BitLife – Life Simulator: – How To Become A Model?

BitLife - Life Simulator ModelLet’s have a look at our journal and find out how our character manages to become a model. BitLife – Life Simulator – How to become a model and get fame

In today’s post, you will learn how to get into the model career. The model career starts with a foot model job. So if you want to become a supermodel, you will have to apply for the foot model job. As you continue working as a foot model in the same agency, you will get the promotions and eventually, you will become a model. (Foot model -> hand model -> catalog model -> Lingerie model -> runway model). Keep in mind that there are many ways to achieve this position – In today’s post, we are going to share the journal or all the things that we did to make our character a model. Let’s get started – How to become a model in BitLife game!

BitLife Model Career Timeline And Guide!

Start As Female Character

The very first thing we would strongly recommend you to do is start as a female character. When you start a new life, you have the options to change character name, gender, country, and the city. Tap the gender option and start as a female character.

The Next Step Is To Check The Characteristics

Once you set the name, gender, change, etc., the character will born with random stats; happiness, health, smarts, and the looks. All these stats should lie between 90-100%. It’s OK if the smarts are low; 80-100% would be enough. But the happiness, health, and looks should be over 90.

If not, we would recommend rolling the characters(start again) until you get a better character.

Elementary School, High School

While studying in the elementary school, high school, make sure to participate in all the activities; interact with the parents(have a conversation, give compliments, spend time, etc.), go to the library, meditate, etc. In our journal, everything was so simple; do all these basic things, passed the driving test at the age of 16 years, study hard every year, and the character successfully graduated from high school. It’s important to follow these activities to maintain the character stats.

After High School – Study Further or Get Job

Well, it’s not important to study after high school as education qualifications don’t matter at all for this career. However, if you want to do, make sure to do in the arts, dance like subjects. In our case, we decided to skip study after high school and look for a job. For the first time, at the age of 18, we applied for the Exotic dancer job. At that time, the character stats were; 100% looks, 98% happiness, 100% happiness, 83% smarts.

The next year, at the age of 19, the Voiceover actor job appeared. And, we applied for it and got selected instantly. At the age of 25, we got the actor position.

Well, you might be thinking about why we switched from the model career to an acting career? The reason is the foot model job availability. You may get it earlier if you are lucky. Feel free to apply for it if you have great looks, happiness/health – over 95(Right after the high school).

In our case, the foot model job appeared at the age of 28. So the timeline is -> elementary school -> high school -> dancer -> voiceover actor -> actor -> foot model.BitLife - Life Simulator Model

The stats when we applied for the foot model job: –

  • Happiness – 100%
  • Health – 98%
  • Smarts – 87%
  • Looks – 100%

Qualifications when we applied for the foot model job: –

  • Dancer – 1 Year Experience
  • Actor – 3 Year Experience
  • High School Graduate

Shuffle The Jobs

As you know that job availability is the issue; the job that you want may not be in the job listings. In that case, you have to shuffle the jobs. To do that – close the game and open again. This will shake the jobs. You can also head to the next year to shuffle the jobs. But, we would recommend you to follow the first method as you must be young to get the foot model job.

So that would be all in our BitLife – Life Simulator – model career guide! If you know any other method, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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