Date A Live Spirit Pledge Ellen: Ellen Spirit Guide

Ellen is one of the S class characters in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game. Read on for Date A Live Spirit Pledge Ellen guide for beginners

Date A Live Spirit Pledge EllenDate A Live Spirit Pledge Ellen: –

  • Role: Melee Attacker
  • Type of Damage – Physical, Lightning
  • Ellen requires magic(energy) for special effects
  • Energy/Magic:  – attacks replenish her Magic on hit. Every 1 magic increases Ellen’s DMG, Pierce Rate. Ellen consumes x3 Magic/second. 
  • Starting Magic: 0. Ellen gains Magic after the battle starts.  
  • Max: 100
  • Grade – S Class

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Ellen Sephira Build Recommendations: –

Ellen’s battle potential can be increased if you equip Sephira wisely. We have stated some Sephira sets that can unleash Ellen’s full potential: –

  • Prydwen: Knight Sword – Increases the ATK and DEF
  • Prydwen: Thorn Stab – Bonus DMG(More damage to enemies with bleeding effect)
  • Rose Slash: Increases Pierce rate and Pierce DMG

This is an exclusive Sephira set for Ellen that improves her stats by a massive number. 

Ellen Skills & Skill Combo: –

  • Parry Block: after a successful Parry, strikes back at the target. 
  • Cleave: slashes foes in front rapidly. That causes PHY DMG 
  • Realm Impaler: dashes swiftly among foes x3 times; inflicts lightning DMG
  • Pendragon: invades nearby foes with Kadour; inflicts x3 strikes in a raw(causes physical damage)
  • Shadow Sword: casts several sword waves; damaging foes in range x4 times

Pendragon -> Cleave Combo -> Realm Impaler Piercing -> Shadow Sword.

Ellen Character Overview: 

Ellen has impressive stats; DEF, ATK, DPS, and Combo. One of the great characters in the game with abilities that do severe damage to the enemies. You can check Ellen’s tier ratings in our Date A Live Spirit Pledge tier list

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So that’s all in this post on Date A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah Tohka guide; overview, skills, build info. 

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