Girls X Battle 2 Tier List 2020 – Best Girls In The Game!

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Girls X Battle 2 Tier ListLet’s have a look at our Girls X Battle 2 tier list and build the best Girls team to strike down the enemies in the campaign, league, guild boss battle modes

After playing the Girls X Battle 2 a bit, you may get stuck on high-level stages. Another problem that you may face is who to upgrade first and why. There are loads of Girls characters in the game and not every character is good and will lead you to the final stage of campaign battles. So we’ve decided to share the Girls X Battle 2 tier list that will help you to find out the best Girls characters in the game. Also, our Girls X Battle 2 intermediate guide & tips will help you in progression. If you have not checked our beginner’s guide, make sure to read it(Here – Girls X Battle 2 Rookies guide).

Tier List Overview: –

Before you dive into this Girls X Battle 2 tier list; don’t get confused in the top tier list. We all start with the 2-star, 3-star, 4-star Girls characters in the game. As you progress through the game, you will get top tier units. All you need to do is audit the list of Girls characters you have and see their tier in this Girls X Battle 2 Tier list. Depending on your progress or the Girl characters you have, you will have to build the team. For example; suppose, you don’t have tier 1 units, but you have tier 3 units. Then add those tier units in the team instead of low tier units. So let’s get started(SSS>SS>A+>A>B+>B>C+>C).

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List – Best Girls : –

  • Esau and Jacob – Damage – SSS Tier
  • Capsugirl – CC, Damage – SS Tier
  • Psychic – Support – SS
  • Turin – Tank/DMG/CC – SS
  • Wraith – Damage – SS
  • Michael – CC – SS
  • Pheonix – Damage/CC – SS
  • Raphael – Support – SS

So these are the best girls/characters in Girls X Battle 2 Tier List 2020.

A+ Tier – Girls X Battle 2 Tier List: –

  • Giana – Damage
  • Valeera – Damage
  • Priestess – Damage
  • Amazon – CC/Damage
  • Amelia – Damage/CC

These are the good Girls/Characters – they are strong and can perform like SS-tier girls when you use them properly in the team.

A Tier – Girls X Battle 2 Tier List: –

  • Sakura – CC
  • Kong Ming – Support
  • Nobunaga – Balanced(Tank, Support, DMG)
  • Lucifer – Damage
  • Sonya – Balanced(Tank, Damage, Support)

Another set of good girls, characters – these girls are not bad – but not as strong as SS-tier girls. Use them based on their strength and in the right team to get the most out of their potential.

B+ Tier: –

  • Fencer – Tank or CC
  • Gambler – Damage
  • Nani – Support
  • Hexa – Damage
  • Scythe – Tank or Damage
  • Gabriel – Tank or Damage

These are the average-type girls who can do well – but not as good as high-tier girls.

B Tier: –

  • Hottie – Support
  • Blowie – Support/Healing
  • Linky – Damage and Debuff
  • Muppet – Damage
  • Dracula

Another set of average-type girls. They are not good – also, not the worst. Just OK-type!

C+ Tier: –

  • Sapphire
  • Chevalier
  • Javelin
  • Saint
  • Pandaria
  • Scythe
  • Angel

Under-performing characters!

C Tier: –

  • Succuba
  • Wildtrees
  • Wu Kong
  • Geisha
  • Caitlyn
  • Guan Yin
  • Librarian
  • Nia
  • Silvia
  • Masamune
  • Toyo
  • Alice
  • Bud Elf
  • Himoto
  • Lavia
  • Susan
  • Aquaris

Not recommended girls.

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What Is Fairy, Ghost, Angel, Etc.?

All the characters in the game belong to one of these factions; Ghost, Human, Monster, Demon, Fairy, Angel. For example – Gambler is a ghost faction unit. Head to the Girls tab in the footer menu. It has two sub-tabs; Girls and Gallery. In the Girls tab, the game displays the characters that you have unlocked so far. And, In the gallery, it displays the list of all characters that you can filter by these factions. By deploying a certain number of characters from a particular faction, the player can activate the aura bonus. Girls X Battle 2 Tier List

Before you initiate the battle, tap and hold down the faction/aura bonus icon to check the requirements. For example – Deploy 3 girls from ghost faction and 3 girls from fairy faction to activate Symbiosis aura bonus effect, which grants extra HP and attack power to the team.

How Do You Get Characters: –

You can acquire the characters from the capsule banners; head to the Capsule tab in the footer menu; there you will see lots of capsule banners – regular, advanced, BFF, etc Depending on the banner, you will need in-game currency. For example – for advanced capsules, you need crystals. For regular capsule draw, you need capsule coins. And, for BFF Capsules, you need hearts.

If you think there is something wrong in this Girls X Battle 2 tier list, feel free to comment below. Update – List has been updated. (This post was last updated on January 25, 2020).

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    • Did Giana get a buff to make her much better? Also, now that Raphael & the twins Esau & Jacob are in the game they need to be rated

  1. Iron Fist has a higher % self healing than Alice or Angel, for example, and she also has a high base HP and defense. She can very well be used as a front liner, and be worth tier 1.

  2. lol, except some foods, these powerful girls are so hard to sort because there’re so many factors to assess like combo, Pvp, PvE. For an example, you sort Linky in tier B, if this is in PvP battles, that’s true, but in PvE, she deserves to be a queen. Similarly, Sonya, Sakura, Fencer, Nobunaga, and Gambler could be SS or even SSS if it has good combos.

  3. 2 new girls, and a “balance” patch have been added in game since what looks like the last update to this list. It would be nice if we knew where things are, now. Even if it’s just a footnote to say both new girls suck bad.

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