears are important – and, you should equip them wisely – based on Roger’s class. There are specific gears or equipment for each different class. For example – Cook’s Suit is good for Roger working in the Kitchen. For Fighters, you need the armors that increase health or provide fighting attributes. So make sure to equip the gears wisely.

There are three types of gears for a fighter class: –

  • Warrior – Melee weapons, armors that increase armor stat of the Roger
  • Gunslinger – Ranged weapons(guns), armors that increase damage
  • Engineer – AoE damage, healing like buffs

At the bottom-left corner, tap the green color chest box to open the storage menu. There you tap a gear to check its detail. Read the details and equip them wisely to a perfect Roger. For example – when building a fighter, equip the gears that increase damage or health or provide buffs useful in the fight.

Crafting Gears Guide⇓

In American Dad Apocalypse Soon, you can craft weapons in the weapons workshop. The Weapons Workshop allows you to craft uncommon/rare/epic/legendary items. Depending on the quality of gear you want, you will need shards.

  • Uncommon Item — Gray Shards – Dismantle Common Items
  • Rare Items –Green Shard – Dismantle Uncommon Items
  • Epic Items — Blue Shard – Dismantle Rare Items
  • Legendary Items — Purple Shard – Dismantle Epic Items

On the home screen, on the left side, tap the green color chest box to open the storage facility. In the storage facility, head to the gears tab; weapons, armor, jewelry -> tap on any item -> check the profile; there you can see the type of the weapon and quality of the item; uncommon, common, rare, epic, legendary, etc. Tap the break apart button to dismantle that item and get shards.

For example – if you dismantle the uncommon gear, you will get the green shard. And, green shards are required to craft rare items in the weapons workshop.

Pets In American Dad Apocalypse Soon⇓

  • Reginald Koala
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Simon
  • Larry and Floyd

Among all these pets, Reginald Koala helps you in gathering resources, completing the training of Rogers when you are away. You can buy this pet in exchnage for golden turds.


As you clear the campaign mode stages, you will unlock the heroes; Steve, Hayley, Francine, etc. The heroes have special abilities – and, at the time of writing this post, you can not use their abilities because the function is locked. The developers may unlock this function in upcoming updates. So stay tuned. Also, see –

So this would be all in this American Dad Apocalypse Soon guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our American Dad Apocalypse Soon tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

  • Save golden turds for one more builder
  • Complete the daily quests and campaign missions
  • Remove the objects buried underground for golden turds
  • Keep training the Rogers, upgrade the training rooms
  • Use the Rogers based on their strength
  • Keep all the rooms at the same level as the situation room
  • Keep the happiness level at max
  • Loot the other players for resources
  • Participate in the tournament
  • Experiment with gears
  • Stop the invasions
  • Claim the daily chest
  • Get the Ad Watcher’s Chest by watching the video ads
  • Craft high-rank gears in weapon workshop
  • Repair the Arsenal

Save Golden Turds And Get One More Builder

The game gives one builder for free – so you can build or upgrade one building at a time. If you are going to play this game for a long time, we would recommend saving the golden turds and get one more builder at the cost of 750 Golden Turds. You can get golden turds from the chests or Ad-related Quest. At the upper-right corner of the house screen, tap the + button next to the builder’s helmet icon -> spend golden turds for one more builder.

Complete The Quests

Follow the campaign quests and complete the chapters for more rewards. On the left-center of the game screen, tap the mobile -> check the quests -> complete them for great rewards. After completing all the quests of a chapter, you will get a chest that contains money, food, uncommon or rare items, golden turds, etc.

Remove The Junk For Golden Turds

Golden Turd is the premium in-game currency in American Dad Apocalypse Soon game. You can get it for free by removing the junk. Look around the underground area – tap the objects stuck in the ground -> delete – remove.

Train The Rogers

Keep training the Rogers in the training rooms so that they can equip high-grade/level equipment. Depending on the potential(1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars, 4-stars, 5-stars), there would be a maximum training limit.

American Dad! Apocalypse SoonSend one female and one male Roger to the cloning room to get a baby of high potential – depending on the couple/parents’ potential.

Use The Rogers Wisely

Check their class attributes and use them according to that: –

  • Fighters – for battles
  • Cook – for production of food
  • Bankers – for production of money
  • Carpenters – for production of wood
  • Chargers – for production of electricity
  • Radiochemist – for production uranium

Place them in their respective rooms – for example – cook in the kitchen, fighters in the roger’s place, bankers in the mint.

Upgrade The Rooms To The Same Level Of Situation Room

Situation Room is one of the main rooms in the house. And, without upgrading it, you can not upgrade other rooms – beyond its level. So make sure to upgrade all the rooms to the same level of the situation room. For example – if the situation room’s level is 4, then before you go for the next upgrade(level 5), upgrade all other rooms to level 4. This will make sure that you are getting the most out of all the rooms at the current stage.

Keep The Happiness At Max

American Dad! Apocalypse SoonTap the speech bubbles icon of the Rogers that appear from time to time to get happiness points. You can get a happiness bonus if you keep them happy. At the upper-right corner, tap the Roger icon to check the happiness level or bonus.

