Animal Restaurant Game: Garden Guide For Beginners

In Animal Restaurant game, the players can unlock the garden once they reach 500 Ratings. Buying the garden costs 100K Cod.

Animal Restaurant Game Garden

All the players start their journey from a small restaurant and kitchen. As you grow and add more facilities to the restaurant, you will be able to make more money or in-game currency; Cod. Once you have 100K Cod and the ratings have surpassed the 500-star rating milestone, you can further progress to the garden. Like the restaurant and kitchen in the Animal Restaurant game, you can add dozens of facilities to the garden. For example – wishing well lets you make a wish(you could earn Cod or star ratings or other items). Let’s learn everything in detail in this Animal Restaurant game – a Garden guide for beginners. Extras: Animal Restaurant Codes 2021

Animal Restaurant Game – Garden Guide⇓

Go to the left side of the restaurant by tapping the (<) button on the left-center of the game screen. This will take you to the garden screen where you can buy the garden when you meet the minimum requirements; 100K Cod and 500-star ratings. If you don’t know how to increase star-ratings and make money fast, follow this guide: –

Wishing Well In Animal Garden Game: –

You can make (2) wish every day. That’s the free quota. Additional wishes can be made by watching the video Ads. First, tap the menu button -> garden -> wishing well -> buy the first tier wishing well; Bowl Fountain. You can upgrade it to Bird Bath, River God Pond, and for more rewards. Once installed, tap the wishing well -> make the wish -> voila! Grab the reward.

Sow Seeds In The Garden Beds

You can grow a variety of flowers in different kinds of garden beds. For example – Daisy Garden. Sow the seed and grow daisy flowers. The customers will view these flowers and you might get star-ratings. So this is another way to get star-ratings – other than the quests and upgrades. Like Daisy Garden Bed, you can build more; Sunflower, Rose, Bluebell. Also, you can upgrade these garden beds for more views and rewards.

Place The Garden Table In The Garden

As mentioned above, star-ratings can be earned by growing flowers. But you need to add a garden table in the garden so that you can place flowers in the vases and customers get to view them. For example – Simple Table. Tap the flower (after it falls from the pot) to place it in the vases.

Mailbox And Letters

You need two things to get letters; mailbox and Messenger Hedwig. Messenger Hedwig can be hired from the staff menu – it costs you Cod. After that, go to the facilities -> garden -> mailbox. Now tap Messenger Hedwig -> tap the green color tick mark box to send her on the expedition -> wait for the letter. She returns to the garden within 8-20 hours. The duration can be reduced by leveling up the staff characters.

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