Tap Civilization – How To Get Skins, Faith, Luxury Items?

Wondering how to obtain luxury items, faith, skins? In this post, you will learn how to get skins, faith, and luxury items in the Tap Civilization game.Tap Civilization Faith Skin Luxury Items

In the Tap Civilization game, you need faith and skins to develop technologies, buildings, hire battle units like an archer. And, to increase happiness, you will need to grind luxury items. For starters, we would recommend checking this Tap Civilization guide for beginners. In today’s post, we are going to teach you how to get these items. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Tap Civilization – How To Get Skin/Faith/Luxury Items?

Skin –

There are two ways to get skins in the Tap Civilization game. The first method is by hunting animals. In the town or village screen, you will see an animal; rabbit or sheep. Tap the animal and then choose to hunt. After you tap the hunt button, a hunting bar will appear on your screen that displays the time left to finish the hunt. Wait for the hunt to finish – you can watch the video Ad or spend gold coins.

Once it’s done, tap the farmer to get the rewards. He appears after the hunt is finished. Accept the reward. You need to develop hunting technology to get this feature.

Another method is by unlocking the hunter and his cabin. You can do it by developing Skinning technology. It unlocks in the Stone Era. Once unlocked, head to the building section and build the hunter cabin to increase the skin and hunter limit. Head to the population tab and hire workers to gather skin. So that’s how you get skin in the Tap Civilization game.

Faith –

The priest can help you gain faith points. First, you need to develop mind purification technology. This will unlock the priest and templet. Head to the building tab -> build temples to increase faith and priest limit. Head to the population tab and hire priests to grind faith points. So this is how you get faith points.

Luxury items –

Luxury items give you happiness points. For example – Squirrel, Mica, Linen, Cotton, Jadeware, etc. There are common, rare, precious, and miraculous luxury items. Now the question is how to get them?

First, unlock the tribute technology. This will gives you luxury items from the automated-battles. Go to the battle tab -> tap the chest in the bottom-left side and claim the rewards. From this battle chest, you can get silver coins, luxury items, free land, and much more. So this is how you get luxury items to increase happiness. The higher the happiness, the more recruiting efficiency.

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