Loot Resources From Other Players’ Base

American Dad! Apocalypse SoonAs you progress through the game, you will need more resources for upgrades – and, it would take a long time to collect this much amount from the production rooms. So we would recommend fighting or defeating other players for the resources; cash, wood, energy, etc.

Head to the map screen – and, in each location that you have completed so far, you will see the enemy locations. Or on the map screen, at the bottom-right corner, tap the brown color home icon to check the number of enemy locations.

Also, on the map, near the building, the game displays the number of enemy locations with a home icon. Enter any area -> tap the player spot -> scout -> attack. Defeat the enemies -> rob the resources -> earn trophies.

Participate In The Tournament

Tournament mode gives you bottled mimosas that you can exchange in the market for high-grade items. If you don’t know how to play or score better in American Dad Apocalypse Soon PvP tournament mode, then read this guide: –

Experiment With Gears

If you are having trouble winning a stage, then try changing the gears equipped to the Rogers. There are three types of weapons; melee, range, and energy. And, three types of gears(Armor); warrior, gunslinger, and energy. We have explained the gears guide in the above part.

  • Rogers with a melee weapon attack from a close range and can play the Tank role – equip them warrior type armor
  • Rogers with a ranged weapon like gun attacks from a range. Equip them gunslinger gears to increase damage.
  • And, at last, Rogers with the energy weapon can have special abilities such as healing, resurrecting, splash damage, etc.

Repair The Arsenal

As you know that other players can raid your house and loot the resources and you may lose the trophies if they get successful in attack. To increase the house defense, repair the arsenal room(the room after entrance gate); – once repaired – tap it -> arsenal -> there you can activate traps to knock off the opponents rogers; drones, mines, snipers’ post, etc. Also, you can upgrade these traps to increase their impact. For example – level 2 toxic drone inflicts 1350 damage where level 1 toxic drone inflicts 1200 damage. You can unlock new defense traps by upgrading the arsenal facility.

Also, see: –

So these are some basic American Dad Apocalypse Soon tips & tricks for the beginners.

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    • Critical DMG; the DMG dealt on CRIT Hit
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      Team; build it based on the stage you are playing. Team Compositions; add tank-type units as they can absorb DMG, add DMG dealers to cause DMG(melee or ranged). The weapon you equip to the character determines its type. For instance; gun makes ranged-type characters, shield with high HP makes tank characters, melee weapon like knives/baseball bat makes melee DMG dealers. Energy weapons have unique abilities; like a weapon with healing ability – makes a healer. Check the weapon details

  1. My banker training room will not go past 55 or at least I do not know how to do so. I assume it can be done because that is one of the achievements one can obtain.

  2. How can I get low value gear for new non-combat Rogers (cooks, carpenters, bankers, etc.) as all the gear I am getting now (clothes, tools, etc.) is high value (20-30).

  3. Can anyone tell me how/when you unlock the hero abilities? When are you able to use the smith family characters? Or how do you change the stan?

  4. If you can’t beat a battle you need to change armor and weapons to increase your power. The max amount of rogers is 20, anything under 3 should be disgarded they are pretty much worthless. To delete a room you need to hold down the room you want and press remove. The pies are not to feed the rogers, it’s to save up so that you can battle another person or join in the morning mimosa contests.

    • @Anonymous Tap the Roger you want to remove -> his/her profile page will open -> on that page, there would be a hamburger menu, tap it and then choose to remove. It’s already mentioned in this article

    • @Anonymous In Yard level, use a gear/weapon(engineer/energy type gears) that can resurrect the Roger. And, build the rest of the Rogers with tank gear(a Warrior type) – so that you can survive for long. Follow these tips and you will be able to kill that Dog.

    • @Someone You need to use the tickets as a participation cost to get the Royal Tournament Chest. If you use the food, you would not get that chest.
      (Map -> Morning Mimosa -> select participation type: use tickets, try getting the highest rank as possible to get more bottled Mimosa). You can get the tickets by completing all the invasions(invasion events occur from time to time) or complete the ad watcher challenge.

  5. I know the point of the pies are to feed them, but HOW do you feed them? My pies are at a max and I want to move on and collect my rewards but the rewards INCLUDE MORE PIES!
    -Thanks in advance

  6. From what I’ve seen cloning is the way to go after the beginning levels and after tutorial. Plus after upgrading the cloning lab and doubling production you’ll have a ton of baby Roger’s around and by the end of the day fully functional Roger’s for the compound.

    • What I want to know is on Engineers tou can equip them with outfits that speed up production/training in the room they are in and corresponding room. I can only get them to speed up the room they are in. If I put three rooms together, the way it is worded makes me think they should speed up all 3 if placed in middle room? Is this wrong or a clich?

  7. What’s the easiest way to get new Roger’s? I’ve cloned once and they’re a baby so not useful yet, I have 10/15 Roger’s available to me rn, no idea how they turn up at my door or how to increase that rate and get good ones more often aswell