Good Pirate Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Good Pirate is a brand new sea battle game for mobile by Zzoo. Let’s read our Good Pirate guide, tips, cheats & strategies

The publisher of DOKDO game has just released a brand new sea battle game, named as Good Pirate. In this game, you control a flagship, summon escort ships, recruit crews to conquer the Islands. To conquer the Islands, you need to defeat the ships. As you progress a bit, you will have to upgrade the ships, crews to increase damage, HP, speed, and more attributes. You get new flags once you have enough Islands in your hand. These flags provide the extra boost to the ship. Let’s learn everything in detail: Good Pirate guide and Good Pirate tips, cheats & strategies!

Good Pirate Guide

The Basics – Good Pirate; Objective & Conquering

The Objective⇒Your objective is to conquer all the Islands in the sea. At the top-right corner of the game screen, tap the magnifying glass icon to open the map. There you can check the list of Islands. Islands, which are occupied by you displayed with a sailing icon. You can teleport to any of these occupied Islands by spending crystals or move manually.

Good PirateHow to occupy an Island⇒ First, make sure to mark the Island as a destination point. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner -> tap Island – set destination. When you set the destination, you will see a yellow color navigation icon(as you get in Google Maps). You have to follow this mark until you reach the Island that you want to occupy. Now, when you enter the Island’s point, the game will show you the number of ships that you need to destroy to conquer the Island. It would be at the top of the screen. As soon as you finish the quest, you will get the message with a victory message and reward.

Entering an Island; Recovering The HP

Good PirateYour ships may get damaged in the sea battles. If the HP of the ship gets down to the lowest point, it will be moved to the Island automatically. But, before you reach this break-even point, it’s better to enter a nearby Island and rest there. You can enter any occupied Island or teleport there using the crystals. When you are on an Island, the ship recovers its health automatically or you can fix it by watching the video ad.

Good Pirate – The Sea Battle

The sea battle in Good Pirate is quite easy to understand. If the enemy ship is in your range, your ship will fire the cannons automatically. You can turn on the assistant function to see the range(green area on the left and right side). If the enemy ship is in the range, they will get attacked. And, the attack speed, firing amount depends on the ship’s attributes. To turn on the ship assistant, you tap the boat icon at the bottom-right corner. After that, you will see the green area on the left and right side. All you need to do is control the ship wisely. You can zoom in-out the game scene by pinching with fingers and control the ship’s direction by sliding the finger/thumb.

Good Pirate Game – Ship Level Up Guide

Good PirateTo increase the level of flagship or escort ships, you need smileys or coins. You get these smileys or coins when you conquer the Island or destroy the enemy ships. When you destroy a ship in the sea battle, a cargo box will appear on your screen. Take your ship to this box and you will get the reward; smileys/coins.

To upgrade the ship, enter any Island -> then you get the three options; upgrade, flags, and set sail. Tap the upgrade option to open the upgrade screen -> it has two tabs; flagship and escort ship. Flagship is your main ship while escort ships follow the main ship. You can upgrade all these ships using the smileys or coins. When you upgrade the ship, its attribute like cannon firing amount, HP, damage, and the rotation/speed gets improved.

At the bottom of the screen, tap the ⇑ icon to check escort ships. You can summon these ships anytime. If you capture more Islands, you will be able to use more ships at a time.

On the bottom-left side of the screen, you can check the ship’s skills. You can use these skills to inflict massive damage to the surrounding enemy ships.

So this is the Good Pirate combat guide for the beginners.

Good Pirate – Crews

Good PirateThe Good Pirate game features many crews who provide passive buffs to the ship; damage bonus, speed, rotation, and more; Boatswain, Gunner, Sailing Master, and Steersman. All the crews provide a bonus on the basis of their roles. Tap the crew icon at the top-left corner to check the complete list of crews featured in Good Pirate game. At the bottom of the crew menu screen, you can check the total buffs that you are getting from the crews.

So this is the Good Pirate guide for the beginners. Let’s read our Good Pirate tips!

Good Pirate Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Upgrade The Ships

As we mentioned above, as you progress further in the game and move to high-level Islands, you will fight against high-level ships. It’s better to upgrade the flagships and escort ships to raise their attributes like damage, HP, rotation/speed, cannon firing amount etc. Defeat the ship, gather the smileys/coins and upgrade.

2.) Summon The Right Escort Ships

Escort ships are of many types; normal ship, rapid ship, cannon ship, gas ship, missile ship, and multiple ships. When going to conquer an Island, make sure to team up with a balance sea squad; for example; the attackers(escort ship with high damage), ranged ship(missile), defenders(gas ship), multiple ship(AoE damage). You can check the escort ships stats in the upgrade menu.

3.) Fix The Ship Often

The green gauge in the HP bar next to the ship displays the remaining health. If you are low on HP, it’s better to enter an occupied Island fix the ships rather than keep fighting.

4.) Gather The Loot

Sometimes when you destroy a ship, you get healing power-up or the chests. These green healing power-ups can restore the HP and from the chest, you can get crew cards, smileys, and other items.

5.) Keep Conquering The Islands

To build up a big sea squad, you should focus on occupying more and more Islands. As you conquer more Islands, you can team up with more escort ships at a time and win highly competitive battles.

6.) Use The Skill At The Right Time

On the bottom-left corner of the screen, you have the flagship skill options. You can use these skills to inflict AoE damage. Make sure to use these skills when needed because these skills have a cooldown time period, within which you can not use these skills.

7.) Watch The Video Ads For Free Rewards

You can get the birds pack for free by watching the video ad. Tap the bird icon at the bottom-right corner, above the boat icon -> watch the video ad to confirm. These birds provide auto-pickup and healing buff.

Go to the store -> watch the video ad for free crystals.

You get a free chest every certain amount of time. You can reduce the time by watching the video ad. All these recommendations are optional.

So these are the top Good Pirate tips from our end. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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