Marvel Super War Hulk – Guide To Skills & Best Gears

Hulk is one of the characters featured in Marvel Super War game. In this Marvel Super War guide on Hulk, we have breakdown all the info on his skills & gearsMarvel Super War Hulk

In our Marvel Super War Tier List, we listed Hulk in the S-Tier. He belongs to the Tank class and excels in ATK/DEF aspects. By equipping the right type of gears and using the skills properly, you can unleash his true potential. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content – Marvel Super War Hulk – Guide to gears & skills.

Hulk Skills: –

In Marvel Super War, Hulk has three active skills; Damage(Jade Giant), Control(Hulk Smash), and Blink(Shockwave). One passive skill or his trait is Rage – every time he uses an ability, he gets a passive buff/boost; movement, DMG, and HP Regeneration. Let’s take a look at his three active skills: –

Damage(Jade Giant) –

It is one of his best abilities that you can use to smash the enemy mercilessly. If there is no enemy within 250 yards range, then Hulk throws a rock in the specified direction(directed by you). In other words, it’s a long-ranged attack that causes physical damage to the enemies(if hit by the rock) and slows them down.

If the above condition is not matched – when there are enemies within 250 yards range, then Hulk grabs the enemy with lowest HP and smash him/her on the ground three times mercilessly that cause decent physical damage. During this time, he gets invincible. It’s a great way to stop the nearby enemy attacking you.

Control(Hulk Smash) –

This skill inflicts PHY DMG to the enemies – starting with 110 basic damage to 500 DMG at level 7. Also, knock them up. Cooldown – 10 seconds.

Blink(Shockwave) –

Another one of the best skills of Hulk – he leaps into the air and smashes the ground(you can direct the specific location to target) – it causes massive physical damage to the nearby foes and slows them down for a few seconds. Also, he gets damage reduction for a few seconds after hitting the enemy. DMG and DMG Reduction can be increased by leveling up the skill. Also, the cooldown duration decreases as the level rises. This skill’s max level is 4. And you can inflict up to 700 DMG.

Follow the basic tactics of the game and your Hulk will help you become MVP. Let’s take a look at the recommended gears for Hulk.Marvel Super War Hulk

Best Gears For Hulk: –

  • Rocket Boots – Costs 600 Gold Coins – SPEED

Rocket Boots cost 600 gold coins and improve movement speed like all other boots. But its passive ability gives you more mobility when you are out of combat. You can also try other boots like Hydra Boost – the same effect, but passive ability gives you DMG Reduction. Although, it costs an extra 135 gold coins as compared to rocket boots. Hunting Greaves gives you extra attack speed.

  • Glorious Armor – Costs 1935 Gold Coins – DEFENSE

Glorious Armor gives you +1000 HP and improves armor by +180. An alternative option would be Starlight armor that gives +700 HP, +190 Armor + 10% CD Reduction. Also, it has a passive effect that inflicts additional PHY DMG. We would recommend Glorious Armor.

  • Cloak of Levitation – 1865 Gold Coins – DEFENSE

It gives you +950 HP, Energy RESIST., +5% CD Reduction with two passive effects – immune to one ability and energy resistance of nearby enemies by 60.

  • Captain America’s Shield – 2220 Gold Coins – DEFENSE

This gear gives you +1000HP and + 200 Armor – improves survivability of Hulk in Marvel Super War. The passive effect from this gear – Armor is enhanced every time an enemy hero hits you.

  • Vibranium Suit – Costs 1835 Gold Coins – DEFENSE

This gear gives you +320 Armor. The passive effect reduces the ATK SPD of enemies within 450 yards and activates counterattack.

  • Deathly Phantom – 2150 Gold Coins – DEFENSE

It gives you +1000HP and 220 Energy Resistant. And, the passive effect of this gear grants a shield that can absorb energy damage. An alternative option would be Megingjord, which gives +1600 HP and increase healing received.

  • Stormbreaker – 2000 Gold Coins – Attack

It gives you +900 HP, +70 PHY ATK, + 15% CD Reduction. Also, the passive effect that reduces the enemy hero’s armor by 4%.

Tactics – First Aid, Teleport.

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So this would be all in this Marvel Super War Hulk guide for beginners. Share your best gear set recommendation in the comment section below.

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