Aura Fantasy Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Aura Fantasy is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by VNG Game Publishing. Let’s have a look at our Aura Fantasy guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In this Idle RPG, the player assembles a squad of the best tier heroes to fight the monsters on the world map. Like other Idle RPGs, Aura Fantasy shares relative gameplay to the players. You will recruit the characters, fight monsters, their boss, make the character stronger, and there are plenty of things to do -despite having the auto-combat mechanics. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Aura Fantasy guide and Aura Fantasy tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

Aura Fantasy GuideAura Fantasy

The Battle Guide

First, you need to understand the basic battle mechanics – on the battle screen, your squad fight the endless waves of monsters and earn these rewards: –

  • EXP – EXP is required to raise the party level, which you can see at the top-center of the screen
  • Coins – For upgrading, leveling, etc.
  • Intel – For quests and other game modes
  • Gears – Equip gears to the squad members to make them stronger
  • EXP books – For leveling the heroes

At the upper-left side of the battle screen, the game displays the number of rewards that you are earning every minute.

As you clear the stages, you will be able to fight the boss. And, as you know, boss fights are more difficult than regular battles. But defeating the boss is important – if you want to progress further into the game.

Defeat the boss, progress to the next stage – to increase the loot/battle rewards. If the boss kills your entire squad, you will be knocked back to the previous stage.

Sticking to a stage is not a bad thing. You can always grind EXP, coins, gears, and intel. But, you should try to progress fast by defeating the bosses.

If you are having trouble defeating the boss, take a look at our Aura Fantasy tips & tricks below.

Aura Fantasy Characters Guide – Assembling The Squad

Aura FantasyYou can deploy up to three characters on the battlefield. Also, there would be a pet on the battlefield who collects the reward or treasure dropped by enemies. Now you need to do one thing to understand the basic battle formation: –

Go to the character menu -> formation -> by default, it’s set to the simple view. At the upper-left side of the character formation screen, tap the detail button. Now, you can filter the character by their roles/classes. There are three character classes; tank, damage, and support. It’s better to choose one of each class on the team. The tank class – for soaking damage. Damage class – for dealing damage on the enemies. And, the support class – for healing allies.

Aura Fantasy Tank Class Characters List: –

  • Dillon
  • Van
  • Roland
  • Abaddon
  • Eliott
  • Lancelot
  • Micheal
  • Tyr
  • Sparta

Aura Fantasy Damage Class Characters List: –

  • Vivian
  • Sunny
  • Gloaming
  • Lycoris
  • Pandora
  • Phia
  • Lanakhasia
  • Columbus
  • Jack
  • Neopharm
  • Ophelia
  • Schrodinger
  • Siegfried
  • Hayate
  • Sariel
  • Marco Polo
  • Gabriel

Aura Fantasy Support Class List: –

  • Dracula
  • Sandra
  • Katy
  • Tesla
  • Lucifinil
  • Isabelle
  • Daisy
  • Alice
  • Medusa
  • Robin Hood
  • Dante
  • Victoria
  • Miho
  • Vegiriel
  • Chyna

To check the details of each character, head to the home screen of the game(tap the castle button at the bottom-left corner) -> navigate to the museum. There you can check the list of characters featured in the Aura Fantasy game. Tap on the character’s icon to check the details. It will show you the character’s role, skills, exclusive rune set, and story info.

Aura Kingdom Quest Guide

Aura FantasyFrom the bounty quests, you get free gears, coins, EXP books, and many more rewards. In each bounty quest, you have to complete a mission. To accept the bounty quest, you need intel. You get intel from the battles – squad fights the enemies and the enemies drop intel. The pet, then, collects the intel. In the Quests screen, the game displays the number of intel that you have in the current time.

Once you accept the quest, the game takes you to a random region. At the upper-left side, tap the mini-map to check the main points on the map. On the right side of the screen, you can check the bounty progress – explore each area on the map, visit another region through portals and discover all the rewards. Once you have collected all the rewards and completed the mission, tap the submit button on the top-right side – and then, claim the rewards. You can earn these rewards from the quests –

  • Tokens to promote heroes
  • Gears or gear shards
  • EXP books – to level up heroes
  • Gold coins
  • Prestige

How To Get Heroes/Characters In Aura Fantasy?

