Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes Tier List – Best Skylanders And Villains

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a brand new gacha RPG for mobile by Com2uS. Let’s have a look at our Skylanders: Ring of Heroes tier list – Best Skylanders

The very first tip we would like to share is to focus on the natural characters. Natural Characters? Basically, there are two ways to get characters in the game; summon or through adventure mode. In the summon method, you spend gems or wish stones. And, In the adventure mode, you defeat the enemies and get character’s shards. The characters you farm from the adventure mode are the natural characters. Since they can be obtained from the adventure mode(by playing the game, without spending gems), it would be easy for you to upgrade them. On the other hand, the drop rate for 4*-5* characters in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes game is pretty low. These 4*-5* characters are hard to get. So it would be hard for you to upgrade these characters(Because their shards drop rate is pretty low in adventure mode). Don’t fall into the 5* – 4* Skylanders trap in the early phase. Let’s check out our Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List and Skylanders: Ring of Heroes best characters(for beginners).

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes – Best Starting Characters

  • Blades
  • Stealth Elf
  • Hot Dog

These are the top three best starting characters. You can easily develop these characters as their shards can be obtained from the adventure mode. To develop a character(power-up, evolve, awaken), you need shards. As you progress a bit, you will get Engima, who is another great Skylander.

Blades – You can farm blade shards in adventure mode(4th world; Highland of Mirrors). Stealth Elf – Stealth Elf is one of the best Skylanders in the game. It’s pretty good in Distorted Dimensions mode. Hot Dog – Like Blades, Hot Dog shards drop rate is also decent. You can farm Hot Dog Shards in adventure mode(3rd World; Infernal Volcano – Stage 1-6).

You can check the drop rate of shards on the stage selection menu. Or go to the Skylanders menu -> tap the character -> tap the add button at the upper-right corner -> it will show you the stage where you can farm the shards. Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes Tier List

We would strongly recommend you to focus on these units(In early game). Play the distorted dimensions mode -> farm elixir. Play adventure mode -> Farm shards or level up them to the max. And, develop these units. Also, see – Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Guide, Tips

Blades Build/Rune Set – DEF/Evasion(Dodge). Hot Dogs Build/Rune Set – ATK(Strike)/DEF(Tank)/Accuracy(Focus). Stealth Elf Rune Set – Crit/ATK. (There are a total of 11 types of runes – Strike/Rage/Hope/Fatal/Dodge/Energy/Resist/Ward/Focus/hit). Go to the Skylander menu -> select a character -> go to the runes tab -> tap on the all button -> here you can find the rune types. Tap on a rune to get details.

Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes Tier List – Tier 1 Characters: –

  • Boomer
  • Astroblast
  • Buckshot
  • Freeze Blade
  • Ka-Boom
  • Knight-Mare
  • Spitfire
  • Stormblade

These are the top best Skylanders: Ring of Heroes characters.

Boomer -> You can farm Boomer shards in 6th World; The Abandoned Factory. Normal and Hard mode. Build/Set -> Strike/Focus.

Astroblast -> It’s a premium character. You can not farm its shards from the adventure mode(As per the current version of the game). Build – Strike/Fatal.

Buckshot -> Premium hero. Build – Strike/Fatal.

Freeze Blade -> Available in The Misty Dog(World 2, Stage – 7 Drop). Build – Strike/Focus.

Ka-Boom -> The internal volcano, the 3rd world in adventure stage. Drops in stage 1-6. Build – Strike/Focus.

Knight-Mare -> Premium Character. Build – Strike/Energy(HP).

Spitfire -> Premium Character. Build – Strike/Fatal.

Stormblade -> Premium Character. Build – Strike/Fatal.

If you are a f2p player, these are the best tier 1 characters for you; Ka-Boom, Boomer.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Tier 2 Characters: –

  • Ambush
  • Blast Zone
  • Chain Reaction
  • Cynder
  • Dino-Rang
  • Dive-Clops
  • Ember
  • Engima
  • Eruptor
  • Flashwing
  • Hex
  • King Pen
  • Krypt King
  • Ninjini
  • Pit Boss
  • Shadow King Pen
  • Shadow Spitfire
  • Smolderdash
  • Tuff Lack
  • Wha-Shell
  • Wild Storm

Best Tier 2 Characters for f2p(Mid-Game) ->

Blast Zone – Farm in the 3-7 stage. Build – Strike/Focus.

Engima – Farm in the 7-7 stage. Build – Strike/Energy.

Eruptor – Farm in the 3rd world(hard, stage – 1-6). Build – Strike/Focus.

Tuff Luck – Farm in the 1st world(1-6 stage). Build – Strike/Focus.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Tier 3 Characters: –

  • Hot Dog
  • Blades
  • Stealth Elth
  • Aurora
  • Barbella
  • Blackout
  • Chill
  • Food Fight
  • Gearshift
  • Gusto
  • Jet-Vac
  • Mysticat
  • Rattle Shake
  • Ro-Bow
  • Roller-Brawl
  • Shark Shooter Terrafin
  • Snap Shot
  • Starcast
  • Tree Rex
  • Tri-Tip
  • Trigger Happy
  • WIldfire

Best tier 3 Characters(f2p): –


Chill – Farm in the 2-7 stage(Easy). Build – Ward(DEF/HP).

