Last Cloudia Guide For Beginners – Quick Guide

This is the beginner-friendly guide for the players who have just started playing the Last Cloudia game. Check out our Last Cloudia guide for basic tips & tricks

In this Last Cloudia guide, you will learn about the units, Ark(s), battle system, blue souls, red souls, and much more. The battle system is pretty simple to understand – the player builds the team of units and make the Arks their companion during the battle. Units attack the enemies automatically(tap the attack button) and you can use their skills to attack monsters. We all start from the main story mode(world map) and clear the stages for items & crystals. We will go deep into this in the guide part below. And, before you read this guide, make sure to read our Last Cloudia reroll guide so that you can start strong. Now, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Last Cloudia Guide for beginners.

Last Cloudia Guide To Units & Arks

Last Cloudia GuideUnits are the main characters that you add to the party for the battles, while Arks are the relics that a unit equips to get stronger or extra buffs. Arks provide buffs to the unit’s stats and help you with the abilities. Units are of many types such as knight, soldier, sniper, beast, plant, etc. And, Ark(s) are of two types – the one type consumes red souls while the other type of Arks consumes blue souls. Let’s learn how to get Units and Arks in the Last Cloudia game.

How to get Units & Arks in the Last Cloudia Game?

To unlock or obtain Units, you must gather enough number of their souls. For example – To unlock or get Warlock in Last Cloudia, you need 30 Leena’s Soul(Warlock). Head to the lobby and at the bottom-center, tap the unit button to check the complete list of units featured in the Last Cloudia game. Tap on a unit to check the number of souls required to summon him/her. The main method to obtain characters or units or their souls is through the gacha. However, you can also obtain their souls from the quests or main story progress.

On the home screen of the game, at the bottom-center, tap the gacha tab -> there you can spend the crystals to summon units and Ark. Before you do that, tap the probability button on the left-center of the gacha menu screen. There you will see the unit and Ark drop rate list.

There are only 3% chances of getting a Unit. If you have not got any high-tier Ark or unit from the gacha summons, you may try rerolling – read this Last Cloudia reroll guide.

Party – Units & Ark

Head to the party menu of the game to create the team of units and Ark. You can add up to three units and each unit can equip a relic/Ark. You can try the auto-set function to build the best team automatically. Tap on the Ark(bottom of the unit portrait/slot) -> then tap the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the pop-up screen to check the Ark’s skill details. Or tap the swap button to swap Arks.

Getting Familiar With Units And Arks

All the units have unqiue abilities, traits & stats – the same with the Arks. Before commencing the battles, we would recommend getting familiar with the units and Arks. Navigate to the Units menu from the lobby and there you can see the list of all the units that you have obtained so far. Tap on any unit’s portrait to check his/her stats, abilities, traits and other info.

Head to the Ark menu and tap on any Akr to check its attribute, skill, and stats details. Depending on the Ark attribute or stats, the unit gets a boost.

Last Cloudia Guide To Souls

There are two types of Souls in Last Cloudia; Red souls and Blue Souls. Arks consume these souls or when you initiate the battle, the game displays the number of souls required to start the quest. Let’s learn about Last Cloudia Red Souls and Last Cloudia Blue Souls.

Red Souls

Last Cloudia GuideRed Souls can be obtained from the Red Soul spot. For example – Aldana North Spot on the world map. On the world map screen, look around and find the Red Zone(red flames would be glowing over that area). Tap that spot to collect the red souls – you can level up this slot to produce more red souls every hour. And, store more red souls.

Blue Souls

Last Cloudia GuideThe Blue Souls spot is unlocked by default – at the very beginning of the game. Head to the world map and find the blue zone(blue flames would be glowing over that spot). Tap that spot to collect the blue souls. Tap that spot again to open the upgrade menu – level up the spot using Zell coins(can be obtained from the world map stages) to increase the production rate and storage.

Last Cloudia Guide To Battles & Rewards

Last Cloudia GuideIn each battle, the game challenges you to complete three goals. As a first time clear reward, you can earn crystals from each stage. If you repeat the stage, you would not get the crystals. However, repeating the battle stages is a good idea because you can grind a lot of other things: –

  • Zell
  • EXP
  • AP
  • Blue Souls
  • Red Souls
  • Items

You have to progress through the main story mode to unlock other functions of the game. Head to the world map and clear the stages at different parts of the map. After selecting the location, the list of stages will appear -> tap the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner of the stage banner to check the difficulty, mission details, and items detail(appears after clearing the stage).

You can grind items such as red crystallite, crystallite fragment, blue crystallite, etc. These items are required to power up the units. Head to the units menu -> select the unit -> unlock the ability.

Last Cloudia Tips & Tricks: –

  • Level Up the soul production spots to increase the production and storage
  • Power Up the units(level them up by repeating the stages, unlock abilities)
  • Level Up the Arks to increase Ark attribute and unlock new skills
  • Repeat the stages to grind items and in-game currency
  • Complete the missions
  • Add friends for better support units
  • Head to the menu and tap Help to get complete details of the game’s aspects

So this would be all in this Last Cloudia guide for the beginners. Also, see –

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