Evil Hunter Tycoon Ruby: How To Get Ruby?

Started playing Evil Hunter Tycoon and wondering how to get the ruby? Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon ruby farming guide for beginners

Evil Hunter Tycoon Ruby – How To Get⇓

Evil Hunter Tycoon How To Get Ruby Tine OreIf you have been playing Evil Hunter Tycoon for a while now, then you will soon need these resources. For example – Tin Ore and Elder Wood Fragment for the town hall and other buildings upgrade. Like all other materials, you can get ruby, tin ore, elder wood fragment from the trading post. Here are the steps that you need to follow: –

Step 1.) Select the normal level in the trading post

Tap the trading post/hut in the town. Then tap the drop-down button and choose normal. As you progress further, you will need high-tier materials; so switch to hard, expert, nightmare, torment, and so on – based on the difficulty level you are playing.

Evil Hunter Tycoon List of Materials in normal difficulty: –

  • Ruby
  • Elder Wood Fragment
  • Tin Ore
  • Magic Powder
  • Fermented Barley
  • Rotten Fruit
  • Enhancement Stone
  • Woolen Cloth
  • Normal Leather
  • Giant Silver
  • Lycan Fur
  • Essence of Lycan
  • Orc Tooth
  • Essence of Orc
  • Cyclops Eye
  • Bone Fragment
  • Essence of Lich
  • Scythe of Reaper
  • Vampire Baron Fang
  • Wing
  • ENVY Demon Horn

Step 2.) Request Ruby, Tin Ore, Elder Wood Fragment

After switching to the normal difficulty, you will see all the listed materials. Request for rubies, tin ores, elder wood fragments, etc. If the normal difficulty is not available; make sure the trading post level is 2. Upgrade the trading post level 2 to request rubies, tin ores like normal tier materials. 

Step 3.) Wait for the hunters to grind the requested materials

Like all other materials, rubies, tine ores, elder wood fragments are dropped randomly. Keep sending the hunters to the land of fallen and let them hunt the monsters, They will drop these materials in the normal difficulty. In the upper-left corner, tap the difficulty option to switch. 

Check the hunter inventory in the info menu – if he/she has these materials, prompt him/her to sell to you through the trading post. 

So this would be all in this post on the “Evil Hunter Tycoon ruby” farming guide for beginners. 

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