Crossing Void Equipment Guide – How To Farm Better Gears?

This is a beginner-friendly Crossing Void Equipment guide that covers all the things you need to know about equipment grades, level, EXP, and much more

In the early levels or challenges in Crossing Void, you will be rewarded with C-grade equipment, which is the lowest grade of equipment. And, its maximum level is 4. So after the 4th level, you would not be able to upgrade it – and, it limits the character’s power to the lowest point. And, as you progress through the story mode stages, you will find it that the stages are more difficult to beat. To beat those stages, you must power-up the characters – and, one of the best ways to make them powerful is by equipping them with better grade gears;  A-grade, S-Grade. How do you get these high-grade gears? In this Crossing Void Equipment guide, we have explained everything in detail. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Crossing Void Equipment Guide: –

The equipment in Crossing Void can be of four grades; C-Grade, B-Grade, A-Grade, and S-Grade. To identify the grade of a gear, pay attention to its background color.Crossing Void Equipment Guide

  • C-Grade – Green
  • B-Grade – Blue
  • A-Grade – Purple
  • S-Grade – Golden

The higher the grade of gear, the higher would be its max level. Your character must meet the level requirement to equip the gears.

  • C-Grade – Level 1 or above
  • B-Grade – Level 4 or above
  • A-Grade – Level 10 or above
  • S-Grade – Level 40 or above

Crossing Void Equipment Guide – Set Bonus: –

You can activate the equipment set bonus if you equip all the four gears that belong to a certain faction. For example – Model Worker is the name of set equipment; the four pieces of equipment that you need to activate are; Brick, Worksite Sign, Tool Chest, and Safety Hat. The character with this equipment set gets DMG dealt bonus.

Here’s the list of equipment set: –

Origami Art: –

  1. Paper Airplane
  2. Origami Crane
  3. Nurse Hat
  4. Origami Boat

Model Worker: –

  1. Brick
  2. Worksite Sign
  3. Tool Chest
  4. Safety Hat

Explosive Art: –

  1. Doll Bomb
  2. Remote Bomb
  3. Bomb Fuse
  4. Projectile Bomb

Botanist: –

  1. Sakura
  2. Lily of the Valley
  3. Hydrangea
  4. Maple Leaves

Hanging Customs: –

  1. Lantern
  2. Wind Chime
  3. Koinobori
  4. Teru Teru Bouzu

Fabled Grass: –

  1. Plantago
  2. Foxtail Grass
  3. Dandelion
  4. Four Leaf Clover

Bag of Tricks: –

  1. Green Brocade Bag
  2. Red Brocade Bag
  3. Orange Brocade Bag
  4. Blue Brocade Bag

Reference Book: –

  1. AIM Diffusion Force Field Theory Book
  2. Annotated Textbook
  3. Super Hard Math Workbook
  4. Best Selling Test Prep Book

Baker: –

  1. Rolling Pin
  2. Cooking Apron
  3. Baker’s Hat
  4. Bread Mold

Onsen Companion: –

  1. Small Duckling
  2. Small Spaceship
  3. Small Pink Fish
  4. Small Dragon

These are the A-grade Equipment Set. Let’s take a look at Crossing Void S-Grade Equipment Set –

Alternative Fashion: –

  1. Spiked Bat
  2. Joke Headband
  3. Yoroshiku Windbreaker
  4. Fashionable Crew Cut

Assemble Gekota: –

  1. Gekota Badge
  2. Gekota Necklace
  3. Gekota Gloves
  4. Gekota Toy

Poser: –

  1. Kiririn Sunglasses
  2. Kiririn Hat
  3. Kiririn Mask
  4. Kiririn Wig

Pool Time: –

  1. Body Board
  2. Swimsuit
  3. Swimming Goggles
  4. Swimming Cap

Sunday’s Best: –

  1. Matthew’s Gold Bag
  2. Cross
  3. Wooden Wheel
  4. White Feather

Yamato Charm: –

  1. Hanafura
  2. Ema
  3. Japanese Snail
  4. Gohei

Sakurasou Painted Dream: –

  1. Pencil and Eraser
  2. A4 Sketchbook
  3. Watercolors
  4. Palette

Game Gear: –

  1. XBW
  2. GGA
  3. GGL
  4. GGS

Shadows of Doubt: –

  1. Go Piece
  2. Shougi Piece
  3. Game Board
  4. Chess Piece

Working Demon Lord: –

  1. Marshal Cape
  2. Demon Lord’s Steed
  3. Demon Lord’s Helm
  4. Demon Lord’s Blade

Maku’s Art: –

  1. Money Can’t Change Fate
  2. Saku-Chan’s Scream
  3. Vitruvian Man
  4. Fate Can’t Change Life

Astronomy Fan: –

  1. Telescope
  2. Star Map
  3. Astronaut Model
  4. UFO Model

Shizu-chan’s Weapon: –

  1. Shizu-chan’s Weapon – I
  2. Shizu-chan’s Weapon – II
  3. Shizu-chan’s Weapon – III
  4. Shizu-chan’s Weapon – IV

Furikazan Armor: –

  1. Furikazan Pauldron
  2. Furikazan Chestplate
  3. Furikazan Waistguard
  4. Furikazan Leggings

How To Get High-Grade Equipment?

  • Treasure Hunt mode is one of the best ways to get high-grade equipment in Crossing Void Global.
  • You can exchange secret notes in the equipment shop to redeem high-grade equipmentCrossing Void Equipment Guide

Treasure Hunt: –

  • C-Quality Equipment – Difficulty I
  • B-Equipment – Difficulty II
  • A-Quality Equipment – Difficulty III-V
  • S-Quality Equipment – Difficulty VI-X

Secret Notes: –

Secret Notes(A-Quality Secret Notes or S-Quality Secret Notes) can be obtained from treasure hunt difficulty III-V, VI-X.

Head to the shop -> equipment shop – there you can exchnage A-Quality Secret Notes for A-Grade Equipment. And, S-Quality Secret Notes for S-grade Equipment.

Equipment Shop unlocks at level 25.

Equipment Infuse: –Crossing Void Equipment Guide

A-grade equipment can be infused using the material called Exquisite Crystal, which can be obtained by decomposing an A-grade equipment. Infusing increases the stats of the gear. Head to the equipment menu -> research -> select the equipment -> infuse -> select the stats that you want to improve -> infuse. It will cost gold coins.

Convert: –

You can convert equipment once you reach its enhancement level 20. Converting changes the equipment’s stats – randomly.

How To Decompose Equipment: –Crossing Void Equipment Guide

Head to the bag menu from the lobby -> tap the decompose button in the bottom-left corner -> select the gear that you want to sacrifice/decompose for fantasy potions or infuse material.

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So this would be all in this Crossing Void Equipment guide for beginners.

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