Brave Nine Tier List & Rerolling: Best Characters Guide 2020

Find out the top-tier 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star mercenaries in Brave Nine Tier List. This Brave Nine tier list features the top-supporters, defenders, mage, and warriors. 

Brave Nine (Brown Dust) – Tactical RPG features loads of mercenaries/characters in the game. There are warriors, defenders, magicians, and supporters that you deploy on a tactical battlefield to strike down the foes. It would be better to focus on the Brave Nine best characters rather than developing the useless and low-tier(Rating) units. If you have just started playing it, then today’s Brave Nine tier list will help you in choosing the best characters for your journey and the Brave Nine rerolling guide will help you to get the top tier character at the start of the game! Let’s get started!

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Brave Nine Tier List Overview

Before you head to the tier list, let’s learn about the characters’ info. All the characters or mercenaries in Brave Nine game belongs to one of the following roles: –

  • Defender
  • Warrior
  • Magician
  • Supporter

If you have to build the best team, you will need the top-tier characters from each of these roles; the characters who possess the defender role help you to defend the backline allies; DPS, magician, supporter. Having a top-tier defender is important. Warrior – the characters who belong to this role are the DPS characters. Their role is to deal damage to the foes in the battle. Magician – Magician also attacks the enemies – but their strength is the crowd controlling skills – they can apply debuffs on the enemies. Supporter – Supporters have healing skills.

Another important thing is to know the basic tips, tactics & tricks of the battle – you may get defeat even if you have the top-tier units. We would recommend you to check the guide and tips post for more information.

Brave Nine Tier List – Best Characters: –

Here’s the Brave Nine Tier List – 

(S- Tier Mercenary/Characters) – 

  1. Seto 
  2. Lucius
  3. Levia
  4. Refithea
  5. Valtor
  6. Helga
  7. Eleaneer
  8. Granhildr
  9. Edin
  10. Glacia
  11. Angelica
  12. Velfern
  13. Yuri
  14. Veronia
  15. Lyudmila
  16. Baine
  17. Beliath
  18. Christina
  19. Celia
  20. Benshina

A ~ A+ Tier Characters: –

  1. Alec
  2. Albion
  3. Orphina
  4. Ventana
  5. Nartas
  6. Asmode
  7. Floria
  8. Dalvi
  9. Freesia
  10. Catherine
  11. Valze
  12. Michaela
  13. Lecliss
  14. Helphaesia
  15. Barbara
  16. Calorone
  17. Kaoli
  18. Mamonir
  19. Shoman
  20. Ebony

B ~ C Tier Characters

  1. Stella
  2. Cecilia
  3. Julie
  4. Larkis
  5. Chalkle
  6. Isabel
  7. Sarubia
  8. Zakan
  9. Kiria
  10. Walya
  11. Serendia
  12. Bellasier
  13. Scarlet
  14. Lulu
  15. Eizen
  16. Zenith
  17. Kuwik
  18. Alicia
  19. Eindolin

So that’s all in the Brave Nine Tier List: S Tier Legendary Characters to the C Tier Legendary Characters. 

Brave Nine Tier List: Best Supporters: –

  1. Refithea
  2. Veronia
  3. Beliath
  4. Albion
  5. Asmode

Brave Nine Tier List: Best Mage Characters: –

  1. Levia
  2. Valtor
  3. Helga
  4. Velfern
  5. Celia
  6. Nartas
  7. Catherine

Best Defender Characters: –

  1. Lucius
  2. Granhildr
  3. Glacia
  4. Baine
  5. Benshina
  6. Lecliss
  7. Kaoli
  8. Mamonir

Best Warrior Mercenaries/Characters: –

  1. Seto
  2. Eleaneer
  3. Edin
  4. Angelica
  5. Yuri
  6. Lyudmila
  7. Christina

Brave Nine Rerolling Guide

Brave Nine Tier List & RerollingReroll in this game is quite easy. The game features a delete account function that resets your game progress. You can delete an account every 3 minutes. Tap the gear icon(Settings) at the upper-right corner of the game screen -> delete account -> enter the numbers in the search box and confirm. Brave Nine Tier List & Rerolling

Prior to it, make sure to do summons as much as you can. Go to the shop -> recruit mercenaries -> there you have many options; normal, class, friendship, mileage, legend, and events(chances up). In the normal summons, you need scrolls(can be obtained by playing the game; through missions, quests). The class summon function lets you summon a particular class mercenary; supporter, magician, defender, and warrior. In this summon, you need scrolls(earn these scrolls from the events). Friendship summon lets you summon the mercenaries(up to 4-star) with friendship points.

Mileage Summon

In the mileage summon, you need mileage points(use diamonds to summon characters in the events to obtain this currency). In the legendary summon, you can use diamonds, ancient coins, and legendary scrolls. And, In the event summon, you can spend scrolls and diamonds.

Complete a few chapters, missions, and events to earn diamonds. Spend in the summons. Don’t forget to check the mailbox; you get newbie rewards there. If you are satisfied, continue with the account. If not, delete and reroll!

We would recommend you to roll for a good tank(defender) or a good DPS(Attacker) or a good supporter – 5-Star. EX – Seir, Vernoia, Siegmund

So this would be all in this post on Brave Nine Tier List 2020 – Best Mercenaries. This article was last updated in August, 2020.

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