Battle Breakers Best Starter Hero – Best Starting Hero For The Head Start

Wondering which one hero out of three available would be the best pick? Read on and find out Battle Breakers Best Starter Hero – Best Starting Hero; Tessa, Laric, Mei?

Battle Breakers Best Starter HeroAs soon as you complete the Battle Breakers tutorial that guides you to the basic battle mechanics, you will be asked to choose a starting hero. Keep in mind that starting hero would not affect your journey, because, after some hours of play, you will be having better heroes as compared to the heroes that the game asks you to choose to start the journey. So don’t bother much. But if you still want to know which would be the Batter Breakers Best Starter Hero, then you are on the right page. In this post, we have shared everything you need to know about Battle Breakers Starter Hero. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Battle Breakers Starting Heroes: –

  1. Tessa Trueshot – Archer, Single target damage dealer
  2. Laric Grey Wold – Tank/Warrior, frontline fighter
  3. Firestar Mei – Mage, AoE damage and special skills

So there are three types of heroes to select; a tank/warrior – Lari, a DPS character Tessa Trueshot, and a Mage, Firestar Mei. With Tessa Trueshot, you can inflict damage to the single target – so that falls in the DPS category. The tank character, Lari, excels at leading from the frontline because of the high HP, Block, DEF skills. And, Firestar Mei, who is a mage, has AoE skills(hitting multiple enemies in an area at a time), powerful skills/spells.

When building the Battle Breakers Best Heroes team, you will need DPS, Tank, and Mage type characters. Even if you pick the hero blindly, you always have the chance to grab other heroes later in the game.

  • Tessa Trueshot – You can acquire this hero from evolution
  • Lari – You can acquire this hero by completing levels
  • Mei – You can acquire this hero by completing the levels or from normal Skybreaker Quests

Battle Breakers Best Starter – Is It Tessa?

Tessa belongs to the archer class – and, as per the archer class description, the heroes who belong to this class excel in single-target damage; offensive and burst damage potential. Tessa Trueshot uses the soul-crafted bow to inflict damage to the enemies multiple times. Let’s take a look at her skills: –

  • Special Skill – Multishot – Shoot six times and inflict massive ATK DMG
  • Passive Skill – Tessa is good at fighting boss because her passive skill makes her attack deal additional damage to the bosses
  • Commander Skill – As a commander, Tessa buffs the team with ATK
  • Basic Skill – Apply armor break effect – reducing DEF by 20% to 60% of damage dealt for 3 turns.

Is Tessa good?

Well, against the boss fights, she has an advantage. But you can find many better DPS heroes later in the game. As a starter, she would not be our first choice.

Battle Breakers Best Starter – Is It Lari?

Lari is a warrior-class hero in Battle Breakers. He is a tank and can help you lead from the front. He can protect the allies from the enemy attacks; thanks to the powerful shield skills. His survivability in the battles is quite good. Let’s take a look at his skills: –

  • Special Skill – Increases the entire team’s Defense. Attacks the enemy – ignoring reflex defense.
  • Passive Skill – Increases block chances(block the enemy attacks)
  • Commander Skill – As a commander, Lari buffs the entire team by increasing block rate
  • Basic Skill – Cleave a nearby target for 50% to 100% ATK

Is he good?

Lari excels in dealing from the frontline and helps you protect the allies. As long as he is on the battlefield, other characters are likely to get fewer hits. We would recommend you to choose Lari as a starter hero.

Is Mei Good?

Mei is a mage with AoE attacks and control spells. Mages are good at restoring the mana, which is used to cast the skills. Their survivability and DPS would not be at par as compared a true DPS or Tank class heroes. But they have control effects which may help you in some battles. As a starter hero, we would not recommend you to choose Mei. Either go with a pure tank Lari or a DPS Tessa. Let’s take a look at Mei’s skills: –

  • Special Skill – AoE Attack
  • Passive Skill – Reduces resurrection turns
  • Commander Skill – Increases special attack
  • Basic Skill – Restore 4-12 mana to a random ally

So this would be all in this Battel Breakers Best Starting Hero – Best Starter To Pick Guide. In your opinion, what would be the best pick? Share in the comment section below!

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