American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Pets Guide – Don’t Buy Pets!

Read on and learn about American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Pets – should you buy pets? What are the benefits of buying pets? We have got all the things covered

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon PetsAmerican Dad! Apocalypse Soon is the reskin of Hustle Castle. Hustle Castle game also features the pets as this game does. Don’t buy them because they are just for decoration. They do nothing except wandering in the house. Well, the pet Reginald Koala is different because he does help you by gathering the resources and managing the Rogers’ training while you are offline. Let’s learn everything in detail – American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Pets Guide.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Pets: –

There are four pets in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon game; Reginald Koala, Dog, Cat, and a Turtle. The three pets; Dog, Car, Turtle are just for decoration – and, if you want to buy them, you will have to spend real money. In other words, they are just cosmetic items. And, none of them worth $10. So we would not recommend you not to buy these American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Pets.

Except for Dog, Cat, and the Turtle, the pet Koala can help you. He gathers the resources while you are AFK, completes the training of Rogers when you are away. You can hire him for a certain number of days by spending Golden Turds. After you hire him, the game will show you the message; Reginald Koala has started the work.

After that, you will see Koala doing the job; collecting the resources from all the rooms, completing the training of Rogers. Here’s the short video of Koala doing the job: –

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Pets List: –

  • Reginald Koala
  • Dog – Man’s Best Friend
  • Cat – Simon
  • Larry and Floyd – Turtle

The Dog: –

Cosmetic Item – Find out who’s a good boy when you get yourself a pet.

The Cat: –

Cosmetic Item – This is one cool cat.

Turtle: –

Cosmetic Item – Two pets are better than one.

Also, see –

So this would be all in this American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Pets Guide.

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