Food Fight – Farm in the 1st world(Hard, Stage 1-6). Build – Strike/Focus.

Gearshift – 6th world(Stage – 7, Normal). Build – Dodge.

Gusto – 4th World(Stage 1-6, Hard). Rune Set/Build – Energy.

Hot Dog

Jet-Vac – 4th World(Stage 7, Normal). Build – Energy.

Shark Shooter Terrafin- 5th World(Stage 5-7, Normal). Build – Strike/Fatal.

Snap Shot – 2nd World(Stage 1-6, Easy). Build – Strike/Fatal.

Stealth Elf

Tree Rex – 1ST World(Stage 7, Hard). Build – Energy.

Wildfire – 3rd World(Stage 7, Normal). Build – Ward.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Tier 4 Characters: –

  • Chopscotch
  • Deja Vu
  • Fiesta
  • Flare Wolf
  • Ignitor
  • Knight Light
  • Knight Flashwing
  • Light Jet-Vac
  • Pop Fizz
  • Rocky Roll
  • Slam Bam
  • Sprocket
  • Stink Bomb
  • Super Shot Stealth Elf
  • Tidepool
  • Wash Buckler
  • Whirlwind
  • Zoo Lu

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Tier 5 Characters: –

  • Air Strike
  • Chopper
  • Crusher
  • Fling Kong
  • Gill Grunt
  • Grilla Drilla
  • High Volt
  • Light Hex
  • Lightning Rod
  • Shadow Spyro
  • Splat
  • Spyro
  • Thunderbolt
  • Wallop
  • Zook

Tier 1> Tier 2 > Tier 3> Tier 4> Tier 5.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes – Best Attackers: –

  1. Ka-Boom
  2. Astroblast
  3. Buckshot
  4. Freeze Blade
  5. Spitfire
  6. Stormblade
  7. Ambush
  8. Cynder
  9. Shadow Spitfire
  10. Wild Storm
  11. Ro-Bow
  12. Roller Brawl
  13. Shark Shooter Terrafin
  14. Snap Shot
  15. Starcast
  16. Flare Wolf
  17. Ignitor
  18. Rocky Roll
  19. Super Shot Stealth Elf
  20. Chopper
  21. Lightning Rod
  22. Splat
  23. Wallop
  24. Zook

(1>24). Please check the tier list first.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes – Best Defense Type Characters: –

  1. Eruptor
  2. King Pen
  3. Shadow King Pen
  4. Wham-Shell
  5. Barbella
  6. Blades
  7. Chill
  8. Gearshift
  9. Gusto
  10. Tree Rex
  11. Tri-Tip
  12. Wildfire
  13. Chopscotch
  14. Slam Bam
  15. Crusher
  16. High Volt
  17. Shadow Spyro
  18. Spyro

(1-Best to Worst-18)

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes – Best Experts: –

  1. Boomer
  2. Blast Zone
  3. Chain Reaction
  4. Dino-Rang
  5. Ember
  6. Hex
  7. Krypt King
  8. Ninjini
  9. Smolderdash
  10. Tuff Luck
  11. Aurora
  12. Blackout
  13. Mysticat
  14. Rattle Shake
  15. Stealth Elf
  16. Trigger Happy
  17. Pop Fizz
  18. Stink Bomb
  19. Tidepool
  20. Wash Buckler
  21. Air Strike
  22. Fling Kong
  23. Light Hex
  24. Thunderbolt

(1-Best to Worst-24)

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Best Supporters: –

  1. Knight-Mare
  2. Dive Clops
  3. Engima
  4. Flashwing
  5. Pit Boss
  6. Food Fight
  7. Hot Dog
  8. Jet-Vac
  9. Deja Vu
  10. Fiesta
  11. Knight Light
  12. Light Flashwing
  13. Light Jet-Vac
  14. Sprocket
  15. Whirlwind
  16. Zoo Lou
  17. Gill Grunt
  18. Grilla Drilla

How To Check Complete List of Skylanders and Villains?

At the top-right corner, tap the menu button -> collection -> here you can see the complete list of Skylanders and Villains.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Villains Tier List: –

  1. Broccoli Guy (Supporter)
  2. Eye Five(Defense)
  3. Smoke Scream(Attacker)
  4. Bad Juju(Supporter)
  5. Chomp Chest(Supporter)
  6. Masker Mind(Supporter)
  7. Trolling Thunder(Attacker)
  8. Chompy(Attacker)
  9. Eye Scream(Expert)
  10. Rage Mage(Supporter)

(1-Best to Lowest-10)

So this is the Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier list(Skylanders tier list and Villains Tier List) and recommendation on best-starting characters. Also, see – Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Guide for beginners

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  1. Also, add Tuff luck in the best starting character list. And, guys complete the quests, you will get stealth elf shards(Shards – soul stones) from there. On the top of that grinding shards form the 7th stage is pretty hard. So focus on the characters who can farmed in 1-6 stages. If you are a f2p. No need to reroll if you are a f2p as upgrading heroes require shards. since u can not get premium hero shards from the adventure mode you will have to spend gems in summons. and there is no guarantee that you will get that premium 5* character. only focus on the natural characters. The best are hot dog, stealth elf, blades and tuff luck.