Date A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah Tohka: Shekinah Tohka Guide

Shekinah Tohka is one of the popular spirits in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game. Read on for Date A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah Tohka guide for beginners

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah TohkaDate A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah Tohka: –

  • Role – Melee Attacker, Ranged Attacker(Both)
  • Type of Damage – Physical and Holy Damage
  • Top-Stats; Attack, DPS, and Combo
  • Uses SP(spirit power) to cast the skills
  • Energy System/SP – gains SP by triggering skill combo. You will need to use combo skills to gain the Spirit Power. Use SP to cast the additional skill. Gains + ATK/DEF.
  • Grade – S Class

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah Tohka Build Recommendations: –

Build I Sephira Recommendations: –

  • Myriads – Enhanced Armor: +Pierce Rate, + Holy DMG
  • Myriads – Chokhmah Dual Blade: restores x2 SP every second and grants x10 energy when a combination skill is unleashed
  • No.3 Myriads – Battlefield Flower: +Attack. Spirit Power burst increases attack by a certain amount for a few seconds

This is an exclusive set for Shekinah Tohka that can improve her performance in the battle by massive ratings. 

Shekinah Tohka Skills & Skill Combo

  • Twin Cleave/Sky Cleave – invades enemies with dual blades. This skill unleashes physical damage. Sky Cleave; spins to lift the foes and inflict damage. 
  • Sword Dance/Flicker Thrust. Sword Dance; ranged base ATK. Fires rotating sword beams to enemies that cause PHY DMG. Flicker Thrust; teleports towards the enemies in front and invades them with dual blades. The skill causes Holy DMG
  • Cleaving Dance/Shining Edge. Cleaving Dance; forms a sword circle with dual blades and dashes to the designated direction; inflicts Holy DMG. Shining Edge; AoE DMG

Skill Combo: –

Twin Cleave/Sky Cleave -> Sword Dance/Flicker Thrust -> Twin Cleave/Sky Cleave -> SP Burst -> Sword Dance/Flicker Thrust -> Sword Meteor/Phantom Sword Surge. 

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah Tohka Overview: –

Shekinah Tohka is one of the great S class characters in the game; specializes in the attack role. Her attack/DPS stats and skills do a high volume of damage to the foes in the battle. You can check this character’s tier info in this Date A Live Spirit Pledge tier list

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So that’s all in this post on Date A Live Spirit Pledge Shekinah Tohka guide; overview, skills, build info. 

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