World Of Kings(King Of Kings) Classes – Best Class?

World Of Kings(King Of Kings) Best ClassesWondering what is the best class for PvP or PvE? Let’s have a look at World Of Kings Classes – DPS, Mage, Tank, Healer and figure out the best class

World Of Kings and King Of Kings both are similar games. King Of Kings provides SEA servers, while World Of Kings provide NA servers. So don’t get confused. After choosing the server, you will have to select a class, with (9) options to choose from. We have already shared brief info on this topic in the World Of Kings guide. Once you reach level 40 in World Of Kings(King Of Kings), you will be able to awaken the character. Each character class can transform into three sub-class(also called as an awaken class). Let’s learn everything in details; World Of Kings Classes(King Of Kings Classes) – Best Class?

The 27 Professions – All The Classes In World Of Kings(King Of Kings): –

  • Warrior – Tank

Once you reach the warrior level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Gladiator – DPS
  2. Guardian – Tank
  3. Vanguard – Tank
  • Rogue – DPS

Once you reach the Rogue level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Blademaster – DPS
  2. Spellblade – DPS
  3. Shadow Dancer – DPS
  • Fighter – DPS

Once you reach the Fighter level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Berserker – DPS
  2. Weapon Master – DPS
  3. Archon – Healer
  • Wizard – DPS

Once you reach the Wizard level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Flame Slinger – DPS
  2. Frost Whisper – DPS
  3. Firefrost Wizard – DPS
  • Mage – DPS

Once you reach the Mage level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Battlemage – Tank
  2. Arcane Scholar – DPS
  3. Crystal Shaper – DPS
  • Dark Sage – Healer

Once you reach the Dark Sage level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Chaos – DPS
  2. Necromancer – DPS
  3. Vampire – Healer
  • Cleric – Healer

Once you reach the Cleric level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Lightbringer – Healer
  2. Saint – Healer
  3. Exarch – Healer
  • Paladin – Tank

Once you reach the Paladin level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Templar – Tank
  2. Inquisitor – DPS
  3. Dragonrider – Tank
  • Archer – DPS

Once you reach Archer level 40, you can awaken into these sub-classes: –

  1. Bard – Healer
  2. Marksman – DPS
  3. Demonhunter – DPS

So there are many choices when it comes to World Of Kings classes. Now, before we head to the best class section, let’s learn about the roles & other info –

All these characters’ skills are quite different from each other. For example; When it comes to DPS, there are some characters who can deal massive damage to multiple enemies, while some characters target a single enemy at a time. The same applies to other classes; for example – healing – some healers can heal multiple allies at a time while some can target a single ally at a time. Some of these characters possess unique buffs too. When choosing a class, you must read the abilities details. On the class selection screen -> tap awakened class preview button and you will be able to read and analyze all the classes’ abilities.

World Of Kings Best Classes

  • The Best DPS Class?

Well, if you take a look at the above list, you will find every class(except Cleric) has a sub-DPS class. Depending on the main class, you will have to make your own choice. Let’s have a look at all the DPS and the best ones: –

  • Gladiator

Gladiator is an average unit with not so good DPS skills. We would not recommend you to choose Gladiator if you want to be a DPS as the damage is not so high, as compared to other DPS class characters. Until and unless you raise its skills, you will hardly be able to inflict decent damage in PvP.

  • Rogue

Rogue is one of the best DPS classes in the game. You can easily battles in the PvP with Rogue class as their DPS skills are quite good to crush the enemies in no time. Their energy recuperation speed is also impressive – easy to cast most of the skills which need energy.

  1. Blademaster
  2. Spellblade
  3. Shadow Dancer

All the rogue classes are of DPS type. When it comes to the DPS, we would recommend choosing Blademage over Spellblade and Shadow Dancer. Shadow Dancer is also good, but it’s hard to master. Shadow Master’s stealth is quite good and helps a lot. So in the end, you can make a choice between Blademaster or Shadow Dancer.

  • Fighter, Weapon Master, Berserker

The fighter class offers two sub-DPS classes; Weapon Master, Berserker. Berserker and the Weapon Master are the two most played characters in China and Korean servers respectively. For PvE fights, these two are the best options. For PvP, we would rate both equally. Weapon Master targets a single enemy whereas Berserker offers AoE damage. If you want to focus on the PvP, you should consider the rogue class.

  • Wizard – World Of Kings Best Class

Wizard class offers all the DPS Sub-classes – Flame Singer, Frost Whisper, Firefrost Wizard. All are the spell-casters who deal damage from a range. For the PvP, we would recommend choosing the Frost Whisper – because of the powerful stats on crowd control, and self-protection skill. Flame Singer and Firefrost Wizard – In terms of DPS, both are good for AoE damage.

Since all the sub-classes of Wizard class is good, you can try it if you want to be a DPS.

  • Necromancer, Chaos

Necromancer – He is a range type character who attacks from a range. Well, for those who use auto-mode most of the time, it would be hard to handle this character and get the most of its damage abilities. It’s hard to master. However, damage and survivability are good if you build him wisely. Also, a good option for PvP.

Chaos Warlock- If you use Chaos skills in a better rotation you can deal massive damage to the foes. But Chaos Warlock is not too good in PvP. It gets down quickly.

  • Inquisitor

Inquisitor is the only sub-class offered by Paladin. It’s DPS is pretty decent if you use the top gears and use the skills wisely. However, not as good as rogue, Wizard.

  • Archer, Demonhunter, Marksman

If you want to play as a ranged DPS, choose archer class. All its sub-class have good DPS. But it’s boring playing as an archer.

  • Mage, Arcane Scholar, Crystal Shaper

All these are the range units with great DPS skills.

Arcane Scholar – A top tier single target damage unit with mana/health restoration skills. His all the DPS skills inflict impressive damage. Crystal Shaper – AoE damage dealer.

In our opinion, the best DPS classes are: –

  • Archer
  • Wizard
  • Rogue
  • Mage

Best Tank Classes In World Of Kings: –

  • For PvE – Vanguard(Warrior)
  • For PvP – Battlemage(Mage), Dragonrider(Paladin)

World Of Kings Best Class – Healers –

  • Vampire – AoE Healing skills, +CC(Good in Crowd Control) – Main Class – Dark Sage
  • Bard – AoE healing skills, decent damage(Archer)
  • Exarch – Healing abilities, decent damage, defense buff(Exarch over Bard)
  • Saint(Cleric)
  • Light(Cleric)

How To Change Class In King Of Kings/World Of Kings?

You can change or transfer into three sub-classes at level 40.

At level 60, you will be able to transfer to one of the group class. The three groups are: –

  1. Warrior – Fighter – Rogue
  2. Wizard – Mage – Dark Sage
  3. Cleric – Paladin – Archer

For example; At Cleric 60 level, you can switch to Archer. (You can use profession specialty scroll for this). A better option – Create a new character.

How To Delete A Character?

You can not delete a character in this game.

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