You can recruit the heroes or characters in the tavern. The tavern building is in the castle(head to the home screen). In the tavern, you get free recruits every day. And, you can use tickets or diamonds to recruit characters. However, technically, you don’t get the character – instead, you get the character shards. It takes a certain number of draws to get a character!

Head to the bag tab -> others -> here you can check the character shards. Tap on the character to see how many shards are required to recruit him/her. For example – To get Tesla, you need to collect (60) Tesla shards. Once you have enough, tap the Synth button(bag -> other -> hero -> synth).

How To Increase BR?

BR or battle rating is displayed at the top-center of the screen. You can increase it by making the squad members stronger.

So this would be all in this Aura Fantasy guide for beginners. Let’s head to the Aura Fantasy tips, cheats & strategies part to defeat the boss and play for free.

Aura Fantasy Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

1.) Make The Characters Stronger

  • Level them up using the EXP books. Grind EXP books from the bounty quests, daily missions, events to earn EXP books
  • Promote them to raise their max level
  • Equip high-grade gears – get high-grade gears from bounty quests, events, Idle loot
  • Awaken the character – you need his/her shards to awake
  • Level up skill – awaken the character to get skill points. Use the skill points to raise the skill level of the best hero
  • Upgrade gears
  • Equip runes

Head to the character tab -> select a character -> there you get all these options; level up/gears/awaken/socket, etc.

2.) Deploy The Best Characters On The Field

There are lots of characters in the Aura Fantasy game. Also, not all characters are useful. And, at the beginning of the game, we all start with the grade-1 hero(1-star). In the museum, you can check the grade of heroes(1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars). High-grade or high-star level characters help you in the long run.

So we would recommend saving the diamonds for character recruitment. In the tavern, tap the (?) symbol at the upper-left of the character banner to check the drop rates of characters.

Also, by deploying the best characters on the field, we mean to say that you should assemble the squad wisely – first, if you have high-grade heroes, then deploy them on the battlefield. If not, then deploy the characters that you own.

And, the next thing is to check their class – tank, damage, and support. Try these formations: –

  • (1) Tank + (1) Damage + (1) Support – balanced
  • (1) Tank + (1) Tank + (1) Damage – defensive
  • (3) All Damage – offensive

Most importantly, read the character’s skill in the museum – so that you can use them wisely. All have amazing shield skills, DPS skills, support skills.

3.) Play Bounty Quests

As soon as you have enough intel available, accept the bounty quest and complete them. And, as you progress through the bounty quest levels, the rewards will get better. It is one of the best ways to grab the rare and valuable gears/loot.

4.) Complete Daily Quests & Event Missions

Head to the castle screen – on the upper-right side, tap the quest button to check the daily quests These quests give awesome rewards such as magic dust, EXP books, token, etc.

Also, on the castle/home screen, tap the event option -> participate in that event to earn event currency. In the shop, you can spend event currency and get much better rewards.

There are other events too – on the top-right side of the home/castle screen, tap the events option to check common events; level, online gift, sign-in, etc.

5.) Join An Active Guild

There are lots of perks you get by joining a guild – access to the guild dungeons where you can fight monsters and earn guild currency, access to the guild shop where you can spend guild medals for other valuable rewards. And, access to the guild auction along with the guild adventure quests.

6.) Grind The Resources

  • Go AFK – Leave the game as it is if you are stuck and grind EXP, intel, and coins. Raise the party level, spend intel on bounty quests and earn better rewards from there. You can use coins in the general shop for a bunch of items
  • Arena – Challenge other players and earn arena emblem, diamonds, betting coins, etc. by climbing up the leaderboard & getting victories
  • Adventure Emblem – earn from the quests
  • Elysian Emblem – from Elysia
  • Rune shard – from rune temple or by dismantling the runes
  • Helper Emblem – from Elysia, team exploration
  • Heroic Emblem – sell the token of an awakened hero for this currency

Other tips: –

  • Visit other player’s base and fight monsters for more rewards
  • Play every game mode
  • Keep strengthening the hero
  • You can repeat the old stages and earn rewards – on the battle screen, tap any stage node -> check the reward -> battle. Grind EXP books and gears from there

So these are some basic Aura Fantasy tips for the beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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