Kleptocats Cartoon Network Cheats – Tips & Stratgey Guide

Kleptocats Cartoon Network is a brand new casual game for Android and iOS by Hyperbeard. Check out Kleptocats Cartoon Network cheats, tips & strategy guide

HyperBeard, the publisher of Tsuki Adventure and other Kleptogames, has just published a brand new game called Kleptocats Cartoon Network. This time your cats walk you through the Cartoon Network world – Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. In each world, you will discover unique items for the characters belong to that world/series, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. Kleptocats Cartoon Network guide and Kleptcats Cartoon Network cheats, tips & strategies.

Kleptocats Cartoon Network Cheats, Tips & Strategies: –Kleptocats Cartoon Network

Fill Out The Catisfaction Meter

Kleptocats Cartoon NetworkIf you want your cat to bring new items and more coins, then make sure to fill out the catisfaction meter, at the bottom-right corner. You can fill it by feeding, petting or washing the cat. Tap the cat and then choose an activity; treat, pet, and wash. Your cat’s love/heart meter will raise as you do all these activities. And, once it’s at the max point, send you cat outside.

Save Gems For New Cats And To Unlock New Worlds

GemsIn Kleptocats Cartoon Network game, the gem is a valuable in-game currency that is hard to earn. You can spend it on various things – for new cats, decorative items, exchanging coins, to unlock new worlds, etc. But as a f2p player, you should spend it wisely – and, we would recommend spending on – to unlock new worlds, get new cats.

Tap the menu button at the upper-left side -> new cat. How do you get gems? As a daily log-in reward from GemDog. Or by spending real money.

Worlds – As of now, the current version of the game features five different worlds where you can discover new items for the characters of that series/world. These five worlds are: –

  1. Steven Universe – Beach House
  2. Adventure Time – Tree Fort
  3. The Powerpuff Girls – Girls’ Room
  4. We Bare Bears – Kitchen
  5. Gumball – Living Room

At the top of the screen, tap the world icon next to the menu button. Use the <> keys to switch between different worlds. Tap the buy button to unlock a new world.

Play Mini-Games To Earn Coins

Mini GamesThe coin is the basic currency in Kleptocats Cartoon Network. You can use it to recall the cat from expedition immedietly, for boutique items, etc. In each world, you unlock a new mini-game. Playing these games reward coins; not much, but worth playing. Tap the menu button at the upper-left side -> mini-games -> select a mini-game -> play -> score -> get coins.

Watch The Video Ad For Bonus Rewards

Kleptocats Cartoon NetworkWhen playing the game with an active internet connection, you may get the offers that reward in-game currency or items. Make sure to claim these rewards by watching the video ad.

Call Out The Cats Immediately Or Reduce The Time

Your cat takes time to bring items for you – the amount of time increases per expedition. You can reduce it by watching the video ad or by spending the coins. Or during this expedition time, play the mini-games. To be honest, this is a type of game that you play while watching the movie or TV shows!!!

Redeem The Codes – Safe Codes

If you have got any code, please share it in the comment section below. Follow the Hyperbeard’s Twitter, Facebook account for the safe codes. To redeem the codes, tap the menu button -> head to the settings -> tap the safe -> enter the code -> confirm.

So these would be all our Kleptocats Cartoon Network tips & tricks for the beginners. Do you have more tips, cheat codes, secret codes to share with other fellow players? Please comment below!

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  1. I have the KleptoCats book myself, so i can help. On the last page of the book (Well Done, Underling!), you will find a drawn paper with some text on it, saying “Decipher this code, solve the clue, and enter the answer in the game safe in KleptoCats or KleptoCats 2 for some extra help in your mission”. Now I haven’t deciphered it or checked it yet, but I think it works in all KleptoCats games. The NON~DECIPHERED code is: (32, 4, 4) (4, 8, 5) (87, 3, 3) (58, 6, 4) (54, 4, 6) (38, 4, 1) (73, 6, 1) (5, 1, 3) I don’t know what cipher you need but that is the cipher code. So, you’re welcome guys!

    • Hey
      To decipher this code you need the book.
      The first number means the book page, the second the line and the last the word in the line you have to use.
      Tell me, when you know, please.

      Claire Layton