Survivor Mr. Who Pets Guide – Hatch, Use, And More

Survivor Mr. Who PetsWondering what are pets in Survivor Mr. Who Game? And, how to hatch eggs, how pets help you in the game? Lets’ check out Widower Mr. Who Pets Guide

In this post, you will get to know about the pets featured in Survivor Mr. Who Game. It is an intersting game for those who love to discover & unlock new things by playing the game – rather than spending money. Among all the new functions, discovery challenges, pets aspect is one of the first ones that you discover. If you have not read our Survivor Mr. Who guide, make sure to read that first. So, without any further ado, let’s head to the main content – Survivor Mr. Who Pets guide.

Survivor Mr. Who Pets: –

  • Dragon
  • Chicken
  • Eagle
  • Hummingbird
  • Owl
  • Parrot
  • Sparrow
  • Pelican
  • Toucan

These are the pets that you can obtain by hatching the eggs. How these pets help you in the combat and where you can check their stats? All the pets have three attributes – HP, ATK, and type. The HP attribute determines the maximum damage a pet can absorb or take. Once the HP drops to 0, the pet will disappear. ATK – The attack attribute determines the attack power of the pet. When you get into the fight, the pets will attack the enemies automatically. Type – long/middle – determines the range.

⇒Checking the Survivor Mr. Who pets ‘ stats

Survivor Mr. Who Pets ListTo check the complete list as well as stats of all the pets, head to the journal menu – and, in the pets menu, you get all these details. (Tap the journal book option at the top-left corner). Tap the pet to check the stats.

Survivor Mr. Who Pets ‘ Eggs

There are three types of eggs: –

  • Red Egg
  • Black Egg
  • Blue Egg

How to get Eggs?

EggsYou get the eggs from the boxes. Explore the map in the daylight and look for the boxes. These boxes appear randomly or spawn randomly on the map. Find & collect the box items – you may get the eggs from these boxes for free. It’s completely random – you may get a red egg or black egg or blue egg or nothing.

How To Hatch Eggs?

Survivor Mr. Who Pets EggsTo hatch the eggs, you need to build a cozy nest facility at your base. Tap the build option on the top-right side, head to the facility tab(third tab in the build menu), slide to right and find the nest facility. You need logs(5) and leather(10) to build this facility.

Log – Chop this type of trees to get log in Survivor Mr. Who: –Log Tree

Leather – Slay down this animal on the map to get leather: –Leather

We would recommend using the toolkit to chop the trees – a good toolkit helps you gathering the resources quickly. Build tool crafting table to craft the toolkit; crude toolkit, good toolkit, and premium toolkit.

And, to slay down the animal, we would recommend crafting a gear; melee, range. You can craft it by building the gear crafting table -> once crafted, tap the bag option -> go to the gear tab(weapon) -> select the weapon -> use.

Using The Nest

Once you are all set to build the nest, choose a place where you want to keep it. Once done, go close to it and interact with the nest(tap the egg icon) – on the next pop-up screen, select an egg that you want to hatch. Wait until the hatching process completes.

You will get a random pet – check the journal to check its stats. And, this pet will help you in the fight.

So this would be all in this Survivor Mr. Who Pets guide for the beginners. If you know more about the pets, share the information in the comment below with other fellow players. Also, see –

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