AOTU World Tier List Guide 2022: Best Contestants

Our AOTU World Tier List guide lists the top-tier contestants or characters featured in the current English global version; best S tier, A tier contestants. AOTU World Tier List Guide

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AOTU World Tier List 2022 Guide – Characters List March 2022⇓

The following AOTU World Tier List is a work in progress as the game has just been released; changes will be made in near future, so take this tier list with a grain of salt. First of all, let’s talk about the contestants; these contestants are classified into four main tiers; Tier 1(Best), Tier 2(Good), Tier 3(Decent), and Tier 4(Not Good). The game itself uses the word “TIER” as a grade ranking criterion, so don’t get confused. Here’s the list of all characters by tier aka grade(scroll down to read the characters’ skill details): –

AOTU World Tier List: S Tier Units⇓

  • Grey – S Grade – Tier 1
  • Godrose – S Grade – Tier 1
  • Ray – S Grade – Tier 1
  • Zuma – S Grade – Tier 2
  • Reid – S Grade – Tier 2
  • Palos – S Grade – Tier 2
  • Camil – S Grade – Tier 2
  • Pelley – S Grade – Tier 2
  • Anmicius – S Grade – Tier 2

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Grey – S Tier

  • Line: FRONT
  • Type: Brawler
  • Special Skill: Launch a basic attack, and prepares to Counter one attack this turn. Your counter deals 64% of your P.ATK as P.DMG. This buff is removed after your Counter is triggered
  • Meta-Skill:  (Empower P.ATK) Extend the range of your Basic Attack and increase your P.ATK by 21%. Lasts 3 turns.
  • Meta Lethal(P.DMG) Attack 1 enemy unit within 2 blocks 5 times in succession, each attack dealing 42% of your P.ATK as P.DMG

Godrose – S Tier

  • Line: Front
  • Type: Fighter
  • Active Skill I: P.DMG to foes within 1 block and reduce the DMG that you receive by X % in that turn
  • Active Skill II: Pulls X3 foes within X2 blocks of you toward you, causing P. DMG and sealing the target for X2 turns
  • Active Skill III: AoE DMG

Zuma – S Tier

  • Feather Ward: P.DMG to the enemy unit + leech effect
  • Swift Wind: Raise move distance of all allied units within X block by X. Lasts X2 Turns
  • Slicing Wind: Deals 55% of your p.ATK as P.DMG to x1 enemy unit within a 3 block range and all enemy units within X1 block of that enemy

Reid – S Tier

  • Mecha Arm: P.DMG – Launches a basic ATK on x1 enemy unit and reduces X of their P. DEF. Lasts X1 turn
  • Quantum Sense – Displace – Change position with the allied unit with the lowest HP and heal them for X of max HP
  • Heat Pulse – Debuff – apples the following effects to enemy units; reduce healing, increase DMG taken by enemies

Ray – S Tier

  • Thunderbolt – M. DMG – deals X of your M. ATK as M.DMG to x2 enemies within X2 blocks
  • Swift Thunder – M. DMG – deals X M. DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP within X2 blocks. Can be used more than once per turn
  • Thunderous Descent – deals X of your M. ATK as M. DMG to x3 enemy units within X3 blocks

Camil – S Tier

  • Grav Seal – P.DMG – launches a basic ATK that costs X of your current HP, causing bonus damage equal to 1.1x of the lost HP
  • Grav Release – Shield – switches to Grav Release Status: Increases the user’s SPD by x15 and P.1TK by 10%. Cannot be dispelled. Grants allies within x2 block a shield equal to X10% their MAX HP for x3 turns
  • Grav Overdrive – Healing – switches into Grav overdrive status; Reduce damage taken by 10% and restores 20% max HP. can not be dispelled. 

Pelley – S Tier

  • Crushing Fang – P.DMG – launches a basic ATK on x1 enemy unit dealing 110% P.DMG and lowering the target’s healing received by 20%. Lasts X2 turns
  • Berserk – Empower Leech – Gains X10% Leech until your next action this turn; can be used more than once per turn to stack effects. Move distance +1
  • Grav Orb – P.DMG – deals 55% of your P.ATK as P.DMG to all enemy units within X2 blocks

Anmicius – S Tier

  • Knight Ward  P. DMG – Creates a special block if there are no enemies within x1 block of yourself; basic attack deals X100% of P. ATK as P. DMG. If this attack eliminates an enemy, gains extra move on your next turn
  • Icefire’s Call – Empower P.ATK – raises your P.ATK by 20% and gains X+1 Move. Lasts X2 turns
  • Crystal Flame – P.DMG – deals 50% of P.ATK as P.DMG to all enemy units within X2 blocks, the damage increases the lower the target’s HP is

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AOTU World Tier List: A Tier Units⇓

  • King – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Phantom Shitou – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Kalie – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Abby – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Emy – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Lemon – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Mist – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Reddy – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Melly – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Lorette – A Grade – Tier 2
  • Hockeys – A Grade – Tier 2

AOTU World Tier List: B Tier Units⇓

  • Negi – B Grade – Tier 3
  • Redd – B Grade – Tier 3
  • Sinistra – B Grade – Tier 3
  • Oddball – B Grade – Tier 3
  • Robbie – B Grade – Tier 3
  • Dragoon – B Grade – Tier 3

AOTU World Tier List: C Tier Units⇓

  • Warbot – C Grade – Tier 4
  • Sentry – C Grade – Tier 4
  • Medbot – C Grade – Tier 4
  • Destrobot – C Grade – Tier 4
  • Powerbot – C Grade – Tier 4
  • Rescuebot – C Grade – Tier 4

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